20 Weather Collocations in English

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Understanding weather collocations can improve your English fluency. These common phrases help you describe weather conditions accurately. Here are 20 essential weather collocations with their meanings and example sentences.

Weather Collocations

1. Heavy Rain

Meaning: Very strong rain.

Example: We experienced heavy rain yesterday evening.

2. Light Rain

Meaning: Gentle rain.

Example: There’s light rain in the morning.

3. Strong Winds

Meaning: Powerful winds.

Example: Strong winds are expected this afternoon.

4. Clear Skies

Meaning: Sky with no clouds.

Example: We enjoyed clear skies all day.

5. Scattered Showers

Meaning: Intermittent rain in different areas.

Example: Scattered showers are forecasted for today.

6. Thick Fog

Meaning: Very dense fog.

Example: Thick fog delayed many flights.

7. Sunny Spells

Meaning: Periods of sunshine during the day.

Example: We’ll have sunny spells between the clouds.

8. Snow Flurries

Meaning: Light, brief snowfall.

Example: Expect snow flurries this afternoon.

9. Gale-force Winds

Meaning: Very strong winds.

Example: Gale-force winds hit the coastline last night.

10. Heavy Snow

Meaning: Intense snowfall.

Example: Heavy snow caused traffic jams today.

11. Drizzle

Meaning: Light rain.

Example: A drizzle started just after noon.

12. Blazing Sun

Meaning: Very intense sunlight.

Example: The blazing sun made it hard to see.

13. Frosty Mornings

Meaning: Mornings with frost.

Example: We’ve had several frosty mornings this week.

14. Tropical Storm

Meaning: Storm originating in the tropics.

Example: A tropical storm is approaching our area.

15. Bitter Cold

Meaning: Extremely cold weather.

Example: The bitter cold kept everyone indoors.

16. Light Breeze

Meaning: Gentle wind.

Example: A light breeze made the day pleasant.

17. Hail Storm

Meaning: Storm with hail.

Example: A hail storm damaged several cars.

18. Severe Weather

Meaning: Very bad weather conditions.

Example: Severe weather warnings were issued yesterday.

19. Hot Spell

Meaning: Period of very hot weather.

Example: We’re experiencing a hot spell this week.

20. Cold Snap

Meaning: Short period of very cold weather.

Example: A cold snap took us by surprise.

Weather Collocations

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