Learn 20 Ways to Say “I Don’t Care”

Expressing indifference can be crucial in conversations where you wish to diplomatically dismiss a topic or indicate that it’s not a priority for you. However, repeatedly using the phrase “I don’t care” can come across as harsh or insensitive. Here are 20 different ways to convey the same sentiment with a variety of tones, from casual to formal, ensuring you can communicate effectively in any situation.

Ways to Say I Don’t Care

1. It doesn’t matter to me.

Meaning: It has no importance or relevance to me.

Example: “Choose whichever you like; it doesn’t matter to me.”

2. Whatever.

Meaning: A casual expression of indifference.

Example: “Whatever, do as you please.”

3. I’m indifferent.

Meaning: Lacking a preference or interest.

Example: “I’m indifferent about where we eat.”

4. It’s all the same to me.

Meaning: No option is better or worse.

Example: “Stay or go—it’s all the same to me.”

5. I couldn’t care less.

Meaning: Completely uninterested.

Example: “I couldn’t care less about celebrity gossip.”

6. It’s your call.

Meaning: The decision is yours, not mine.

Example: “It’s your call, I don’t mind either way.”

7. Makes no difference to me.

Meaning: Outcome will not affect me.

Example: “Choose any; it makes no difference to me.”

8. Not my problem.

Meaning: Indicating something is not of one’s concern.

Example: “That’s not my problem.”

9. I have no opinion.

Meaning: Lacking a stance or viewpoint.

Example: “On that issue, I have no opinion.”

10. Who cares?

Meaning: Questioning the importance or relevance.

Example: “Who cares if they don’t like it?”

11. So what?

Meaning: Challenging why the issue should be considered important.

Example: “So what if they’re late?”

12. Not my cup of tea.

Meaning: Not within one’s range of interests.

Example: “That kind of movie isn’t my cup of tea.”

13. I have no preference.

Meaning: Equally fine with any outcome.

Example: “Pick any movie; I have no preference.”

14. That’s your prerogative.

Meaning: Acknowledging someone else’s right to decide.

Example: “If you want to go early, that’s your prerogative.”

15. Ask me if I care.

Meaning: Sarcastic way to show lack of interest.

Example: “You missed your workout? Ask me if I care.”

16. It’s none of my business.

Meaning: Not involved or needing to be involved.

Example: “Whatever they’re arguing about, it’s none of my business.”

17. See if I care.

Meaning: A defiant way of showing disinterest.

Example: “Go ahead and tell them, see if I care.”

18. It’s trivial.

Meaning: Of little importance or value.

Example: “The details are trivial, don’t fuss over them.”

19. Count me out.

Meaning: Opting out or showing disinterest in participating.

Example: “If you’re going shopping, count me out.”

20. I pass.

Meaning: Choosing not to participate or respond.

Example: “They want feedback? I pass.”

Ways to Say I Don't Care

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