Learn 20 Ways to Say “Again”

Repeating an action or revisiting a subject is a common part of conversation, whether in professional settings, academic discussions, or casual chats. The word “again” can sometimes feel repetitive or insufficient for conveying the nuance of a situation. This blog post will explore 20 different expressions you can use instead of “again,” each with a brief meaning and a succinct example to help you diversify your language and express repetition more precisely.

Ways to Say Again

1. Once more

Meaning: Another time.

Example: Let’s try it once more.

2. Another time

Meaning: Yet another occurrence.

Example: Read the document another time.

3. Over again

Meaning: Repeat from the beginning.

Example: He played the song over again.

4. One more time

Meaning: Repeat an action.

Example: Please check the figures one more time.

5. Repeatedly

Meaning: Many times.

Example: She called his name repeatedly.

6. Anew

Meaning: Start fresh.

Example: Begin the project anew.

7. Additionally

Meaning: As an addition.

Example: He also asked for a coffee, additionally.

8. Furthermore

Meaning: In addition; besides.

Example: Furthermore, we need to reconsider our strategy.

9. Moreover

Meaning: As a further matter.

Example: Moreover, the data supports this decision.

10. On top of this

Meaning: In addition to what has been said.

Example: On top of this, I have other concerns.

11. Also

Meaning: In addition.

Example: She also wants to come.

12. Besides

Meaning: In addition to; moreover.

Example: Besides, we should improve security.

13. Likewise

Meaning: In the same way.

Example: He is late, and likewise, his friend.

14. Similarly

Meaning: In a similar manner.

Example: Similarly, the results were consistent.

15. In addition

Meaning: Adding one thing to another.

Example: In addition, please send the files.

16. Encore

Meaning: Again, used especially after a performance.

Example: The audience shouted, “Encore!”

17. Plus

Meaning: Additionally.

Example: We need more time, plus more resources.

18. As well

Meaning: Too; also.

Example: Bring your laptop as well.

19. Yet again

Meaning: Another time, with a sense of frustration or surprise.

Example: He’s late yet again.

20. Once again

Meaning: Another time, often used to restate.

Example: Once again, I would like to thank everyone.

Ways to Say Again

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