Second Conditionals, Structure, & Example Sentences

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Second conditional sentences are used to discuss hypothetical situations and their potential outcomes. These situations are not based on fact but on imagination, exploring what could happen under different circumstances, usually in the present or future.


The typical structure of a second conditional sentence is:

  • If + past simple tense, + would + base verb.

This structure can also be inverted, placing the result before the condition without altering the meaning.


  1. Use the past simple tense for the condition: Despite using a past tense form, it refers to present or future hypothetical situations, not past events.
  2. Use ‘would’ plus the base form of the verb for the result: This emphasizes that the outcome is speculative and not guaranteed.
  3. Modal verbs like could or might can replace ‘would’: This can add variety or slightly alter the degree of possibility or ability in the result.
  4. Never use ‘will’ in the if-clause: The use of ‘will’ is inappropriate as it suggests certainty, which contradicts the hypothetical nature of the second conditional.

Second Conditionals Example Sentences

  1. If I won the lottery, I would travel the world.
  2. If I were you, I would apologize to her.
  3. If we lived in Paris, we could visit the Louvre every day.
  4. If he studied more, he might pass his exams.
  5. If she were here, she would know what to do.
  6. If it rained tomorrow, we would cancel the picnic.
  7. If I had a million dollars, I would buy a house.
  8. If you really tried, you could improve your grades.
  9. If they offered me the job, I would take it.
  10. If you spoke louder, everyone could hear you.
  11. If I knew how to fly a plane, I would travel more often.
  12. If people were kinder, the world would be a better place.
  13. If he ran for president, he might win.
  14. If I were taller, I could play basketball better.
  15. If we met the president, we would ask him about his policies.
  16. If you ate less junk food, you would be healthier.
  17. If she understood the problem, she would solve it quickly.
  18. If I had his email, I would send him an invitation.
  19. If we were neighbors, we could hang out more often.
  20. If you didn’t smoke, you would feel much better.


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