20 Collocations about Achievement

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Achievement is a cornerstone of personal and professional development, often celebrated and highly valued in society. The language we use to describe achievement can significantly impact how these accomplishments are perceived and valued. This blog post explores 20 essential collocations related to achievement, providing you with concise meanings and clear examples for each. These phrases will enhance your vocabulary and help you express success more vividly and accurately.

Collocations about Achievement

1. Remarkable Achievement

Meaning: An extraordinary success.

Example: Winning the award was a remarkable achievement.

2. Notable Achievement

Meaning: An achievement that stands out.

Example: His promotion was a notable achievement.

3. Personal Achievement

Meaning: An individual’s success.

Example: Finishing the marathon was a personal achievement.

4. Academic Achievement

Meaning: Success in educational pursuits.

Example: She celebrated her academic achievement at graduation.

5. Professional Achievement

Meaning: Career-related success.

Example: His invention marked a professional achievement.

6. Significant Achievement

Meaning: An important success.

Example: The peace treaty was a significant achievement.

7. Lifetime Achievement

Meaning: A culmination of successes over a lifetime.

Example: She received a lifetime achievement award.

8. Major Achievement

Meaning: A very important success.

Example: Constructing the bridge was a major achievement.

9. Outstanding Achievement

Meaning: An exceptionally great success.

Example: His research earned an outstanding achievement award.

10. Ultimate Achievement

Meaning: The greatest possible success.

Example: Winning the championship was his ultimate achievement.

11. Collective Achievement

Meaning: A group’s success.

Example: The project’s completion was a collective achievement.

12. Historic Achievement

Meaning: A groundbreaking success.

Example: Landing on the moon was a historic achievement.

13. Unprecedented Achievement

Meaning: A success never achieved before.

Example: The cure was an unprecedented achievement.

14. Celebrated Achievement

Meaning: Widely praised success.

Example: Her novel’s success was a celebrated achievement.

15. Impressive Achievement

Meaning: An achievement that impresses others.

Example: His rapid recovery was an impressive achievement.

16. Shared Achievement

Meaning: Success achieved with others.

Example: Winning the team trophy was a shared achievement.

17. Singular Achievement

Meaning: A unique or notable success.

Example: His design is considered a singular achievement.

18. Early Achievement

Meaning: Success at a young age.

Example: She published her first novel as an early achievement.

19. Latest Achievement

Meaning: The most recent success.

Example: His latest achievement involved a breakthrough in robotics.

20. Pivotal Achievement

Meaning: A critical success that leads to other opportunities.

Example: Her pivotal achievement opened many doors in her career.

Collocations about Achievement

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