20 Prepositional Phrases with “WORK”

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In English, prepositions play a critical role in expressing relationships between words, enhancing clarity and coherence in sentences. Here, we explore 20 prepositional phrases using the word “work,” providing concise meanings and example sentences to demonstrate their use.

1. At work

Meaning: Engaged in professional activity.

Example: She’s always busy at work.

2. Work on

Meaning: To improve or develop.

Example: He needs to work on his temper.

3. Work with

Meaning: Collaborate or cooperate.

Example: I often work with remote teams.

4. Work for

Meaning: Employed by someone.

Example: She works for a nonprofit.

5. Work under

Meaning: To be supervised by.

Example: They work under strict guidelines.

6. Work against

Meaning: Oppose or compete against.

Example: They had to work against time.

7. Work towards

Meaning: Aim or make progress toward.

Example: He’s working towards a promotion.

8. Work out

Meaning: Exercise or find a solution.

Example: Let’s work out a better plan.

9. Work around

Meaning: Find a way despite difficulties.

Example: We can work around your schedule.

10. Work through

Meaning: Resolve or deal with.

Example: We’ll work through these issues together.

11. Work over

Meaning: Review or examine thoroughly.

Example: She worked over the contract details.

12. Work off

Meaning: Eliminate or expend.

Example: He’s working off the debt slowly.

13. Work up

Meaning: Develop gradually.

Example: They worked up a solid business plan.

14. Work into

Meaning: Incorporate into.

Example: Work your feedback into the draft.

15. Work alongside

Meaning: Cooperate closely.

Example: I work alongside top engineers.

16. Work beyond

Meaning: Go past or exceed.

Example: She often works beyond her hours.

17. Work from

Meaning: Base operations at a place.

Example: Many people now work from home.

18. Work across

Meaning: Operate in different areas.

Example: Our team works across four countries.

19. Work by

Meaning: Follow a specific method.

Example: He works by the company’s rules.

20. Work after

Meaning: Continue working later.

Example: Sometimes, she works after hours.

prepositional phrases with work

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