20 Idiomatic Ways of Giving Reasons in English

Understanding idioms is crucial for mastering English. In this post, we explore 20 common idioms used to explain reasons, helping ESL students express themselves more naturally.

1. Because of

Meaning: Due to something
Example: He arrived late because of the traffic.

2. On account of

Meaning: Due to
Example: She called in sick on account of a cold.

3. Due to

Meaning: Caused by
Example: The game was postponed due to rain.

4. Thanks to

Meaning: As a result of
Example: Thanks to your help, we finished on time.

5. As a result of

Meaning: Consequence of
Example: As a result of his hard work, he succeeded.

6. Owing to

Meaning: Because of
Example: Owing to the delay, we missed our flight.

7. By reason of

Meaning: Because of
Example: By reason of his expertise, he was promoted.

8. In view of

Meaning: Considering
Example: In view of the weather, the event was indoors.

9. With this in mind

Meaning: Considering this
Example: With this in mind, we revised our strategy.

10. Given that

Meaning: Considering that
Example: Given that it’s raining, we should stay indoors.

11. On the grounds of

Meaning: Because of
Example: He was excused on the grounds of illness.

12. In light of

Meaning: Considering
Example: In light of the facts, we must act.

13. Under the guise of

Meaning: Pretending to
Example: He acted under the guise of friendship.

14. By virtue of

Meaning: Because of
Example: By virtue of her experience, she led the team.

15. For the sake of

Meaning: For the purpose of
Example: For the sake of clarity, let’s start over.

16. In the interest of

Meaning: For the benefit of
Example: In the interest of safety, please evacuate.

17. In the name of

Meaning: Under the justification of
Example: In the name of progress, forests were cut down.

18. At the behest of

Meaning: On the order of
Example: He acted at the behest of his superior.

19. For the purpose of

Meaning: In order to
Example: She traveled for the purpose of studying.

20. Out of

Meaning: Motivated by
Example: He helped out of kindness, not obligation.

Idiomatic Ways of Giving Reasons

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