How to Talk about Housework in English (With Pictures)!

Discussing housework is essential for daily communication, especially for ESL students learning English. Here are key phrases to master.

1. Do The Cooking

Meaning: Prepare food
Example: She does the cooking every evening after work.

2. Set The Table

Meaning: Arrange tableware
Example: Can you set the table before dinner starts?

3. Take Out The Rubbish

Meaning: Remove trash
Example: He took out the rubbish early in the morning.

4. Go Grocery Shopping

Meaning: Buy food items
Example: They go grocery shopping every Saturday morning.

5. Water The Plants

Meaning: Give water to plants
Example: I water the plants in the garden every other day.

6. Clean The Windows

Meaning: Wash glass surfaces
Example: We clean the windows twice a year for clarity.

7. Sort The Recycling

Meaning: Organize waste for recycling
Example: She sorts the recycling before the city picks it up.

8. Change The Sheets

Meaning: Replace bedding
Example: He changes the sheets on the bed every Sunday.

9. Organize The Pantry

Meaning: Arrange food storage
Example: She organizes the pantry to find things easily.

10. Scrub The Bathroom

Meaning: Clean bathroom surfaces thoroughly
Example: I scrub the bathroom tiles every week to keep them shiny.

11. Clear The Gutters

Meaning: Remove debris from rain gutters
Example: He clears the gutters before the rainy season starts.

12. Dust The Furniture

Meaning: Remove dust from surfaces
Example: She dusts the furniture every weekend.

13. Wash The Car

Meaning: Clean the car exterior and interior
Example: I wash the car every other Saturday.

14. Air Out The Rooms

Meaning: Refresh room air
Example: We air out the rooms every morning for fresh air.

15. Trim The Hedges

Meaning: Cut the bushes to shape
Example: He trims the hedges once a month during summer.

16. Reorganize The Closet

Meaning: Arrange clothes and items in the closet
Example: She reorganizes the closet at the change of seasons.

17. Sanitize The Kitchen

Meaning: Deep clean the kitchen area
Example: I sanitize the kitchen counters after cooking meat.

18. Replace Light Bulbs

Meaning: Change burnt-out bulbs
Example: He replaces light bulbs as soon as they burn out.

19. Repair Leaky Faucets

Meaning: Fix dripping taps
Example: He repairs leaky faucets to save water.

20. Sweep The Porch

Meaning: Clean the porch with a broom
Example: I sweep the porch every morning to clear leaves and dirt.


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