Phrasal Verbs with Take Over

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Phrasal verbs are integral to mastering the subtleties of English, offering expressive ways to convey actions and intentions. The phrasal verb “take over” is especially useful, denoting the action of assuming control or responsibility for something. Whether discussing business acquisitions or simply taking charge of a group project, understanding how to use “take over” in various contexts can enhance your communication effectiveness.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Take Over:

  1. Take over
  2. Take over from
  3. Take over for
  4. Take over control
  5. Take over completely
  6. Take over duties
  7. Take over operations
  8. Take over management
  9. Take over responsibility
  10. Take over the role
  11. Take over command
  12. Take over power
  13. Take over leadership
  14. Take over ownership
  15. Take over the position
  16. Take over the job
  17. Take over as
  18. Take over authority
  19. Take over tasks
  20. Take over control of

Phrasal Verbs With Take Over And Their Meanings

Take over leadership

Meaning: To begin to act as a leader.

Example: He took over leadership of the project team last Monday.

Take over

Meaning: To assume control or responsibility of something.

Example: She will take over as CEO of the company next month.

Take over from

Meaning: To replace someone or continue something that someone else has started.

Example: He took over from his predecessor in June.

Take over for

Meaning: To temporarily assume the duties of another person.

Example: I will take over for her while she is on maternity leave.

Take over control

Meaning: To gain control of a situation or organization.

Example: The new director took over control of the project.

Take over completely

Meaning: To assume full control without sharing power or responsibility.

Example: After the merger, their company took over completely.

Take over duties

Meaning: To assume responsibilities previously held by someone else.

Example: He took over duties as the head of the department.

Take over operations

Meaning: To start managing and directing the operations of a business or system.

Example: They plan to take over operations of the family farm.

Take over management

Meaning: To begin to manage an organization or group.

Example: She took over management of the team after the restructuring.

Take over responsibility

Meaning: To accept responsibility, usually from another person.

Example: He took over responsibility for the errors made in the report.

Take over the role

Meaning: To begin to perform the role or function of someone else.

Example: She will take over the role of treasurer this fiscal year.

Take over command

Meaning: To assume leadership in a military or strategic position.

Example: The colonel took over command of the forces at the base.

Take over power

Meaning: To assume a position of power, often in a political context.

Example: The new government took over power after the elections.

Take over ownership

Meaning: To become the new owner of a business or property.

Example: The company took over ownership of the smaller competitor.

Take over the position

Meaning: To start in a new job or role, especially after someone else has left.

Example: She took over the position of director of human resources.

Take over the job

Meaning: To begin a job that someone else was doing.

Example: He took over the job when the previous manager retired.

Take over as

Meaning: To begin to serve in a particular role or capacity.

Example: Janet took over as lead designer on the project.

Take over authority

Meaning: To assume legal or official power over a group or situation.

Example: The council took over authority of the housing scheme.

Take over tasks

Meaning: To start doing tasks previously handled by someone else.

Example: She took over tasks that were too complex for the new intern.

Take over control of

Meaning: To begin to control an organization or place.

Example: The board took over control of the company after the scandal.

Phrasal Verbs with Take Over

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