Types of Preposition With Examples (Download PDF)

We’ll learn all the types of prepositions from simple to compound prepositions, and learn these types through useful examples. Whether you’re a language learner or just brushing up, we’ve got everything you need to grasp these essential elements of grammar.

What is Preposition?

A preposition is a word that links nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words within a sentence to establish various types of relationships between them. In Simple words, A preposition is a small word used before a noun or pronoun to show place, direction, time, or how things are related.

Prepositions are integral to the structure of sentences, offering cues that help interpret the meaning and relationships of the components within a sentence. For example, prepositions can indicate:

  • Location: “The book is on the table.”
  • Time: “We will meet at noon.”
  • Direction: “She walked toward the park.”
  • Relationship: “This gift is from my sister.”
  • Agency: “The story was written by Hemingway.”

Types of Prepositions In English

Here are the 10 types of prepositions, each defined with examples:

Preposition of Time

Time prepositions indicate temporal relationships, specifying when something happens.


  1. We will meet at
  2. The store closes before
  3. She has been working here since
  4. The meeting is scheduled for
  5. He reads during his commute.

Preposition of Place

Place prepositions indicate the location or position of something.


  1. The book is on the shelf.
  2. They live at 123 Maple Street.
  3. The cafe is located between the bookstore and the library.
  4. The flowers are in the garden.
  5. He stood beside

Preposition of Direction

Direction prepositions indicate the direction in which something moves.


  1. The bird flew towards the tree.
  2. Walk across the bridge.
  3. She ran into the room.
  4. The cat jumped onto the counter.
  5. He walked around the park.

Simple Prepositions

Simple prepositions are single words that show a relationship between two elements in a sentence, typically indicating time, place, or direction.


  1. The cat is on the table.
  2. She arrived after the meeting had started.
  3. He lives in New York.
  4. She is good at
  5. The book is under the desk.

Double Prepositions

Double prepositions are two simple prepositions used together, often indicating a more specific relationship.


  1. She walked out of the room.
  2. The painting is inside of the box.
  3. Please step out of the car.
  4. He jumped off of the diving board.
  5. The cat climbed out from under the bed.

Compound Prepositions

Compound prepositions are made up of two or more words that function together as a single preposition.


  1. The report is according to the recent study.
  2. They stood in front of the monument.
  3. She is acting on behalf of her company.
  4. The keys are on top of the fridge.
  5. He was not allowed to enter because of his age.

Participle Prepositions

Participle prepositions are participles (verb forms ending in -ing, -ed, etc.) that act as prepositions.


  1. Considering the circumstances, he acted wisely.
  2. The team played well, notwithstanding their previous losses.
  3. Regarding your query, we will respond shortly.
  4. The decision was made following the committee’s recommendation.
  5. Given the evidence, we must act now.

Phrase Prepositions (Prepositional Phrases)

Phrase prepositions, or prepositional phrases, are groups of words that contain a preposition, an object, and the object’s modifier, acting together as a single preposition.


  1. He is on top of the world.
  2. The solution is in front of
  3. She is in charge of organizing the event.
  4. We walked in spite of the rain.
  5. The movie starts at the end of the hour.

Disguised Prepositions

Disguised prepositions are words that function as prepositions but do not have the typical form or appearance of a preposition. They are often contractions or altered forms of more recognizable prepositions.


  1. ‘Tis (it is) ten o’clock. (‘Tis is a contraction where “t” stands for the old English preposition “to.”)
  2. I’ll see you o’ (of) Monday. (In dialect or poetic usage, “o'” can stand for “on.”)
  3. He works from dawn till (until) dusk. (“Till” is often used as a preposition meaning “until.”)
  4. We waited a (at) the station. (In some dialects, “a” is used for “at.”)
  5. Let’s meet ‘fore (before) noon. (“‘Fore” is a shortened form of “before” used in informal contexts.)

Detached Prepositions

Detached prepositions occur when a preposition is separated from its object, often in interrogative or relative clauses. This can happen in conversational English and in questions where the preposition is moved to the end of the sentence.


  1. What are you talking about?
  2. The candidate whom we voted for has won.
  3. This is the book I was telling you about.
  4. Is this the person you were looking for?
  5. That’s the situation we must deal with.

These examples should give you a good understanding of the different types of prepositions and how they are used in sentences.

What are the Basic Types of Preposition?

There are 3 basic types of prepositions:

  1. Prepositions of Time: These prepositions show when something happens. Examples include “at,” “on,” and “in.” For example, “at midnight,” “on Monday,” “in the morning.”
  2. Prepositions of Place/Position: These prepositions show where something is or where something happens. Examples include “at,” “on,” and “in.” For example, “at the corner,” “on the table,” “in the room.”
  3. Prepositions of Direction/Movement: These prepositions show the direction or movement of something. Examples include “to,” “from,” and “through.” For example, “going to the store,” “coming from the house,” “walking through the park.”

3 types of preposition

Common Prepositions

Here are the most common prepositions;

 about above across
after against along
among around as
at before behind
below beneath beside
between beyond by
concerning despite down
during except for
from in inside
into like near
of off on
onto out outside
over past regarding
since through throughout
to toward under
until up upon
with within

Example Sentences of Prepositions

  1. She placed the book above the fireplace.
  2. The plane flew above the clouds.
  3. They walked across the bridge to get to the other side.
  4. After the rain stopped, they went for a walk.
  5. He leaned against the wall for support.
  6. They strolled along the beach at sunset.
  7. She found her keys among the clutter on the table.
  8. They sat around the campfire telling stories.
  9. As a child, he loved playing with his toys.
  10. The party will be held at the community center.
  11. They arrived before the scheduled meeting time.
  12. The cat hid behind the curtains.
  13. The treasure chest was buried below the old oak tree.
  14. She discovered a secret passage beneath the castle.
  15. He stood beside his best friend during the ceremony.
  16. The path leads between the two mountains.
  17. The adventure took them beyond their wildest dreams.
  18. She painted a beautiful picture by the lake.
  19. They had a discussion concerning the new project.
  20. Despite the heavy traffic, they arrived on time.
  21. The ball rolled down the hill.
  22. They went for a walk during the snowstorm.
  23. Everyone is invited, except for John.
  24. She bought a gift for her mother’s birthday.
  25. The cat hid from the loud noise.
  26. They went swimming in the clear blue water.
  27. He found his keys inside the jacket pocket.
  28. She jumped into the pool.
  29. She sings like an angel.
  30. Their house is near the park.
  31. The taste of the pizza was amazing.
  32. The cat jumped off the table.
  33. The book is on the shelf.
  34. She climbed onto the roof.
  35. They went out for ice cream.
  36. The birds flew outside the window.
  37. The plane flew over the mountains.
  38. He drove past the old gas station.
  39. They had a meeting regarding the budget.
  40. Since he left, she hasn’t heard from him.
  41. They walked through the forest.
  42. The music played throughout the night.
  43. She gave a gift to her friend.
  44. They are heading toward the city.
  45. The treasure is buried under the X on the map.
  46. He waited until the last minute to submit his assignment.
  47. She hung a painting up on the wall.
  48. The cat perched upon the fence.
  49. They went for a hike with their dog.
  50. The keys were found within the drawer.

You can Download types of prepositions PDF


preposition list pdf

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