100 Important Subordinating Conjunctions in English

Welcome to the world of words, where tiny connectors called subordinating conjunctions play a huge role in how we share our thoughts and stories. Think of them as little bridges that help our ideas flow smoothly from one to the other.

They’re like magic keys that can open up new parts of a sentence, making it more interesting and detailed. If you’re eager to make your English sparkle or just want to get better at expressing yourself, you’re in the right place! Let’s dive into some examples and see how these connectors can bring your sentences to life.

Subordinating Conjunctions

Here is the list of 100 useful Subordinating Conjunctions that we use in English grammar:

  1. after
  2. after all
  3. albeit
  4. although
  5. as
  6. as far as
  7. as if
  8. as long as
  9. as much as
  10. as soon as
  11. as though
  12. as well as
  13. assuming
  14. assuming that
  15. because
  16. because of
  17. before
  18. by the time
  19. considering that
  20. during
  21. even
  22. even if
  23. even though
  24. for
  25. forasmuch as
  26. granted
  27. granted that
  28. if
  29. if only
  30. if then
  31. if when
  32. in case
  33. in case that
  34. in light of
  35. in order that
  36. in order to
  37. in spite of
  38. in the event
  39. in the event that
  40. in the meantime
  41. in view of
  42. inasmuch
  43. inasmuch as
  44. just as
  45. lest
  46. much as
  47. no matter how
  48. notwithstanding
  49. now
  50. now since
  51. now that
  52. now when
  53. on account of
  54. on condition that
  55. once
  56. only if
  57. prior to
  58. provided
  59. provided that
  60. rather that
  61. seeing
  62. seeing as
  63. seeing that
  64. since
  65. so as to
  66. so far as
  67. so long as
  68. so that
  69. subsequent to
  70. supposing
  71. supposing that
  72. than
  73. that
  74. the instant
  75. the moment
  76. though
  77. till
  78. to the degree that
  79. to the extent that
  80. unless
  81. until
  82. until such time
  83. when
  84. whenever
  85. whensoever
  86. where
  87. where if
  88. whereafter
  89. whereas
  90. whereupon
  91. wherever
  92. whether
  93. whether or not
  94. which
  95. whichsoever
  96. while
  97. who
  98. whoever
  99. whosoever
  100. why

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list of Subordinating Conjunctions

Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions

  1. after: She decided to take a nap after she finished her homework.
  2. after all: We chose to walk home, after all, the weather was so nice.
  3. albeit: He accepted the job, albeit with some hesitation.
  4. although: Although it was raining, we went for a hike.
  5. as: She sings as she cooks.
  6. as far as: As far as I know, the meeting is still on.
  7. as if: He looked as if he had seen a ghost.
  8. as long as: I’ll help you as long as you need me.
  9. as much as: I respect him as much as I admire his work.
  10. as soon as: As soon as the bell rings, we can leave.
  11. as though: She acted as though nothing had happened.
  12. as well as: He’s an artist as well as a musician.
  13. assuming: Assuming the weather stays nice, we’ll go to the beach.
  14. assuming that: Assuming that you’ve done your homework, we can watch a movie.
  15. because: I stayed indoors because it was too hot outside.
  16. because of: The game was postponed because of the rain.
  17. before: Finish your chores before you watch TV.
  18. by the time: By the time we arrived, the show had already started.
  19. considering that: Considering that it’s your first time, you did very well.
  20. during: She reads during her commute.
  21. even: He remained calm, even in the face of danger.
  22. even if: I’ll go even if it’s raining.
  23. even though: Even though he was scared, he stood his ground.
  24. for: She was grateful for the time they spent together.
  25. forasmuch as: Forasmuch as I appreciate your effort, the results were not satisfactory.
  26. granted: Granted, it’s a difficult task, but I believe we can do it.
  27. granted that: Granted that you have a point, we still need to consider other factors.
  28. if: I’ll be happy if you come with me.
  29. if only: If only I had known, I would have acted differently.
  30. if then: If you study hard, then you’ll pass your exams.
  31. if when: If it rains when we plan to go out, we’ll have to reschedule.
  32. in case: Take an umbrella in case it rains.
  33. in case that: Bring a map in case that we get lost.
  34. in light of: In light of the new evidence, we need to reconsider our decision.
  35. in order that: We set a deadline in order that the project would be completed on time.
  36. in order to: He woke up early in order to catch the sunrise.
  37. in spite of: In spite of the challenges, she remained positive.
  38. in the event: In the event of an emergency, call this number.
  39. in the event that: In the event that I’m late, start without me.
  40. in the meantime: In the meantime, let’s get started on the other project.
  41. in view of: In view of your hard work, you deserve a break.
  42. inasmuch: Inasmuch as I’d love to help, I’m tied up with another task.
  43. inasmuch as: Inasmuch as I admire your dedication, you need to take breaks.
  44. just as: Just as the sun was setting, we reached the summit.
  45. lest: Wear your helmet, lest you get injured.
  46. much as: Much as I enjoy hiking, I need a day to rest.
  47. no matter how: No matter how hard it seems, don’t give up.
  48. notwithstanding: Notwithstanding the difficulties, they persevered.
  49. now: Now that you’re here, we can begin.
  50. now since: Now since everyone agrees, let’s proceed.
  51. now that: Now that the sun is out, let’s go for a walk.
  52. now when: Now when you know the truth, what will you do?
  53. on account of: The picnic was cancelled on account of the storm.
  54. on condition that: You can borrow the car on condition that you refill the tank.
  55. once: Once the movie starts, no one will be allowed to enter.
  56. only if: I’ll agree only if you promise to be careful.
  57. prior to: Prior to the meeting, please review the report.
  58. provided: You can go provided you finish your homework.
  59. provided that: You can join the team provided that you pass the tryouts.
  60. rather that: I’d rather go hiking than stay indoors.
  61. seeing: Seeing you’re not busy, could you help me with this?
  62. seeing as: Seeing as it’s late, we should head home.
  63. seeing that: Seeing that we’re all in agreement, let’s move forward.
  64. since: Since you ask, I’ll tell you the truth.
  65. so as to: He whispered so as to not wake the baby.
  66. so far as: So far as I can tell, everything is in order.
  67. so long as: You can stay so long as you’re quiet.
  68. so that: I saved some cake so that you could have a piece.
  69. subsequent to: Subsequent to the meeting, she sent out a summary email.
  70. supposing: Supposing we win, what’s our next move?
  71. supposing that: Supposing that you’re right, we need to change our approach.
  72. than: I’m more of a morning person than a night owl.
  73. that: I hope that you’ll come to the party.
  74. the instant: The instant the door opened, the cat ran outside.
  75. the moment: The moment I heard the news, I called you.
  76. though: Though it’s cold outside, I still want to go for a walk.
  77. till: Wait here till I come back.
  78. to the degree that: He was so happy to the degree that he started dancing.
  79. to the extent that: She trusted him to the extent that she shared her secrets with him.
  80. unless: You won’t pass unless you study.
  81. until: Don’t open your eyes until I say so.
  82. until such time: Keep trying until such time as you succeed.
  83. when: Call me when you get there.
  84. whenever: Whenever you need me, I’ll be there.
  85. whensoever: Whensoever you decide to come, let me know.
  86. where: He didn’t know where to go.
  87. where if: There’s no situation where if you ask for help, it would be wrong.
  88. whereafter: He left the room, whereafter silence fell.
  89. whereas: She loves the beach, whereas I prefer the mountains.
  90. whereupon: He apologized, whereupon she forgave him.
  91. wherever: Wherever you go, I’ll follow.
  92. whether: I don’t know whether to go out or stay home.
  93. whether or not: I’ll be there, whether or not you decide to come.
  94. which: Choose the option which suits you best.
  95. whichsoever: You may select whichsoever item you like the most.
  96. while: While I read, he cooks.
  97. who: She’s the one who gave me the advice.
  98. whoever: Whoever wins the game gets a prize.
  99. whosoever: Whosoever wishes to join is welcome.
  100. why: I wonder why the sky is blue

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