20 Useful Collocations with “Goal”

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Setting goals is a fundamental step toward personal and professional success. Whether it’s achieving career milestones, improving health, or learning new skills, goals guide our actions and decisions. In this blog post, we explore 20 collocations with the word “goal” that will help you express your aspirations more clearly and motivate yourself and others. Each entry includes a concise definition and a straightforward example to help you incorporate these phrases into your daily vocabulary effectively.

Collocations with Goal

1. Ultimate Goal

Meaning: The final or most important goal.

Example: Her ultimate goal is to run a marathon.

2. Long-term Goal

Meaning: A goal set for the distant future.

Example: He has a long-term goal of retiring early.

3. Short-term Goal

Meaning: A goal set for the near future.

Example: His short-term goal is to improve his grades.

4. Realistic Goal

Meaning: A goal that can be reasonably achieved.

Example: Set a realistic goal for monthly savings.

5. Achievable Goal

Meaning: A goal that is possible to accomplish.

Example: Her goal to read 20 books a year is achievable.

6. Personal Goal

Meaning: A goal that is set for personal improvement.

Example: His personal goal is to learn Spanish.

7. Professional Goal

Meaning: A career-oriented goal.

Example: Her professional goal is to become a manager.

8. Financial Goal

Meaning: A goal related to money or finances.

Example: Their financial goal is to be debt-free.

9. Common Goal

Meaning: A shared goal among a group of people.

Example: The team has a common goal of winning the championship.

10. Ambitious Goal

Meaning: A challenging and bold goal.

Example: He set an ambitious goal to double his business.

11. Annual Goal

Meaning: A goal set to be achieved within a year.

Example: Their annual goal includes increasing market share.

12. Daily Goal

Meaning: A goal to be completed each day.

Example: Her daily goal is to walk 10,000 steps.

13. Educational Goal

Meaning: A learning or academic-oriented goal.

Example: His educational goal is to earn a master’s degree.

14. Fitness Goal

Meaning: A goal related to physical health.

Example: Her fitness goal is to run five kilometers.

15. Major Goal

Meaning: A very important goal.

Example: A major goal for him is buying a house.

16. Quantifiable Goal

Meaning: A goal that can be measured.

Example: Their quantifiable goal is to increase sales by 15%.

17. Stretch Goal

Meaning: An extra challenging goal.

Example: They set a stretch goal for an additional $10,000 in donations.

18. Collective Goal

Meaning: A goal pursued by a group.

Example: Their collective goal is to reduce waste.

19. Immediate Goal

Meaning: A goal that requires urgent attention.

Example: His immediate goal is to fix the leak.

20. Lifelong Goal

Meaning: A goal that someone works toward for most of their life.

Example: Her lifelong goal is to write a novel.


Collocations with Goal

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