20 Idioms Using the Word “Green”

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The color green often symbolizes growth, freshness, and vitality. It’s not surprising, then, that many idioms in the English language incorporate the word “green” to convey various meanings, from naivety to environmental awareness. In this blog post, we explore 20 common green idioms, offering clear and concise explanations along with straightforward examples to help you understand and use them effectively in everyday conversations.

Idioms Using the Word Green

1. Green thumb

Meaning: Skill in gardening.

Example: He’s got a green thumb, his backyard is full of beautiful plants.

2. Green with envy

Meaning: Very jealous.

Example: She was green with envy when she saw my new car.

3. Give the green light

Meaning: To approve or permit something.

Example: The manager gave the green light to start the new project.

4. Green around the gills

Meaning: Looking sick.

Example: After the boat trip, Mark looked green around the gills.

5. Green field

Meaning: Undeveloped or untouched land for development.

Example: They are building the new factory on a green field site.

6. Greenhorn

Meaning: Someone who is new and inexperienced.

Example: He’s a greenhorn, just learning the ropes.

7. Green-eyed monster

Meaning: A metaphor for jealousy.

Example: Don’t let the green-eyed monster ruin your friendship.

8. Green belt

Meaning: An area of open land around a city, preserved from heavy development.

Example: The city’s green belt is perfect for weekend hikes.

9. Green room

Meaning: A lounge or waiting room at a theater or studio.

Example: The actors waited in the green room before going on stage.

10. Green shoots

Meaning: Signs of economic recovery.

Example: We are finally seeing green shoots in the economy.

11. Green energy

Meaning: Energy from natural, renewable sources.

Example: Our company is investing more in green energy now.

12. Green revolution

Meaning: A large increase in crop production.

Example: The green revolution changed agriculture in the 1960s.

13. To have a green light

Meaning: To have permission to proceed with a project.

Example: We finally have a green light to start development.

14. Green papers

Meaning: Preliminary reports of government proposals.

Example: The committee reviewed the green papers before the meeting.

15. Green politics

Meaning: Political policies that emphasize environmental issues.

Example: She advocates for green politics.

16. Go green

Meaning: To make environmentally friendly choices.

Example: Our office is trying to go green by reducing paper use.

17. Greenbacks

Meaning: Slang for U.S. paper currency.

Example: I need some greenbacks for the vending machine.

18. To turn green

Meaning: To look or feel sick.

Example: He turned green after eating spoiled food.

19. Wear the green willow

Meaning: To show signs of being abandoned by a lover.

Example: She wore the green willow after the breakup.

20. Green collar

Meaning: Jobs connected with environmental conservation.

Example: He’s proud of his green collar job at the recycling plant.

Idioms Using the Word Green

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