Learn 20 Other Ways to say RELAX

Finding ways to unwind is essential, especially after a busy day. Here are twenty expressions that mean “relax,” perfect for English language learners to incorporate into everyday conversations.

1. Chill out

Meaning: Calm down, relax
Example: Just chill out, the traffic will clear soon.

2. Take it easy

Meaning: Relax, don’t rush
Example: Take it easy, you’ve been working too hard.

3. Wind down

Meaning: Relax after stress
Example: I wind down at night by reading a book.

4. Cool your jets

Meaning: Calm down, relax
Example: Cool your jets, there’s no need to be upset.

5. Kick back

Meaning: Relax, recline
Example: Let’s kick back and watch a movie tonight.

6. Hang loose

Meaning: Stay relaxed
Example: Hang loose; everything will work out fine.

7. Let your hair down

Meaning: Relax, be free
Example: On weekends, I like to let my hair down.

8. Veg out

Meaning: Relax completely
Example: I’m planning to veg out all evening.

9. Mellow out

Meaning: Become relaxed
Example: After yoga, I really mellow out.

10. Zone out

Meaning: Detach, relax
Example: I often zone out with some good music.

11. Unwind

Meaning: Relax, reduce stress
Example: I unwind by taking long walks.

12. Decompress

Meaning: Release stress
Example: I need some time to decompress after work.

13. Loosen up

Meaning: Relax, be less formal
Example: Loosen up at the party and have fun!

14. Simmer down

Meaning: Become calmer
Example: Simmer down now, let’s discuss this calmly.

15. Take a breather

Meaning: Pause to rest
Example: Let’s take a breather before we continue.

16. Put your feet up

Meaning: Relax, rest
Example: Put your feet up and stay awhile.

17. Chillax

Meaning: Chill and relax
Example: It’s the weekend, time to chillax.

18. Ease up

Meaning: Reduce intensity
Example: Ease up on the work; you need a break.

19. Step back

Meaning: Pause to think/relax
Example: Sometimes, you need to step back and reflect.

20. Lay back

Meaning: Relax, recline
Example: Lay back and enjoy the concert tonight.

Other Ways to say RELAX

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