List of Table Names with Pictures (Types of Tables)

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Tables are like friends in a home, they come in different shapes and sizes, each with their own special job. Just like we have friends for playing, studying, and eating with, we have tables for different things too. This makes learning about tables fun and easy, especially for those who want to get better at English. Let’s dive into the world of tables and learn their names, starting with the ones we see the most!

Different Types of Table Names

Here is the list of different types of table names in English:

  • Bedside Table
  • Work Table
  • Dining Table (Kitchen Table)
  • Coffee Table
  • Desk
  • Dressing Table
  • Round Table
  • End Table
  • Changing Table
  • Folding Table
  • Tennis Table
  • Chess Table
  • Conference Table
  • Bar Table
  • Accent Table
  • C-Table
  • Drum Table
  • Foyer Table
  • Pub Table
  • Patio Table
  • Computer Table
  • Game Table
  • Pool Table
  • Ping Pong Table
  • Foosball Table
  • Card Table
  • Billiard Table
  • Credence Table
  • Refectory Table

Types of Tables

Bedside Table

A bedside table, also known as a nightstand, sits next to your bed. It’s perfect for keeping your alarm clock, a lamp, and your favorite bedtime book close by. It’s the last thing you reach out to at night and the first in the morning.

Work Table

A work table is designed for productivity and can be found in offices, studios, or workshops. It’s sturdy enough to hold your tools, materials, and devices, making it ideal for tasks that require focus and space, like writing, crafting, or assembling.

Dining Table (Kitchen Table)

The dining or kitchen table is the heart of the home where meals are shared. It’s not just for eating; it’s where family and friends gather to talk, laugh, and sometimes even work or study together.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a low table usually found in the living room in front of a sofa. It’s perfect for holding drinks, snacks, magazines, and remote controls, often becoming the centerpiece for social gatherings.


A desk is a personal workspace for reading, writing, and using a computer. It’s often equipped with drawers or compartments for storing office supplies and personal items, making it a must-have for students and professionals.

Dressing Table

A dressing table, found in bedrooms or dressing rooms, is designed for personal grooming. It typically comes with a mirror and drawers to store makeup, jewelry, and grooming tools, making getting ready a breeze.

Round Table

A round table is characterized by its circular shape, promoting an inclusive atmosphere for conversation and dining. It’s ideal for smaller spaces and intimate gatherings, ensuring everyone feels part of the group.

End Table

End tables are small, handy tables usually placed beside a chair or at the end of a sofa. They’re perfect for holding a lamp, decorative items, or drinks, often adding both function and style to a living space.

Changing Table

A changing table is a lifesaver for parents, providing a secure, comfortable spot to change a baby’s diapers. It often includes storage for diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials, making diaper duty more organized.

Folding Table

A folding table is versatile and portable, easily stored when not in use. It’s ideal for events, outdoor activities, or as an extra surface during large gatherings, adapting to your space and needs.

Tennis Table

Also known as a ping pong table, this is designed for table tennis. It’s a source of fun, exercise, and competitive play, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing people together for a quick game or a tournament.

Chess Table

A chess table is a square table with a chessboard built into its surface, dedicated to the game of chess. It’s not just for playing; it’s also a decorative piece that adds a touch of sophistication to a room.

Conference Table

A conference table is large and often oval or rectangular, found in meeting rooms. It’s where ideas are shared and decisions are made, accommodating groups in a professional setting for discussions and presentations.

Bar Table

A bar table is taller than standard tables, designed for standing or sitting on high stools. It’s perfect for casual dining and socializing in kitchens, game rooms, or home bars, creating a lively, pub-like atmosphere.

Accent Table

An accent table is a decorative piece that adds style and character to a room. It’s not defined by its shape but by its unique design, often used to display cherished photos, artwork, or plants.


A C-table is named for its C-shaped frame, allowing it to slide over a sofa or chair arm. It’s a convenient spot for your laptop, snacks, or drinks, perfect for small spaces and minimalist designs.

Drum Table

A drum table is round and resembles a drum in shape. It’s often solid and decorative, serving as a focal point in a room. It’s great for displaying items or serving as a small gathering spot.

Foyer Table

A foyer table, also known as an entryway table, greets you as you enter a home. It’s often used for decorative purposes, holding flowers, artwork, or a place to drop your keys and mail.

Pub Table

A pub table is similar to a bar table but often used in a home pub or game room setting. It’s ideal for casual dining, games, or as a spot to gather with friends over drinks.

Patio Table

A patio table is designed for outdoor use, made from materials that can withstand the elements. It’s central to outdoor dining and leisure, inviting you to enjoy meals and conversations under the sky.

Computer Table

A computer table is specifically designed to accommodate a computer and its accessories. It’s ergonomic, often featuring cable management and space for peripherals, ensuring a comfortable and organized workspace.

Game Table

A game table is designed for card games, board games, and other tabletop games. It’s a versatile piece that can transform any room into a game room, providing endless hours of entertainment.

Pool Table

A pool table is designed for billiards, with a flat surface covered in cloth and surrounded by cushions. It’s a centerpiece in game rooms, offering both a challenging sport and a stylish addition to home decor.

Ping Pong Table

A ping pong table is another term for a tennis table, specifically designed for playing table tennis. It’s foldable and portable, providing a fast-paced game that’s fun for players of all ages.

Foosball Table

A foosball table is a tabletop game that’s a miniature version of soccer. Players control small figures attached to rotating bars to score goals, offering a fun and competitive game for family and friends.

Card Table

A card table is a small, square table used primarily for card games and small crafts. It’s lightweight and foldable, making it easy to set up and store away when not in use.

Billiard Table

A billiard table, also known as a pool table, is used for cue sports. It has a flat surface with pockets in the corners and sides, where players use cues to strike balls into the pockets, combining skill and strategy.

Credence Table

A credence table is found in churches and is used during religious services to hold various items needed for the service. It’s a functional piece that plays a vital role in the preparation and conduct of sacred rituals.

Refectory Table

A refectory table is a long, narrow table traditionally used in dining halls of monasteries and schools. It’s known for its strength and simplicity, providing a communal dining experience that encourages fellowship.

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