200+ Important Synonyms Words List for Begginers PDF

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Learn 200+ most common synonyms words list for beginners.

200+ Important Synonyms Words List for Beginners

Synonyms play an important role to make your conversation more meaningful and impressive. Here is the good collection of words that can help you to improve your English.

What are Synonyms in English Grammar?

The words that have same meaning are known as the synonyms. For Example; Fat and chubby are synonyms because they have same meaning. A huge list is given Below.

Why we use Synonyms?

Synonyms are used to make your conversation more impressive and meaningful. If you learn these synonyms you will have a variety of words to use instead of using same words again and again.

Important Synonyms Words List for Beginners

Synonyms Words List for Beginners 200 Synonyms Words List for Beginners

Nearly — Almost

Fat  — Chubby

Constantly  — Always

Pretty  — Lovely

Always  — Forever

Argosy — Big Trading Ship

Bottom  — Base

Friend  — Comrade

Important  — Significant

Logical  — Sensible

Quiet — Peaceful

Dryad — Fairy

Impetuous  — Impulsive

Neutral  — Impartial

Plentiful  — Ample

Blaze — Fire

Shy  — Timid

Pan — Pot

Defy  — Resist

Forgive  — Pardon

Torpid — Lazy

Regular  — Routine

Old — Ancient

Poor  — Destitute

Listen — Hear

Otiose — Indolent

Jungle — Forest

Perform — Act

Sorrow  — Woe

Felicity — Bliss

All — Every

Least  — Fewest

Slim  — Thin

Conscious  — Aware

Frigid  — Freezing

Ameliorate — Restructure

Inferior  — Lesser

Fatigue  — Tire

Outside — Exterior

Amorphous — Nebulous

Lineage — Ancestry

Occur — Happen

Wonderful  — Marvelous

Ratify  — Approve

Unmarried — Single

Contented  — Satisfied

Terrible  — Dreadful

Prejudiced  — Opinionated

Behave — Act

Lament  — Mourn

Dead  — Lifeless

Lion’s Share — A Big Share

Evanescent — Fleeting

Basilica — Minster

Contaminate  — Pollute

Encourage — Urge

Delicate  — Fragile

Small  — Little

Cardigan — Sweater

Stimulate  — Motivate

Lenient  — Lax

Cunning — Clever

Dunce — Idiot

Feckless — Useless

Buy — Purchase

Chiefly — Mainly

Furious — Angry

Decay  — Rot

Preserve  — Uphold

Fraction  — Part

Gentle  — Mild

Urbane — Elegant

Look — Endless

Wise  — Knowing,Smart

Connect  — Join

Feeble  — Weak

Victory  — Triumph,Win

Vicious  — Malicious

Minor  — Lesser

Dulcet — Sweet

Rational  — Logical

Refute  — Contradict

Fertile  — Fruitful

Dark  — Dismal

Bloom — Blossom

Uncommon — Unusual

Legible  — Readable

Considerate  — Thoughtful

Polite  — Gracious

Last  — Final

Help — Assist

Total  — Whole,Entire

Rich — Wealthy

Blaze — Fire

Business — Trade

Keep  — Save

Elucidate — Clarify

Vascular — Vessels

Tender  — Delicate

Portion  — Part

Idea — Thought

Stable  — Steady

Mend  — Repair

Great  — Outstanding

Smooth  — Slick

Genuine  — Authentic

Throw — Toss

Reduce  — Decrease

Gratitude  — Thankfulness

Frank  — Candid

Brave  — Heroic

Sick  — Ailing

Precarious  — Dangerous

Felicitous — Fortune

Odd — Strange

Job — Work

Dryad — Fairy

Thrifty  — Economical

Gather — Collect

Ferocious  — Fierce

Justify — Validate

Mobile  — Moveable

Migrant  — Drifting

End — Finish

Total — Entire

Ambulatory — Mobile

Yearly — Annually

Fancy  — Ornate

Paddy — Rice

Plausible  — Believable

Mediocre  — Fair

Vulgar  — Offensive,Uncouth

Misfortune  — Hardship

Dear — Expensive

Demolish  — Destroy

Frenzy  — Fury

Recreation  — Amusement

Precious  — Cherished

Blathering — Babbling

Prevent  — Prohibit

Uncanny — Eerie

Fast — Quick

Hat — Cap

Emblazon — Portray

Shop — Store

Excite  — Arouse,

Palaver — Chatter

Glorious  — Splendid,

Raze  — Destroy

Possible  — Conceivable

Broad  — Wide,Expansive

Embedded — Entrenched

Imperfect  — Marred

Altruistic — Humane

Orthotic — Science

Quite — Pretty

Slender — Slim

Euphonious — Pleasant Sound

Taut  — Tense,Tight,Stiff

Imperative  — Mandatory

Conservative  — Cautious

Gallant — Chivalrous

Wrong — Incorrect

Listless  — Lethargic

Raise  — Hoist

Premature  — Early,Hasty

Fake  — Artificial

Lineage — Ancestry

Abandon — Forsake

Dunce — Idiot

Ravage  — Devastate

Evil  — Bad

Important — Significant

Convalesce  — Heal

Meager  — Scanty

Embed — Implant

Dawn  — Daybreak

Pliable  — Supple

Mischievous  — Naughty

Mean  — Unkind

Special  — Exceptional

Suggest — Propose

Evasive — Elusive

Brief  — Short

Gloomy  — Dark

Bucket — Rough

Say — Tell

Kind  — Considerate

Follow  — Succeed

Forbid  — Prohibit

Accomplish — Achieve

Bantam — Tiny

Sundown — Sunset

Reality — Fact

Value — Worth

Stop  — Quit

Busy  — Active

Have — Possess

Sociable  — Friendly

Break  — Burst

Allow — Every

Gather — Collect

Walk — Stroll

Spontaneous  — Instinctive

Undergird — Secure

Neat — Tidy

Pad — Protection

Fix  — Mend

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