20 Useful Travel Verb Collocations in English

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Explore the world more efficiently! This post will guide you through 20 travel-specific verb collocations to boost your English skills for smoother and more confident globetrotting.

1. Travel abroad

Meaning: Go overseas
Example: I plan to travel abroad next summer.

2. Travel light

Meaning: Carry minimal luggage
Example: Always travel light to avoid extra fees.

3. Travel independently

Meaning: Journey without a tour group
Example: They prefer to travel independently.

4. Travel overseas

Meaning: Journey to a foreign country
Example: She loves to travel overseas annually.

5. Travel together

Meaning: Go on a trip with others
Example: Let’s travel together to Italy!

6. Travel alone

Meaning: Journey without companions
Example: He decided to travel alone to reflect.

7. Travel by train

Meaning: Use the railway for travel
Example: We will travel by train through Europe.

8. Travel by car

Meaning: Use a car for a journey
Example: They often travel by car for convenience.

9. Travel on foot

Meaning: Walk during a journey
Example: Explore the city as you travel on foot.

10. Travel by air

Meaning: Fly to your destination
Example: Most international trips require you to travel by air.

11. Travel economically

Meaning: Spend less while traveling
Example: She knows how to travel economically.

12. Travel luxuriously

Meaning: Travel in comfort and luxury
Example: They always travel luxuriously.

13. Travel widely

Meaning: Visit many places
Example: His job allows him to travel widely.

14. Travel extensively

Meaning: Travel a lot
Example: She has traveled extensively in Asia.

15. Travel around

Meaning: Move from place to place
Example: They plan to travel around Australia.

16. Travel Internationally

Meaning: Travel across countries
Example: He often travels internationally for work.

17. Travel frequently

Meaning: Journey often
Example: She travels frequently for conferences.

18. Travel together

Meaning: Journey with someone
Example: We travel together to make memories.

19. Travel for business

Meaning: Travel for work purposes
Example: He needs to travel for business next week.

20. Travel on business

Meaning: Go on a work-related trip
Example: She will travel on business to London.

Travel Verb Collocations

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