100 Verbs + Prepositions List A-Z

Verbs and prepositions are the dynamic duo of language, working together to create meaning, direction, and action in our communication. Whether it’s look up, run into, or fall for, these combinations of words play a crucial role in conveying precise and nuanced expressions.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into an A-Z list of verbs and their corresponding prepositions, unlocking the secrets of their usage and shedding light on their intricate relationship.

List of Verbs + Prepositions A-Z

Here is the list of verbs followed by prepositions in english grammar:

  1. Adjust to
  2. Agree with
  3. Aim at
  4. Apologize for
  5. Appear to
  6. Apply to
  7. Argue with/about
  8. Arrive at/in
  9. Ask for
  10. Begin with
  11. Believe in
  12. Belong to
  13. Benefit from
  14. Boast about
  15. Borrow from
  16. Care about
  17. Choose between
  18. Collaborate with
  19. Comment on
  20. Compare to/with
  21. Compete with
  22. Complain about
  23. Comply with
  24. Concentrate on
  25. Conform to
  26. Connect with/to
  27. Consent to
  28. Consist of
  29. Contribute to
  30. Cope with
  31. Deal with
  32. Decide on
  33. Depend on
  34. Differ from
  35. Disagree with
  36. Discuss with
  37. Dream of/about
  38. Escape from
  39. Excel in/at
  40. Excuse for
  41. Experiment with
  42. Explain to
  43. Fight against/with
  44. Fill with
  45. Flirt with
  46. Focus on
  47. Graduate from
  48. Greet with
  49. Help with
  50. Hope for
  51. Insist on
  52. Interact with
  53. Interfere with
  54. Invest in
  55. Joke about/with
  56. Laugh at
  57. Leave for
  58. Listen to
  59. Live with
  60. Look at
  61. Marry to
  62. Negotiate with
  63. Object to
  64. Opt for
  65. Part from
  66. Participate in
  67. Pay for
  68. Plan on
  69. Play with
  70. Pray for/to
  71. Prepare for
  72. Prevent from
  73. Protect against
  74. Provide for/with
  75. Quarrel with/about
  76. React to
  77. Recover from
  78. Refer to
  79. Relate to
  80. Rely on
  81. Remind of
  82. Renounce to
  83. Repent for
  84. Reply to
  85. Rescue from
  86. Respond to
  87. Rest from
  88. Return to
  89. Reveal to
  90. Run from
  91. Save for
  92. Search for
  93. Separate from
  94. Speak to/about
  95. Stand for
  96. Start with
  97. Stay at
  98. Stop from
  99. Struggle with
  100. Subscribe to
  101. Substitute for
  102. Succeed in
  103. Suffer from
  104. Talk about/to
  105. Thank for
  106. Think about/of
  107. Throw at
  108. Translate to/into
  109. Trust in
  110. Use for
  111. Vote for
  112. Wait for
  113. Walk to
  114. Warn about
  115. Work on
  116. Worry about
  117. Write about/to
  118. Yearn for
  119. Yield to

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Examples of Verbs Followed by Prepositions

  • Debar from

After his conviction he was debarred from voting at the election.

  • React to, against, upon

An orator reacts to applause.

  • Shudder at

An ordinary man would shudder at the sight of blood.

  • Beware of

Beware of pity

  • Entrust to

Can I entrust the task to you?

  • Reply (up) on

Can I reply upon you in this matter?

  • Guess at

Can you guess at her age?

  • Emerge from

Did anything emerge from your discussion?

  • Exchange for

Do you mean to say that you exchanged that lovely car for this?

  • Believe in

Don’t be upset; I believe in what you say.

  • Jump to

Don’t jump to conclusions. Think of the matter carefully.

  • Hint at

During his press conference the president hinted at the possibility of buying nuclear plants from Russia.

  • Hanker after

Every Pakistani hankers after easy money.

  • Encourage in

Good teacher encourage their students in their studies.

  • Convince of

He convinced me of his innocence.

  • Identify with

He has completely identified himself with the policies of the ruling class.

  • Provide for, against

He has to provide for a large family.

  • Inspire with, into

He inspired a new hope into them.

  • Delight in

He is irresponsible young man and delight in teasing his mother.

  • Scoff at

He scoffed at my proposal and went away.

  • Absolved of

He was absolved of all charges.

  • Charge with, for

He was charged with murder.

  • Hinder from

He was hindered from walking in the garden.

  • Operate on

He was operated on yesterday.

  • Prevent from

He was prevented from coming here.

  • Furnish with

His house is furnished with beautiful furniture and curtains.

  • Account for

His illness accounts for his absence.

  • Lean on, against

I am leaning on you for support in the election.

  • Assure of

I assure you of my cooperation.

  • Despair of

I do not despair of you; you have the potential to improve yourself.

  • Object to

I object to his presence in the meeting.

  • Prefer to

I prefer Shakespeare to Racine.

  • Fail in

I shall fall in my duty if I do not warn you of the consequences of your foolish behavior.

  • Accuse of

It is easy to accuse a person of a crime but difficult to prove it against him.

  • Hope for

Let us do our duty and hope for the best.

  • Compare with, to

Magana can’t be compared with Ghalib for his poetry.

  • Congratulate on

May I congratulate you on your success?

  • Insist on

Pakistan insists on her rights only.

  • Indulge in

Patriots never indulge in subversive activities.

  • Concentrate on

Please concentrate on what you are doing.

  • Apologize to, for

She apologize to teacher for coming late to the school.

  • Pride on

She prides herself on her clean house.

  • Remonstrate with, against

She remonstrated with her husband against his rude behavior.

  • Contract with

The actions of politicians contract with their promises.

  • Instill into

The appearance of his father instilled a new spirit into the hearts of his soldiers.

  • Abstain from

The doctor advised him to abstain from smoking.

  • Accede to

The principal acceded to my request.

  • Excuse from

The principal excused him from appearing in the explanation on medical grounds.

  • Escape from

The Prisoners escaped from the jail.

  • .persist in

The scientist persisted in discovering nuclear energy and finally succeeded in their mission.

  • Consist of

This class consist of 50 students.

  • Differ from

Urdu differs from English in every respect.

  • Embark upon

We embark upon a new business.

  • Correspond with

We have been corresponding with each other for years.

  • Economize on

We must economize on fuel.

  • Expect from, of

What can Pakistan expect of the USA in her present dilemma?

  • Arrive at

When did you arrive at the station?

  • Engage in

When I reached home, my mother was engaged in cooking meals.

  • Enter upon

When President Reagan entered upon his office, he was seventy years old.

  • Knock at

Who is knocking at the door?

  • Blame for

Who is to blame for engineering the agitation?

  • Complain of (against)

Why do you complain of him? You know that his behavior has always been nasty.

  • Repent of

Will you ever repent of your mischiefs?

  • Share with

You are welcome to share the bench with me.

  • Compete with

You can win the first prize if you compete with other candidates.

  • Attend to

You must attend to what I am saying.

  • Comply with

You must comply with the rules of the game.

  • Reply to

You must reply to my letter.

  • Approved of

Your father will never approve of your nasty behavior with your teacher.

Infographics (Verbs and Prepositions in English Grammar)

Verbs and Prepositions in English Grammar

verbs followed by prepositions in english

Download this list of verbs followed by prepositions in english grammar pdf (Download Here)

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