100 Examples of Synonyms and Antonyms

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Welcome to our exciting journey into the world of English words! Today, we’re going to explore 100 examples of synonyms and antonyms. Synonyms are words that mean the same thing, like ‘big’ and ‘large’. Antonyms are the opposite, meaning they have different meanings, such as ‘hot’ and ‘cold’. This fun list will help you understand more words and how to use them, making your English even better. Let’s dive in and discover the magic of words together!

Examples of Synonyms and Antonyms

Words Synonyms Antonyms
Luxuriant profuse, abundant Scanty, meagre
Pacify Appease, Chasten Irritate, worsen
Irrepressible irresistible, unconfined Composed, hesitant
Trivial Trifling, insignificant Significant, veteran
Intrinsic genuine, fundamental Extraneous, incidental
Cunning Acute, Smart Naive, Coarse
Munificent liberal, hospitable Frugal, penurious
Obliging Complaisant, Willing Mulish, Obstinate
Confident Bold, Undaunted Diffident, cowardly
Comprise include, contain Reject, lack
Subterfuge Deceit, Stratagem Frankness, Openness
Gloom obscurity, darkness Delight, mirth
Rustic Rural, uncivilized Cultured, Refined
Adhere Comply, observe Condemn, disjoin
Abortive Vain, unproductive Productive
Yoke connect, harness Liberate, Release
Linger loiter, prolong Hasten, quicken
Impute attribute, ascribe Exculpate, support
Raid Incursion, Foray Retreat, release
Modest humble, courteous Arrogant, pompous
Treacherous Dishonest, duplicitous Forthright, reliable
Immaculate unsullied, spotless Defiled, Tarnished
Efface destroy, obliterate Retain, Maintain
Bleak Grim, Austere Bright, Pleasant
Timid Diffident, coward Bold, intrepid
Decay Collapse, decompose Flourish, Progress
Bleak Austere, Blank Bright, Cheerful
Callous obdurate, unfeeling Compassionate, Tender
Decipher interpret, reveal Misinterpret, distort
Bold Adventurous Timid
Redeem Recover, liberate Conserve lose
Incompetent inefficient, unskilled Dexterous, Skilled
Lax slack, careless Firm, reliable
Precarious doubtful, insecure Assured
Obscure Arcane, Vague Prominent
Uncouth Awkward, ungraceful Elegant, Compensate
Merit Stature, Asset Demerit, dishonor
Boisterous Clamorous, rowdy Placid, Calm
Substantial Considerable, solid Tenuous, fragile
Scanty scarce, insufficient Lavish, multitude
Endeavour undertake, aspire Cease, quit
Captivity imprisonment, confinement Freedom, Liberty
Baroque Florid, gilt Plain, unadorned
Arraign Incriminate, indict Exculpate, Pardon
Lavish abundant, excessive Scarce, deficient
Vicious Corrupt, obnoxious Noble, Virtuous
Glut stuff, satiate Starve, abstain
Umbrage Chagrin, offense Sympathy, goodwill
Yield surrender abdicate Resist, protest
Intrigue scheme, conspiracy Candor, Sincerity
Knave dishonest, scoundrel Paragon, innocent
Superficial Partial, shallow Profound, discerning
Obstinate Stubborn, Adamant Pliable, flexible
Interesting Enchanting, Riveting Dull, Uninteresting
Abate Moderate, decrease Aggravate
Insipid tasteless, vapid Delicious, luscious
Zeal eagerness, fervor Apathy, lethargy
Infringe violate, encroach Comply, Concur
Fabricate construct, produce Destroy, Dismantle
Vivacious Spirited, Energetic Dispirited, Unattractive
Epitome precise, example Increment, expansion
Benign Favorable, friendly Malignant, Cruel
Yell shout, shriek Whisper muted
Zenith summit, apex Nadir, base
Stranger Immigrant, guest Acquaintance, national
Deceit deception, artifice Veracity, Sincerity
Dissuade Remonstrate, Counsel Insite, Persuade
Savage Wild, untamed Polished, Civilized
Defray spend, pay Disclaim, Repudiate
Notion Conceit, Apprehension Reality, Concrete
Tranquil Peaceful, composed Violent, furious
Genuine Absolute, Factual Spurious
Derogatory Sarcastic, critical Laudatory, appreciative
Adamant Stubborn, inflexible Flexible, Soft
Frugality economy, providence Lavishness, extravagance
Predicament plight, dilemma Resolution, confidence
Reason Acumen, Bounds Folly, Speculation
Remorse Regret, penitence Ruthlessness, obduracy
Fallacy delusion, mistake Veracity, Truth
Disdain detest, despise Approve, praise
Adjunct Joined, Added Separated, Subtracted
Quack Impostor, deceiver Upright, unfeigned
Quaint Queer, strange Familiar, usual
Generosity Altruism, bounty Stinginess, greed
Consent agree, permit Object Disagree
Waive Relinquish, remove Impose, Clamp
Shrewd Cunning, craftly Simple, imbecile
Tenement Apartment, Digs Breakeven, dislodge
Ratify consent, approve Deny, dissent
Zig -zag oblique, wayward Straight, unbent
Bustle Commotion, Tumult Slowness, Quiet
Sympathy Tenderness, harmony Antipathy, Discord
Contradict deny, oppose Approve, Confirm
Base Vulgar, Coarse Summit, Noble
Tame Compliant, Subdued Wild, untamed
Vigilant Cautious, alert Careless, negligent
Destructive Catastrophic, pernicious Creative, Constructive
Nullify cancel, annual Confirm, Uphold
Fanatical narrow-minded, biased Liberal, Tolerant

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