20 Collocations with “Get” in English

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Learning collocations with “get” can help you sound more natural in English. Here are 20 common collocations with “get,” their meanings, and example sentences to help you understand and use them effectively.

1. Get Up

Meaning: Rise from bed or a seat
Example: I get up at 7 AM daily.

2. Get Ready

Meaning: Prepare yourself or something
Example: I need to get ready for work.

3. Get Dressed

Meaning: Put on clothes
Example: Hurry up and get dressed!

4. Get Lost

Meaning: Become lost or confused
Example: We might get lost without a map.

5. Get Married

Meaning: Enter into marriage
Example: They will get married next summer.

6. Get Sick

Meaning: Become ill
Example: She tends to get sick in winter.

7. Get Better

Meaning: Improve in health or condition
Example: I hope you get better soon.

8. Get Worse

Meaning: Deteriorate in health or condition
Example: His condition might get worse overnight.

9. Get Home

Meaning: Arrive at one’s house
Example: I usually get home by 6 PM.

10. Get Along

Meaning: Have a good relationship
Example: They get along really well.

11. Get By

Meaning: Manage or survive
Example: We can get by on one income.

12. Get Over

Meaning: Recover from something
Example: It took her months to get over the flu.

13. Get Away

Meaning: Escape or go on vacation
Example: We need to get away this weekend.

14. Get Through

Meaning: Finish or complete something
Example: I need to get through this book.

15. Get Off

Meaning: Leave a vehicle or place
Example: Let’s get off at the next stop.

16. Get On

Meaning: Board a vehicle or continue
Example: We need to get on the bus now.

17. Get In

Meaning: Enter a place or vehicle
Example: Please get in the car quickly.

18. Get Out

Meaning: Leave a place or vehicle
Example: We need to get out of here.

19. Get Together

Meaning: Meet or gather with others
Example: Let’s get together this weekend.

20. Get Around

Meaning: Travel or move about
Example: He uses a bike to get around.

Get collocations

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