100+ Restaurant Vocabulary Words (Download PDF) 2024

Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a language learner, or someone working in the hospitality industry, this post is perfect for you. We’ve compiled an essential list of 100+ restaurant-related vocabulary words commonly used when we dine outside or visit any restaurant.

From basic terms like ‘appetizer’ and ‘dessert’ to more specific jargon such as ‘sommelier’ and ‘al dente,’ this guide will expand your culinary lexicon. Plus, we’ve made it super easy for you by offering a downloadable PDF version.

So, let’s dive in and spice up your vocabulary with some flavorful words!

Restaurant Vocabulary

Here are some of the most useful restaurant-related vocabulary words:

  1. Reservation: Booking a table in advance.
  2. Appetizer: A small dish before the main course.
  3. Entree/Main Course: The primary dish of the meal.
  4. Dessert: Sweet course served at the end of a meal.
  5. Beverage: Any drink.
  6. Specials: Unique dishes offered on a particular day.
  7. Side Dish: A smaller plate served alongside the main course.
  8. Waitstaff: People who serve food and drinks.
  9. Busser: Employee who clears and cleans tables.
  10. Host/Hostess: A person who greets and seats guests.
  11. Buffet: A meal where people serve themselves.
  12. A la Carte: Ordering individual dishes from the menu.
  13. Chef’s Special: A unique dish prepared by the chef.
  14. Wine List: Menu of available wines.
  15. Bill/Check: The total cost for the meal.
  16. Happy Hour: This time with discounts, usually on drinks.
  17. Tasting Menu: A menu with small portions of several dishes.
  18. Ambiance: The atmosphere of the restaurant.
  19. Dress Code: Required attire for the restaurant.
  20. Sommelier: A wine expert in a restaurant.
  21. Barista: A person who prepares coffee.
  22. Takeout: Food ordered to eat elsewhere.
  23. Kids’ Menu: Menu is designed for children.
  24. Vegan Options: Dishes without animal products.
  25. Gluten-Free: Food without gluten.
  26. Allergen Info: Information about potential allergens in dishes.
  27. Cuisine: Style or type of cooking.
  28. Dining Etiquette: Proper manners while eating.
  29. Seating Preference: Choice of where to sit, like a booth or table.
  30. Table Service: Service provided at the table, as opposed to self-service.
  31. Course: A specific part of a meal (appetizer, main course, etc.).
  32. Wine Pairing: Selecting wines that complement the food.
  33. Dining Al Fresco: Eating outdoors.
  34. Chef: The professional preparing your meal.
  35. Shared Plates/Tapas: Small dishes intended for sharing.
  36. Self-Service: Serving oneself, often used in buffets.
  37. Tablecloth: Cloth covering the dining table.
  38. Napkin: Cloth or paper for wiping mouth and hands while eating.
  39. Cutlery: Utensils like knives, forks, and spoons.
  40. Wait Time: Duration before being seated or served.
  41. Gourmet: High-quality, often exotic or special food.
  42. Bistro: A small, casual dining restaurant.
  43. Cafeteria: A self-service restaurant.
  44. Fine Dining: High-end, upscale restaurant experience.
  45. Booth: A seating area with benches on two sides of a table.
  46. Counter Seating: Eating at a bar or counter.
  47. Feedback Form: A form for giving comments about the dining experience.
  48. Order: The selection of food and drinks by a customer.
  49. Table Number: The specific number assigned to a table in the restaurant.
  50. Menu: The list of food and drink options available in the restaurant.
  51. Daily Specials: Unique dishes or deals offered on a particular day.
  52. Allergen Information: Details about potential allergens in dishes.
  53. Service Charge: An additional service charge, often included in the bill.
  54. Refill: Adding more drinks to a customer’s glass.
  55. Chef’s Recommendation: Dishes suggested by the chef.
  56. Wine Pairing: Suggesting wines that complement certain dishes.
  57. Customer Preferences: Specific likes or dislikes of customers.
  58. Seating Arrangement: The layout of tables and seating in the restaurant.
  59. Reservation: A pre-booked arrangement for dining at the restaurant.
  60. Waiting List: A list of customers waiting for a table.
  61. Takeout Order: Food ordered to be taken away from the restaurant.
  62. Upselling: Encouraging customers to buy more expensive items or add-ons.
  63. Splitting the Bill: Dividing the total cost of the meal between customers.
  64. Gratuity/Tips: Extra money given by customers for good service.
  65. Complaint Handling: Dealing with customers’ complaints or issues.
  66. Table Setting: The arrangement of tableware for each diner.
  67. Clearing Tables: Removing dishes and utensils after customers have finished eating.
  68. Food Safety: Practices to ensure the food served is safe to consume.
  69. Hygiene Standards: Rules to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination.
  70. Server Station: This area where waiters prepare for service, like getting cutlery or napkins.

List of Restaurant Vocabulary Words

Here is an A to Z List of all common vocabulary words that we use at a restaurant;

  1. allergy
  2. ambience
  3. appetizer
  4. appetizing
  5. aroma
  6. bake
  7. bar
  8. bartender
  9. beef
  10. beverage
  11. bill
  12. bistro
  13. bitter
  14. blend
  15. boil
  16. booth
  17. bowl
  18. braised
  19. bread
  20. brunch
  21. buffet
  22. butter
  23. cafe
  24. cafeteria
  25. cake
  26. capacity
  27. caramelize
  28. cashier
  29. chair
  30. charge
  31. check
  32. chef
  33. chicken
  34. chop
  35. cleanliness
  36. coffee
  37. cola
  38. condiment
  39. cook
  40. cooked
  41. course
  42. cream
  43. credit card
  44. cuisine
  45. cup
  46. cutlery
  47. decor
  48. deli
  49. delicatessen
  50. delicious
  51. delivery
  52. dessert
  53. dice
  54. dine
  55. diner
  56. dining
  57. dinner
  58. dish
  59. dishwasher
  60. dressing
  61. eat
  62. eggs
  63. entrée
  64. expiration date
  65. farm-to-table
  66. ferment
  67. fish
  68. flavor
  69. food
  70. fork
  71. fresh
  72. fries
  73. frozen
  74. fruit
  75. fry
  76. garnish
  77. glass
  78. glassware
  79. gluten-free
  80. gourmet
  81. grate
  82. gratuity
  83. grill
  84. grilled
  85. hamburger
  86. head waiter
  87. health code
  88. high tea
  89. host
  90. hostess
  91. hot
  92. hygiene
  93. ice
  94. ice cubes
  95. iced
  96. ingredients
  97. inspection
  98. ketchup
  99. kitchen
  100. knead
  101. knife
  102. lemonade
  103. lettuce
  104. lunch
  105. main course
  106. manager
  107. marinate
  108. meal
  109. meat
  110. menu
  111. milk
  112. mix
  113. mug
  114. napkin
  115. non-perishable
  116. organic
  117. peel
  118. perishable
  119. plate
  120. platter
  121. preservative
  122. recipe
  123. reservation
  124. roast
  125. sandwich
  126. sanitation
  127. sauce
  128. saucer
  129. sauté
  130. savory
  131. seafood
  132. seared
  133. seasoning
  134. seating
  135. server
  136. service
  137. shelf-life
  138. side order
  139. silverware
  140. simmer
  141. slice
  142. soda
  143. soup
  144. sour
  145. sous-chef
  146. special
  147. specials
  148. spice
  149. spices
  150. spicy
  151. starters
  152. steak
  153. steam
  154. sugar
  155. sweet
  156. table
  157. takeout
  158. taste
  159. tea
  160. tip
  161. toast
  162. tomato
  163. tray
  164. umami
  165. utensils
  166. vegan
  167. vegetables
  168. vegetarian
  169. waiter
  170. waitress
  171. water
  172. well-done
  173. whisk
  174. wine list
  175. zest

You can download the Restaurant Vocabulary PDF.



What are the 10 phrases that we use at Restaurants?

  1. “Can I have the menu, please?”: Requesting to see the menu.
  2. “I would like to make a reservation.”: Booking a table in advance.
  3. “Can I have the bill/check, please?”: Requesting the total cost of the meal.
  4. “Could you recommend a dish?”: Asking for suggestions on what to order.
  5. “I’m allergic to [ingredient].”: Informing about dietary restrictions or allergies.
  6. “Can we have some more water/bread?”: Requesting a refill or additional items.
  7. “Is there a daily special?”: Inquiring about unique dishes offered that day.
  8. “How long is the wait for a table?”: Asking about the waiting time for seating.
  9. “Can I have this to go?”: Requesting food to be packed for takeout.
  10. “Thank you, the service was great.”: Expressing gratitude and appreciation for the service.

What are the Vocabulary words for waiters?

  1. Order: Taking customer’s food and drink choices.
  2. Specials: Unique dishes offered on a particular day or time.
  3. Table Number: Identifying the specific table in the restaurant.
  4. Refill: Adding more drinks to a customer’s glass.
  5. Bill/Check: The statement of the total amount owed for the meal.
  6. Tip/Gratuity: Extra money given by customers for good service.
  7. Reservation: A pre-booked arrangement for dining.
  8. Allergen Information: Details about potential allergens in dishes.
  9. Service Charge: An additional service charge, often included in the bill.
  10. Customer Preferences: Specific requests or needs of customers.

Restaurant Vocabulary, Restaurant Words List in English

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