Farm Vocabulary Words with Meanings (A to Z)

Have you ever found yourself lost in a conversation with a farmer, feeling like you’re in a foreign land surrounded by unfamiliar terms and phrases? Fear not, for we are providing a list of farm vocabulary words. From barn to combine harvester, the language of agriculture is rich and varied, offering insights into the daily workings of farms and the essential tools that bring our food from field to table.

Farm Vocabulary Words

Here is an A to Z list of useful farm vocabulary words with their meanings;

  1. Acre: Unit of land measurement, equal to 4,840 square yards.
  2. Acreage: Total area measured in acres.
  3. Agriculture: Cultivation of plants and livestock farming.
  4. Animals: Living organisms, typically capable of movement and feeding.
  5. Apiarist: A person who keeps and cares for bees.
  6. Bale of Hay: Compact bundle of dry grass, often used as feed.
  7. Baler: Machine for compressing a cut crop into bales.
  8. Barley: A cereal grain used in food and brewing.
  9. Barn: Large farm building for storing grain or livestock.
  10. Barnyard: Enclosed yard adjacent to a barn.
  11. Bee: Flying insect, known for pollination and honey production.
  12. Beehive: Structure where bees live and produce honey.
  13. Beekeeper: Person who maintains beehives for honey or beeswax.
  14. Bison: Large, shaggy-haired wild bovine of North America.
  15. Boar: Wild or feral pig, male of domestic pig.
  16. Breed: A particular type of animal or plant.
  17. Bucket: Cylindrical open container with a handle.
  18. Buffalo: Large bovine animals, includes species like water buffalo.
  19. Bull: Male of cattle species, often uncastrated.
  20. Calf: Young of domestic cattle.
  21. Calf Hut: Small shelter for housing calves.
  22. Cat: Small domesticated carnivorous mammal.
  23. Cattle: Large domesticated bovines for milk or meat.
  24. Cattle Grid: Barrier used to prevent livestock from crossing.
  25. Chick: Young of a bird, especially a domestic fowl.
  26. Chicken: Domestic fowl kept for eggs or meat.
  27. Chicken Coop: Enclosure for keeping chickens.
  28. Combine: Agricultural machine for harvesting grain crops.
  29. Combine Harvester: Machine that reaps, threshes, and cleans grain.
  30. Coop: Enclosure or cage for small animals or birds.
  31. Corn: Cereal plant or its kernels, known as maize.
  32. Cow: Female of domestic cattle, often milked.
  33. Cowbell: A bell worn by cows for identification.
  34. Crops: Cultivated plants grown in large quantities.
  35. Crow: Large, black bird, often considered a pest in farming.
  36. Cultivator: Farm tool used to stir and pulverize soil.
  37. Dairy: Place for the production and processing of milk.
  38. Dairy Cattle: Cows bred and used for milk production.
  39. Deer: Hoofed grazing animal, often hunted.
  40. Dog: Domesticated carnivorous mammal, a loyal companion.
  41. Donkey: Domesticated hoofed mammal, used as a working animal.
  42. Drake: Male duck.
  43. Duck: Waterbird with broad blunt bill.
  44. Duckling: Young duck in downy stage.
  45. Egg: Oval or round object laid by females of many different species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and fish.
  46. Ewe: Female sheep.
  47. Fallow: Land left unplowed and unseeded.
  48. Farm: Area of land for growing crops and rearing animals.
  49. Farm Equipment: Machinery used in the practice of agriculture.
  50. Farmer: A person who operates a farm.
  51. Farmhouse: A main house on a farm.
  52. Farming Tools: Instruments used in agricultural practices.
  53. Feed: Food given to domestic animals.
  54. Feedlot: Type of animal feeding operation.
  55. Fence: Barrier enclosing an area.
  56. Fertilizer: Substance added to soil to enhance the growth of plants.
  57. Fertilizer Spreader: Device used to distribute fertilizer.
  58. Field: Open land area used for agriculture.
  59. Fish Farm: Facility for commercial breeding and raising of fish.
  60. Flail: Manual tool used for threshing grain.
  61. Flock: Group of birds or some types of animals.
  62. Foal: Young horse or related animal.
  63. Food: Any nutritious substance consumed for growth and health.
  64. Forage: Food for horses or cattle.
  65. Fruit: Seed-bearing structure in flowering plants.
  66. Gander: Male goose.
  67. Gate: Hinged barrier at the entrance to a field or yard.
  68. Geese: Plural of goose; large waterbirds.
  69. Goat: Hardy domesticated ruminant animal.
  70. Goose: Large waterbird with a long neck.
  71. Grain Elevator: Building for storing and loading grains.
  72. Grains: Small, hard seeds of food plants like wheat, and barley.
  73. Greenhouse: Structure with glass walls for growing plants.
  74. Grow: Process of plants or animals developing and increasing.
  75. Harvest: Process of gathering mature crops from the fields.
  76. Harvester: Machine or person that gathers crops.
  77. Hatchery: Place for hatching fish or poultry eggs.
  78. Hay: Grass that has been mown and dried for fodder.
  79. Hay Fork: Tool for lifting and pitching hay.
  80. Haystack: Large pile or stack of hay.
  81. Heifer Barn: Building for housing young female cows.
  82. Hen: Adult female chicken.
  83. Henhouse: Shelter for chickens.
  84. Herb Garden: This area is dedicated to growing herbs.
  85. Herd: Group of animals, typically cattle or deer.
  86. Hive: Structure for housing bees.
  87. Hoe: Hand tool for gardening and farming.
  88. Hog: Adult pig, especially domesticated for food.
  89. Honey: Sweet substance produced by bees.
  90. Honeybee: Bee species known for producing honey.
  91. Hoof: Hard foot structure in certain animals like horses.
  92. Horse: Large, domesticated four-legged animal.
  93. Incubation: Process of keeping eggs warm for hatching.
  94. Incubator: Device for maintaining eggs’ warmth and humidity.
  95. Insecticide: Chemical for killing insects.
  96. Irrigation: Supplying water to crops artificially.
  97. Jack (Male Donkey): Adult male donkey.
  98. Jenny (Female Donkey): Adult female donkey.
  99. Jersey Cow: Breed of dairy cow.
  100. Lamb: Young sheep.
  101. Lambing: Process of sheep giving birth.
  102. Land: Earth’s solid surface is not covered by water.
  103. Land Cultivation: Preparing land for growing crops.
  104. Livestock Trailer: Vehicle for transporting farm animals.
  105. Llama: South American domesticated pack animal.
  106. Longhorn: Cattle breed with distinctive long horns.
  107. Machete: Broad blade used for cutting plants.
  108. Mare: Adult female horse.
  109. Meadow: Field with grass and wildflowers.
  110. Milk: Nutritious liquid produced by mammals.
  111. Milking Machine: Device for extracting milk from animals.
  112. Milking Parlor: Place where animals are milked.
  113. Mower: Machine for cutting grass.
  114. Mulch: Material spread over the soil for protection.
  115. Mule: Offspring of a male donkey and female horse.
  116. Oats: Grain used for food and livestock feed.
  117. Orchard: Area of fruit or nut trees.
  118. Orchardist: A person who manages an orchard.
  119. Ox: Domesticated bovine, typically used for work.
  120. Pail: Container, often with a handle, for carrying liquids.
  121. Pasture: Land covered with grass, for grazing.
  122. Pesticide Sprayer: Device for applying chemicals to crops.
  123. Pick: Tool with a pointed end for breaking hard surfaces.
  124. Pickaxe: Tool with a long handle and pointed end.
  125. Pig: Domesticated mammal, often raised for meat.
  126. Pig Pen: Enclosure for pigs.
  127. Piglet: Young pig.
  128. Pigsty: Dirty, messy place; also an enclosure for pigs.
  129. Plant: Organisms capable of photosynthesis, typically green.
  130. Ploughing: Turning over the soil to prepare for planting.
  131. Plow: Farm tool for cutting, lifting, and turning soil.
  132. Poult: Young turkey.
  133. Poultry: Domesticated birds, such as chickens and turkeys.
  134. Poultry House: Building for housing poultry.
  135. Produce: Agricultural products, especially vegetables, and fruits.
  136. Pullet: Young female chicken.
  137. Rabbit: Small mammal with long ears.
  138. Rake: Tool with a long handle and tines for gathering leaves.
  139. Ram: Male sheep.
  140. Ranch: Large farm, especially for cattle or horses.
  141. Reap: Harvest crops.
  142. Rice: Seed of a water-growing grass, commonly eaten.
  143. Ripe: Fully grown and ready to eat.
  144. Roost: Perch where birds rest or sleep.
  145. Rooster: Adult male chicken.
  146. Rye: Grain used for bread and whiskey.
  147. Scarecrow: Figure used to scare birds from crops.
  148. Scythe: Tool with a curved blade for cutting grass.
  149. Seed Drill: Device for planting seeds in rows.
  150. Seedling: Young plant grown from a seed.
  151. Seeds: Plant’s unit of reproduction, capable of developing into another plant.
  152. Shears: Tool for cutting, especially used for wool or hedges.
  153. Sheep: Domesticated ruminant animal with woolly coat.
  154. Sheepfold: Enclosure for sheep.
  155. Shepherd: A person who tends and rears sheep.
  156. Shovel: Tool for moving loose material, like soil.
  157. Sickle: Hand-held agricultural tool with a curved blade.
  158. Silo: Tall tower for storing grain or silage.
  159. Slaughterhouse: Facility where animals are killed for meat.
  160. Soil: The top layer of earth in which plants grow.
  161. Soil Cultivation: Process of preparing soil for planting.
  162. Sow: Plant seeds; also, an adult female pig.
  163. Sprinkler System: Device for distributing water in agriculture.
  164. Stable: Building for housing horses.
  165. Stablehand: A person employed to look after horses.
  166. Stallion: Adult male horse.
  167. Steer: Castrated male cattle raised for beef.
  168. Stock Farm: Farm for raising livestock.
  169. Swather: Machine for cutting crops for hay.
  170. Swine: Pigs collectively.
  171. Tend: Care for or look after.
  172. Till: Prepare and cultivate land for crops.
  173. Tiller: Tool or machine for breaking up soil.
  174. Tractor: Powerful vehicle for farming tasks.
  175. Trough: Long, narrow container for animals’ food or water.
  176. Trowel: Small hand tool for gardening.
  177. Turkey: Large bird, often raised for meat.
  178. Udder: Mammary gland in female cows and other mammals.
  179. Vegetable: Plant or part of a plant used as food.
  180. Vineyard: Plantation of grapevines.
  181. Water: Transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid essential for life.
  182. Watering Can: Container with a spout for watering plants.
  183. Weeder: Tool for removing weeds.
  184. Weeding: Act of removing weeds.
  185. Weeds: Unwanted plants, often growing wild.
  186. Wheat: Grain used for making flour.
  187. Windmill: Structure that converts wind power into rotational energy.
  188. Wool: Soft, curly hair of sheep.
  189. Workhorse: Hardworking and dependable person or machine.
  190. Yak: Long-haired domesticated bovid found in the Himalayas.

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Farm Vocabulary

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