30 Ways to Use the Verb SPEAK

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The verb “speak” is versatile and commonly used in English. It can be combined with various words to form idioms, phrasal verbs, and collocations, each with distinct meanings. Here are 30 different ways to use “speak,” along with their meanings and examples.

Speak up

Talk louder.
Please speak up; I can’t hear you.

Speak out

Express one’s opinion openly.
She decided to speak out against injustice.

Speak for

Represent someone.
He will speak for the entire team.

Speak to

Address someone.
I need to speak to the manager.

Speak with

Have a conversation with.
She wants to speak with her friend.

Speak of

Mention something.
They often speak of their travels.

Speak on

Talk about a specific topic.
She will speak on climate change.

Speak in

Use a specific language.
He can speak in Spanish fluently.

Speak at

Address someone harshly.
Don’t speak at me like that!

Speak over

Interrupt someone.
He tends to speak over others.

Speak your mind

Say what you think.
She always speaks her mind.

Speak volumes

Convey a lot of information.
His silence speaks volumes.

Speak the same language

Understand each other well.
They speak the same language at work.

Speak highly of

Praise someone or something.
They speak highly of her skills.

Speak ill of

Criticize someone.
Don’t speak ill of others.

Speak for itself

Be self-explanatory.
Her work speaks for itself.

Speak in tongues

Speak in an unknown language.
Some people can speak in tongues.

Speak truth to power

Confront authority with honesty.
He spoke truth to power fearlessly.

Speak off the cuff

Speak spontaneously.
He can speak off the cuff well.

Speak from the heart

Talk sincerely.
She always speaks from the heart.

Speak up for

Defend someone.
He spoke up for his friend.

Speak down to

Talk condescendingly.
Don’t speak down to your coworkers.

Speak out of turn

Speak inappropriately.
She spoke out of turn in class.

Speak freely

Talk openly without restraint.
Feel free to speak freely here.

Speak a mile a minute

Talk very quickly.
She can speak a mile a minute.

Speak with one voice

Agree unanimously.
The team spoke with one voice.

Speak sense

Talk reasonably.
He always speaks sense in meetings.

Speak nonsense

Talk absurdly.
He tends to speak nonsense sometimes.

Speak eloquently

Talk in a persuasive manner.
She can speak eloquently on stage.

Speak kindly

Talk in a kind manner.
Always speak kindly to others.

Ways to Use the Verb SPEAK

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