Types of Hats: List of 47 Hat Styles with Pictures

Hats are like magic! They can turn a simple outfit into something special. People all over the world wear different types of hats for fashion, protection, or even as part of a tradition. Let’s take a fun journey through the world of hats, discovering their unique styles and stories. It’s like opening a treasure box of colors, shapes, and history!

Types of Hats

Here is the list of all styles of hats:

  1. Beanie
  2. Cloche
  3. Beret
  4. Cowboy
  5. Panama
  6. Cap
  7. Bucket
  8. Visor
  9. Breton
  10. Pillbox
  11. Deerstalker
  12. Homburg
  13. Trapper
  14. Fascinator hat
  15. Top
  16. Floppy
  17. Mortar board
  18. Hard hat
  19. Party hat
  20. Pork pie hat
  21. Boater
  22. Helmet
  23. Straw hat
  24. Fedora
  25. Trilby
  26. Bowler/Derby
  27. Newsboy cap
  28. Flat cap
  29. Balmoral bonnet
  30. Fez
  31. Tam o’ Shanter
  32. Turban
  33. Kufi
  34. Baseball cap
  35. Snapback
  36. Garrison cap
  37. Ushanka
  38. Sailor cap
  39. Stetson
  40. Akubra
  41. Sombrero
  42. Ghutrah (Keffiyeh)
  43. Coonskin cap
  44. Mitre
  45. Bicorne
  46. Chullo
  47. Capirote

Types of Hats

Different Styles of Hats


A beanie is a snug, woolen hat that hugs your head. It’s perfect for keeping warm during cold days.


The cloche is a bell-shaped hat from the 1920s. It’s elegant and sits close to the head, often decorated with flowers or ribbons.


Berets are soft, round, and flat hats that come from France. They add a touch of artistic flair to any outfit.


Cowboy hats have wide brims and tall crowns. They’re iconic in Western movies and protect you from the sun.


Panama hats are made from light, woven straw. They’re perfect for sunny days and have a cool, tropical vibe.


Caps are versatile and casual. They come in many styles, like baseball caps, and are great for everyday wear.


Bucket hats have a wide, downward-sloping brim. They’re fun, casual, and great for a day at the beach.


Visors protect your face from the sun while keeping the top of your head cool. They’re great for sports or sunny days.


The Breton hat is associated with sailors. It has a round, flat top and a brim that turns up all around.


Pillbox hats are small, round, and have no brim. They were made famous by fashion icons like Jacqueline Kennedy.


Deerstalkers are hunting hats with brims and ear flaps. They’re often seen in stories about Sherlock Holmes.


Homburg hats have a dent along the crown and a turned-up brim. They’re formal and were popular with politicians.


Trapper hats have warm ear flaps and are made from fur or faux fur. They’re perfect for keeping cozy in winter.

Fascinator hat

Fascinators are decorative headpieces, often worn to fancy events. They’re more about fashion than function.


Top hats are tall, with a flat top and a wide brim. They’re the go-to for very formal events like weddings.


Floppy hats have large, soft brims that droop down. They’re stylish and great for a sunny day out.

Mortar board

Mortar boards are known as graduation hats. They’re square, flat, and usually come with a tassel.

Hard hat

Hard hats are safety gear for construction sites. They’re tough and protect your head from injuries.

Party hat

Party hats are fun and come in many shapes. They’re often colorful and worn at celebrations.

Pork pie hat

Pork pie hats have a flat top and a narrow, curled brim. They’re cool and have a bit of a vintage jazz vibe.


Boater hats are stiff straw hats with a flat top and brim. They’re classic summer hats, often seen at regattas.


Helmets are protective headgear for activities like biking or skateboarding. They keep you safe during adventures.

Straw hat

Straw hats are light and breathable, made from woven straw. They’re perfect for hot, sunny days.


Fedoras have a soft brim and indented crown. They’re classic and can be dressed up or down.


Trilbies are similar to fedoras but have a shorter brim and a more pronounced crown. They’re stylish and modern.


Bowler or Derby hats are round, hard, and have a short brim. They were popular in the Victorian era.

Newsboy cap

Newsboy caps are soft, with a rounded top and a small brim. They’re casual and have a vintage charm.

Flat cap

Flat caps are rounded with a small, stiff brim in front. They’re timeless and add a touch of sophistication.

Balmoral bonnet

Balmoral bonnets are Scottish hats with a pom-pom on top. They’re part of traditional Highland dress.


Fezes are cone-shaped hats without a brim, usually red with a tassel. They’re often associated with Turkish culture.

Tam o’ Shanter

Tam o’ Shanters are Scottish woolen caps, with a pom-pom and often worn with tartan patterns.


Turbans are long pieces of cloth wrapped around the head. They’re important in many cultures for religious or cultural reasons.


Kufis are simple, rounded caps worn in many Islamic cultures. They’re often knitted or crocheted.

Baseball cap

Baseball caps are sporty and have a protruding brim to shield the eyes. They’re popular worldwide.


Snapbacks are a type of baseball cap with an adjustable strap at the back. They’re trendy and casual.

Garrison cap

Garrison caps are foldable military hats with a sideways peak. They’re part of many military uniforms.


Ushankas are Russian fur hats with ear flaps that can be tied up or down. They’re super warm for cold winters.

Sailor cap

Sailor caps are round, flat-topped hats associated with naval uniforms. They’re iconic and have a nautical flair.


Stetsons are a brand of cowboy hats, known for their quality and Western style. They’re iconic in American culture.


Akubras are Australian hats, similar to cowboy hats but with a distinctive Australian twist. They’re rugged and durable.


Sombreros are Mexican hats with wide brims for sun protection. They’re decorative and often colorful.

Ghutrah (Keffiyeh)

Ghutrah, also known as Keffiyeh, is a traditional Middle Eastern headscarf. It’s protective and has a checkered pattern.

Coonskin cap

Coonskin caps are made from raccoon fur and have the tail hanging down. They’re associated with American frontiersmen.


Mitres are ceremonial hats worn by bishops in some Christian traditions. They’re tall, with two pointed peaks.


Bicornes are two-pointed hats worn by military and naval leaders in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Chullos are Andean hats with earflaps and often brightly colored patterns. They’re made from wool and very warm.


Capirotes are tall, pointed hoods worn during Holy Week processions in Spain. They’re part of traditional religious attire.

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