77 Best Synonyms for EXPLAIN with Useful Examples

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Have you ever played a game of describing something without saying its name? It’s fun, right? Today, we’re going to learn 77 different ways to ‘explain’ things, just like in the game, using lots of fun examples. Get ready to become a master explainer!

Synonyms for EXPLAIN

Below are better alternatives to “EXPLAIN”.

  1. Clarify
  2. Describe
  3. Elucidate
  4. Expound
  5. Define
  6. Interpret
  7. Illustrate
  8. Demonstrate
  9. Detail
  10. Enlighten
  11. Simplify
  12. Unravel
  13. Shed light on
  14. Break down
  15. Spell out
  16. Translate
  17. Communicate
  18. Convey
  19. Teach
  20. Inform
  21. Reveal
  22. Unfold
  23. Disclose
  24. Expose
  25. Annotate
  26. Decode
  27. Dissect
  28. Explicate
  29. Lay out
  30. Specify
  31. Unpack
  32. Present
  33. Represent
  34. Show
  35. Express
  36. Paraphrase
  37. Recount
  38. Relate
  39. Report
  40. Narrate
  41. Voice
  42. Articulate
  43. Assert
  44. Proclaim
  45. State
  46. Announce
  47. Declare
  48. Enumerate
  49. Itemize
  50. List
  51. Uncover
  52. Unveil
  53. Illuminate
  54. Highlight
  55. Point out
  56. Indicate
  57. Signify
  58. Suggest
  59. Imply
  60. Infer
  61. Elaborate
  62. Expand
  63. Develop
  64. Discuss
  65. Examine
  66. Analyze
  67. Investigate
  68. Explore
  69. Review
  70. Study
  71. Assess
  72. Evaluate
  73. Appraise
  74. Critique
  75. Comment on
  76. Reflect on
  77. Deliberate on

Using Synonyms of Explain in Sentences

Using Synonyms of Explain in Sentences

Learn how to use the alternatives to “Explain” in the example sentences below.

  1. Please clarify your question a bit more.
  2. Can you describe your childhood home?
  3. Let me elucidate the rules for you.
  4. I will expound on this topic tomorrow.
  5. Define the term ‘biodiversity’ for us.
  6. How would you interpret this painting?
  7. This diagram will illustrate the process clearly.
  8. Let me demonstrate how it’s done.
  9. I’ll detail the steps involved here.
  10. This book will enlighten you on the subject.
  11. Let’s simplify this complex equation.
  12. We need to unravel this mystery tonight.
  13. This study will shed light on the issue.
  14. Break down the problem into smaller parts.
  15. Please spell out your full name.
  16. Can you translate this text into French?
  17. We must communicate our ideas effectively.
  18. This picture will convey the message.
  19. I love to teach mathematics to kids.
  20. This article will inform you about the elections.
  21. The diary might reveal some secrets.
  22. The story will unfold gradually.
  23. He will disclose the truth tomorrow.
  24. The report might expose the scam.
  25. Annotate the text with your observations.
  26. Can you decode this message?
  27. Let’s dissect the frog in biology class.
  28. I’ll explicate this poem in detail.
  29. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow.
  30. Please specify your dietary restrictions.
  31. We need to unpack these ideas further.
  32. She will present her project on Monday.
  33. This symbol represents peace.
  34. The film will show life in space.
  35. Express your feelings openly.
  36. Paraphrase this paragraph in your own words.
  37. He will recount his adventure tonight.
  38. Can you relate to this character?
  39. The news will report the incident soon.
  40. She will narrate the story beautifully.
  41. Voice your concerns in the meeting.
  42. He can articulate his thoughts well.
  43. Assert your rights confidently.
  44. They will proclaim the winner tonight.
  45. State your name and occupation.
  46. The company will announce the launch tomorrow.
  47. I will declare my love for her.
  48. Let’s enumerate the reasons for our decision.
  49. Itemize your expenses for the month.
  50. List all the ingredients needed.
  51. The book will uncover ancient secrets.
  52. The magician will unveil his trick.
  53. The teacher will illuminate the subject.
  54. The highlights highlight her hair beautifully.
  55. Point out the main idea in this paragraph.
  56. The red light indicates ‘stop’.
  57. This gesture signifies respect.
  58. The clouds suggest rain is coming.
  59. His tone implies he is upset.
  60. These clues infer a hidden treasure.
  61. Let’s elaborate on this plan.
  62. We need to expand our research.
  63. Develop your photographs at this shop.
  64. Let’s discuss this chapter briefly.
  65. We will examine this case closely.
  66. Analyze the data for patterns.
  67. Investigate the scene for clues.
  68. We should explore this cave.
  69. The committee will review the application soon.
  70. Students must study the diagram carefully.
  71. Experts will assess the damage tomorrow.
  72. We should evaluate all options available.
  73. The expert will appraise the painting’s value.
  74. Artists often critique each other’s work.
  75. Please comment on the recent changes.
  76. We need time to reflect on our goals.
  77. Let’s deliberate on the matter next week.

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