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Abbreviations for online chatting the words that are the shot form of other phrases or words. Here is the list of most common and important chat abbreviations in English. You can use these abbreviatios for online chatting.

Why we use chat abbreviations?

Chat abbreviations are normally used in our online chatting. These words are used to save our time and give a quick answer to the text. Here all the abbreviations are listed.

Chat abbreviations

Abbreviations for online chatting

AAWY   >>  And Also With You

CYM   >>  Check Your Mail

IRLY   >>  I Really Like You

ITOY   >>  I’m Thinking Of You

JFF   >>  Just For Fun

JFN   >>  Just For Now

LGFB   >>  Looks Good From Behind

MMA   >>  Meet Me At…

MPV   >>  Multi-Purpose Vehicle

NMWH   >>  No Matter What Happens

OHS   >>  Operator Head Space

PEBCAC   >>  Problem Exists Between Chair And Computer

PVP   >>  Player v Player

QFMT   >>  Quoted For More Truth

RAC   >>  Rock Against Communism

ROW   >>  Rest Of the World

SAFM   >>  Stay Away From Me

SDRAM   >>  Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

TT>>  Talk To Me

TYSM   >>  Thank You So Much

VA   >>  Various Artists

WDITOT   >>  Why Didn’t I Think Of That

WRYTA   >>  What Are You Talking About?

WTTJ   >>  Welcome To The Jungle

PWT   >>  Poor White Trash

INTK   >>  I Need To Know

AOM   >>  Age of Mythology (game)

CMHO   >>  Cry My Heart Out

GBML   >>  Good Bye My Love

HIG   >>  How’s It Going?

HYIP   >>  High Yield Investment Program

ICBW   >>  It Could Be Worse

ICCL   >>  I Couldn’t Care Less

IJWTK   >>  I Just Want To Know

ILYB   >>  I Love You Both

LOLV   >>  Lots Of Love

MFW   >>  My Face When …

NOYDB   >>  None Of Your Damn Business

NTB   >>  Not That Bothered Not Too Bad

NTBCW   >>  Not To Be Confused With

RYC   >>  Regarding Your Comment

TDDUP   >>  Til Death Do Us Part

TLND   >>  True Love Never Dies

TMTC   >>  Too Many To Count

WDIM   >>  What Does It Mean?

WDYDT   >>  Why Did You Do That? What Did You Do Today?

WSWTA   >>  What Shall We Talk About?

WTHN   >>  Why The Heck Not?

YDU   >>  You Don’t Understand

YMCA   >>  Young Mens Christian Association

LYT   >>  Love You Too

IDNK   >>  I Do Not Know

IMNSHO   >>  In My Not So Humble Opinion

PMJI   >>  Pardon My Jumping In

GE   >>  Good Evening

ETF   >>  Escape The Fate (band)

PCM   >>  Please Call Me

MOAB   >>  Mother of All Bombs Massive Ordnance Air Blast

WULLNP   >>  Wishing You Long Life And Prosperity

AIGF   >>  All In Good Fun

ANC   >>  African National Congress

BBM   >>  Blackberry Messaging

DLTBGYD   >>  Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down

GWC   >>  Guy With Camera

HAGO   >>  Have A Good One

IDC   >>  I Don’t Care

JHC   >>  Jesus H Christ

JTLYK   >>  Just To Let You Know

LARP   >>  Live Action Role Play

LTMA   >>  Less Talk, More Action

MPAA   >>  Motion Picture Assosciation of America

NASCAR   >>  National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

NJ   >>  Not Joking Nice Job

PSTN   >>  Public Switched Telephone Network

ROLF   >>  Rolling On Laughing Floor

RTG   >>  Ready To Go

RTS   >>  Real Time Strategy

TFTI   >>  Thanks For The Info

WMF   >>  Wagging My Finger

WTHRU   >>  Who The Hell Are You?

YGM   >>  You Get Me? You’ve Got Mail

HAGS   >>  Have A Great Summer

NGO   >>  Non-Governmental Organization

RBV   >>  Red Bull and Vodka

KISA   >>  Knight In Shining Armour

ESP   >>  Extra Sensory Perception

PTW   >>  Play To Win Professional Time Waster

BOGSAT   >>  Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking

ESPN   >>  Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

JWG   >>  Just a Wild Guess

LAMN   >>  Look At Me Now

MOAS   >>  Mother Of All Secrets

MOBA   >>  Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

MWM   >>  Married White Male

NER   >>  Non-Existent Relationship

OTP   >>  One True Pairing

TCOB   >>  Taking Care of Buisness

TTTTY   >>  Time To Talk To You

TYLJ   >>  Thank You Lord Jesus

WWJD   >>  What Would Jesus Do?

TWOC   >>  Taken Without Owner’s Consent

MOT   >>  Ministry Of Transport test for car safety

RPM   >>  Revolutions Per Minute

RMA   >>  Return Merchandise Authorization

LOTR   >>  Lord of the Rings

IDK   >>  I Don’t Know

OTD   >>  On The Dot Out The Door

TOY   >>  Thinking Of You

PSA   >>  Publice Service Announcement

AFAIK   >>  As Far As I Know

BGD   >>  Black Gangster Disciples

BHM   >>  Big Handsome Man

BMX   >>  Bicycle Motocross

DNW   >>  Do Not Want

DTP   >>  Disturbing The Peace

EUC   >>  Excellent Used Condition

ISB   >>  I’m So Bored

IYAM   >>  If You Ask Me

JLMK   >>  Just Let Me Know

LSI   >>  Limited Social Interaction

LYLMB   >>  Love You Like My Brother

MPOG   >>  Multiplayer Online Game

MYCH   >>  Maybe You Can Help

NMS   >>  Not My Style

NR   >>  No Reply No Reserve

PMFJI   >>  Pardon Me For Jumping In

RD   >>  Real Deal

SATA   >>  Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

SND   >>  Search And Destroy

TDL   >>  To Do List

TOC   >>  Table Of Contents

WDFD   >>  Whoop Dee F***ing Doo

WOTCHER   >>  What are you up to?  ?

WWIC   >>  Why Would I Care?

SAF   >>  Single Asian Female

IDKWYM   >>  I Don’t Know What You Mean

LQTMS   >>  Laughing Quietly To Myself

BBFL   >>  Best Buds For Life

LATM   >>  Laughing At The Moment

CWYL   >>  Chat With You Later.

DTS   >>  Down The Shore Down To Snuggle

EPOS   >>  Electronic Point Of Sale

GTH   >>  Go To Hell

IOC   >>  International Olympic Committee

JOOC   >>  Just Out Of Curiosity

MAW   >>  Might As Well

NICU   >>  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

NMN   >>  No Middle Name

NSW   >>  New South Wales

OMFSM   >>  Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster

OTW   >>  On The Way

RYN   >>  Read Your Note Regarding Your Note

SME   >>  Small/Medium Enterprises

SMGDH   >>  Shaking My God Damn Head

SSWA   >>  So Say We All

TGIM   >>  Thank God It’s Monday

YGTR   >>  You Got That Right

R5   >>  Region 5 (DVD region)

JBH   >>  Just Being Honest

DNTK   >>  Don’t Need To Know

CMIIW   >>  Correct Me If I’m wrong.

BGF   >>  Best Girl/Guy Friend

BBO   >>  Being Bored Online

BDOML   >>  Best Day Of My Life

BFMV   >>  Bullet For My Valentine (band)

BGT   >>  Britain’s Got Talent (TV show)

DMC   >>  Deep Meaningful Conversation

GCWOK   >>  Gay Couple Without Kids

GIY   >>  Google It Yourself

GND   >>  Girl Next Door

HBY   >>  How About You?

IANAD   >>  I Am Not A Doctor

IAWTCSM   >>  I Agree With This Comment So Much

ILYL   >>  I Love You Lots

IYD   >>  In Your Dreams

MUD   >>  Multi-User Dungeon,

NYSE   >>  New York Stock Exchange

OBTW   >>  Oh, By The Way

OTE   >>  Over The Edge

RCT   >>  Roller Coster Tycoon

RTO   >>  Radio Telephone Operator

SMIB   >>  Southern Maryland Inbred

TGIO   >>  Thank God It’s Over

TOTB   >>  Think Outside the Box

VCARD   >>  Virtual (online) business card

WK   >>  White Knight

ROTGL   >>  Rolling On The Ground Laughing

JC   >>  Jesus Christ Just Curious Just Chilling

WHYB   >>  Where Have You Been?

WIWT   >>  What I Wore Today Wish I Was There

BMUS   >>  Beam me up, Scotty

RVR   >>  Realm Versus Realm ( )

SAB   >>  Smoking A Blunt

ETA   >>  Estimated Time of Arrival Edited to Add

LILABOC   >>  Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

DSS   >>  Department of Social Services

GOAT   >>  Greatest Of All Time

ILYG   >>  I Love You Guys/Girls

IRDK   >>  I Really Don’t Know

ITMA   >>  It’s That Man Again

IYF   >>  In Your Face

LCD   >>  Liquid Crystal Display

LIFO   >>  Last In First Out

MSDOS   >>  Microsoft Disk Operating System

NFAA   >>  Not Funny At All

NMP   >>  Not My Problem

OTFL   >>  On The Floor Laughing

PSH   >>  Dismissive expression

SGTM   >>  Sounds Good To Me

WWYD   >>  What Would You Do?

PEWS   >>  Post Election Withdrawal Syndrome

VBD   >>  Very Big Deal

DMIID   >>  Don’t Mind If I Do

NYPD   >>  New York Police Department

TMLT   >>  To My Last Tweet

SAHM   >>  Stay At Home Mom

LE   >>  Limited Edition Law Enforcement

ISP   >>  Internet Service Provider

WKS   >>  Well Kept Secret

DMT   >>  Di-Methyl Tryptamine (drug)

POTY   >>  Post Of The Year

MISO   >>  My Internet Shut Off

WUWU   >>  What’s Up With You?

CYB   >>  Count Your Blessings

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List of chat abbreviations for texting

NPR   >>  National Public Radio No Purchase Required

EULA   >>  End User License Agreement

RSVP   >>  Repondez s’il vous plait (Please reply)

MDK   >>  Murder Death Kill

OMWH   >>  On My Way Home

RO   >>  Ragnarok Online ( )

YATB   >>  You Are The Best

ACLU   >>  American Civil Liberties Union

BFA   >>  Best Friends Always

GBNF   >>  Gone But Not Forgotten

IDEC   >>  I Don’t Even Care

ILY2   >>  I Love You Too

ION   >>  In Other News

IPC   >>  Ignore Post Count

JDI   >>  Just Do It

JROTC   >>  Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

LASER   >>  Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

MFG   >>  Mit Freundlichen Gruessen (German)

MP   >>  Military Police Member of Parliament

MTA   >>  More Than Anything

NFI   >>  No Freakin Idea

NWT   >>  New With Tags

OWS   >>  Occupy Wall Street

QOTSA   >>  Queens Of The Stone Age (Band)

RTD   >>  Ready To Drink

TBT   >>  Truth Be Told

WDYW   >>  What Do You Want?

IIL   >>  I’m In Love

IMD   >>  In My Defence

MIA   >>  Missing In Action

NTK   >>  Need To Know

TDF   >>  To Die For

LUI   >>  Living Under the Infuence

ASAP   >>  As Soon As Possible

BFFWB   >>  Best Friend Forever With Benefits

BMFE   >>  Best Mates Forever

EUA   >>  End User Agreement

GWTP   >>  Get With The Program

HK   >>  Hong Kong Hostile Kids

IDGAD   >>  I Don’t Give A Damn

IMWTK   >>  Inquiring Minds Want To Know

JCB   >>  J C Bamford (excavator manufacturer)

KIG   >>  Keep It Gangsta

KOTOR   >>  Knights Of The Old Republic (Game)

LFG   >>  Looking For Group

MOTWYW   >>  Make Of That What You Will

NBSB   >>  No Boyfriend Since Birth

NSM   >>  Not So Much

NVMS   >>  No Visible Means of Support

PICNIC   >>  Problem In Chair Not In Computer

SOA   >>  State Of Alert (band)

SRT   >>  Street and Racing Technology

SSTS   >>  Snickering Softly To Self

TFC   >>  Team Fortress Classic (game)

TFLMS   >>  Thanks For Letting Me Share

TTIUWP   >>  This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures

WSUL   >>  Will See You Later

WTTM   >>  Without Thinking Too Much

YHA   >>  Youth Hostel Association

AOTS   >>  Attack of the Show (TV show)

NFL   >>  National Football League

TTTE   >>  Thomas The Tank Engine

IMOO   >>  In My Own Opinion

AAP   >>  Always A Pleasure

AON   >>  All Or Nothing As Of Now

AOS   >>  Ahead Of Schedule

BDU   >>  Brain Dead User Battle Dress Uniform

GJ   >>  Good Job

HHOK   >>  Ha-Ha, Only Kidding

IHT   >>  I Hate This

IHYDM   >>  I Hope You Don’t Mind

IIUC   >>  If I Understand Correctly

IWIWT   >>  I Wish I Were There

JATQ   >>  Just Answer The Question

LYB   >>  Love You, Bye

ONS   >>  One Night Stand

OTR   >>  On The Run

RHCP   >>  Red Hot Chili Peppers (Band)

ROI   >>  Return on Investment

SOHF   >>  Sense Of Humor Failure

SOOC   >>  Straight Out Of Camera (not Photoshopped)

STYL   >>  Speak To You Later

TBQFH   >>  To Be Quite F***ing Honest

TNF   >>  That’s Not Funny

TNL   >>  To Next Level

TPB   >>  The Pirate Bay

TPT   >>  Trailer Park Trash

WUG   >>  What You Got? Where You Going?

WUWTB   >>  What You Wanna Talk ‘Bout?

WYLSCWTW   >>  Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

BIC   >>  Believe It Comrade

IMR   >>  I Mean, Really

LTH   >>  Love Truth Honor

HSBC   >>  Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

BO   >>  Body Odour

GDP   >>  Gross Domestic Product

GTD   >>  Getting Things Done

GTW   >>  Got To Work

HDYDT   >>  How Did You Do That?

IGS   >>  I Guess So

IIB   >>  Ignorance Is Bliss

KTBFFH   >>  Keep The Blue Flag Flying High! (Chelsea FC Moto)

KTF   >>  Keep The Faith

LOOL   >>  Laughing Outlandishly Out Loud

LYMI   >>  Love You, Mean It

MBT   >>  Masai Barefoot Technology (trainers)

NALOPKT   >>  Not A Lot Of People Know That.

NHTB   >>  Never Heard That Before

NICE   >>  National Institute of Clinical Excellence

NWO   >>  New World Order

OOTD   >>  Offer Of The Day Outfit Of The Day

PBP   >>  Please Be Patient

SOAG   >>  Son Of A Gun

TDWP   >>  The Devil Wears Prada (Band)

TNTM   >>  That’s News To Me

WCIS   >>  What Can I Say

WTW   >>  Walk Through Walls (gaming) Walk this Way

YDS   >>  You Don’t Say

YTD   >>  Year To Date

IMS   >>  Irritable Male Syndrome

NATM   >>  Not At The Moment

ADD   >>  Attention Deficit Disorder

NABD   >>  Not A Big Deal

OST   >>  Original Sound Track

HYD   >>  How Ya Doing?

TFL   >>  Tip For Life Transport For London

TYBG   >>  Thank You Based God

NPZ   >>  No Problems

ADN   >>  Any Day Now

BM4L   >>  Best Mates For Life

GOOMF   >>  Get Out Of My Face

HC   >>  Holy Cow

HTE   >>  Hard To Explain

HYS   >>  Have Your Say

IKTF   >>  I Know The Feeling

IWIK   >>  I Wish I Knew

KD   >>  Kraft Dinner

LGTM   >>  Looks Good To Me

LNT   >>  Leave No Trace

LOLOL   >>  Lots Of Laughing Out Loud

LYM   >>  Love You More

MOL   >>  More Or Less

NWLY   >>  Never Wanna Lose You

OWOA   >>  One Way Or Another

PLRN   >>  Please Leave Right Now

POA   >>  Plan Of Action

SULA   >>  Sweaty Upper Lip Alert

TFMTK   >>  That’s For Me To Know

TLDR   >>  Too Long; Didn’t Read

WMMOWS   >>  Wash My Mouth Out With Soap!

WUGOWM   >>  Will You Go Out With Me?

YRMV   >>  Your Results May Vary

RFYL   >>  Run For Your Life

HYU   >>  Hit You Up

VIBE   >>  Atmosphere, ambience

BM   >>  Bowel Movement Black Man BMW

WOTD   >>  Word Of The Day

QOL   >>  Quality Of Life

NTW   >>  Not To Worry

LOMB   >>  Lying On My Bed

JN   >>  Just Now

NYB   >>  Not Your Business

HYH   >>  Have You Heard Hold Your Horses

ONNTA   >>  Oh No, Not This Again

HD   >>  High-Definition

WAMHAS   >>  With All My Heart And Soul

SMOG   >>  Sweet Mother Of God

PT   >>  Phantasy Tour Physical Training

ABD   >>  Already Been Done

ABG   >>  Asian Baby Girl

AFI   >>  A Fire Inside (Band)

AJ   >>  Apple Juice

ATA   >>  Ait To Air Actual Time of Arrival

DTMWTD   >>  Don’t Tell Me What To Do

EOE   >>  Equal Opportunity Employer

GPOYW   >>  Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday

GTO   >>  Gran Turismo Omologato

IOU   >>  I Owe You

ITT   >>  In This Thread

JK   >>  Just Kidding

LAN   >>  Local Area Network

LYLAS   >>  Love You Like A Sister

MBO   >>  Must Be Off Management Buy-Out

MYF   >>  Miss Your  Face

NAACP   >>  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

NAS   >>  Network Attached Storage

NOK   >>  Not Okay No One Knows

RAS   >>  Remote Access Server

SBT   >>  Sorry ‘Bout That

SFW   >>  Safe For Work

SMS   >>  Short Message Service

SOMSW   >>  Someone Over My Shoulder Watching

SRO   >>  Standing Room Only

TBQF   >>  To Be Quite Frank

TOTUS   >>  Teleprompter Of The United States

TRDMF   >>  Tears Running Down My Face

WIUWY   >>  What Is Up With You?

WWJBD   >>  What Would Jason Bourne Do?

UTO   >>  Unable To Obtain

LOL   >>  Laughing Out Loud

ERP   >>  Erotic Role-Play

GFY   >>  Good For You

HFY   >>  Here For You Happy for You

HLAS   >>  Hook, Line And Sinker

IDEK   >>  I Don’t Even Know

LYK   >>  Let you know

MBFAM   >>  My Brother From Another Mother

MH   >>  Map Hack

NOTA   >>  None Of The Above

OG   >>  Original Gangster Old Git

ROTFLOL   >>  Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

TTOTM   >>  That Time Of The Month

UTI   >>  Urinary Tract Infection

WDYWFM   >>  What Do You Want From Me?

YID   >>  Yes I Do

YITE   >>  Are You All Right?

BFK   >>  Big Fat Kiss

NWIH   >>  No Way In Hell

ODST   >>  Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (Gaming)

MLAS   >>  My Lips Are Sealed

IITWI   >>  In It To Win It

NCO   >>  Non-Commissioned Officer

RAOK   >>  Random Act Of Kindness

ANTM   >>  America’s Next Top Model

NTR   >>  Nothing To Report

HHIS   >>  Hanging Head In Shame

EPROM   >>  Electronically Programmable ROM

ONTD   >>  Oh No They Didn’t

HAWT   >>  Hot Having A Wonderful Time

HWSNBN   >>  He Who Shall Not Be Named

DOC   >>  Doctor Drug of Choice

DSP   >>  Digital Signal Processing

FYC   >>  For Your Convenience For Your Consideration

HSIK   >>  How Should I Know?

ILYAAF   >>  I Love You As A Friend

LSMIH   >>  Laughing So Much It Hurts

OMD   >>  Oh My Days

RTFD   >>  Read The F***ing Description

SMDHE   >>  Some Mothers Do Have Em

IWY   >>  I Want You

SORN   >>  Statutory Off Road Notification

MWC   >>  Married With Children

IYDK   >>  If You Didn’t Know

IDRK   >>  I Don’t Really Know

IYH   >>  In Your Head

HBO   >>  Home Box Office

BACS   >>  Bankers Automated Clearing System

VNC   >>  Virtual Network Computing

HAYT   >>  How Are You Today?

NMI   >>  Need More Info

HST   >>  High Speed Train

TMTOWTDI   >>  There’s More Than One Way To Do It

PVC   >>  Polyvinyl Chloride, vinyl

TDH   >>  Tall, Dark, and Handsome

AAMOF   >>  As A Matter Of Fact

BBV   >>  Brags Beats and Variance (poker)

DOFL   >>  Dying On Floor Laughing

EOM   >>  End Of Message

GFETE   >>  Grinning From Ear To Ear

IJK   >>  I’m Just kidding

IRDC   >>  I Really Don’t Care

JD   >>  Jack Daniel’s

LOTI   >>  Laughing On The Inside

LTB   >>  Looking To Buy

MBA   >>  Masters of Business Association Married But Available

MIMO   >>  Multiple Input Multiple Output

QFP   >>  Quoted For Posterity

TFI   >>  Thanks For the Information

VP   >>  Vice President

PAYG   >>  Pay As You Go

NWJ   >>  No Way Jose

LBC   >>  Long Beach, California

WWU   >>  Where Were You?

IAWTP   >>  I Agree With This Post

NCIS   >>  Naval Criminal Investigative Service (TV show)

ESA   >>  European Space Agency

MGK   >>  Machine Gun Kelly

NPW   >>  No Problem Whatsoever

WWY   >>  Where Were You?

TINSTAFL   >>  There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch

DMB   >>  Dave Matthews Band

SFSG   >>  So Far So Good

BCC   >>  Blind Carbon Copy

CYDI   >>  Can You Dig It?

DTB   >>  Don’t Text Back

ETC   >>  Et Cetera (and so on)

JDM   >>  Japanese Domestic Market

LOLAK   >>  Lots Of Love And Kisses

LUL   >>  Lame Uncomfortable Laugh

NWOT   >>  New Without Tags (eBay)

OFOC   >>  Overwhelming Feelings of Concern

OOTC   >>  Obligatory On-Topic Comment

PBN   >>  Paintball Nation

PDT   >>  Pacific Daylight Time

TBTP   >>  That’s Beside The Point

TP   >>  Toilet Paper Town Portal (diablo 2)

TTUT   >>  Talk To You Tomorrow

TWLOHA   >>  To Write Love On Her Arms

YKWIM   >>  You Know What I Mean

AOE   >>  Area Of Effect

IYTT   >>  If You Think That

HTTR   >>  Hail To The Redskins

LBDN   >>  Look Busy Doing Nothing

NSFTBC   >>  Not Sorry For The Broadcast

RTR   >>  Roll Tide Roll

AFAICT   >>  As Far As I Can Tell

DNA   >>  Deoxyribonucleic Acid Did Not Attend Does Not Apply

GD   >>  Gangsta Disciple

GSW   >>  Gun Shot Wound

HOAY   >>  How Old Are You?

HOG   >>  Harley Owner Group

HWYD   >>  How Was Your Day?

IGI   >>  I Get It

IKTR   >>  I Know That’s Right

LIMH   >>  Laughing In My Head

LMAM   >>  Leave Me A Message

LTY   >>  Laugh To Yourself

MOC   >>  Marriage Of Convenience My Own Creation

OHW   >>  One Hit Wonder

OT   >>  Off Topic

TCB   >>  Taking Care of  Business

TINAG   >>  This Is Not A Game

TR   >>  Triple Rainbow

TW   >>  Trigger Warning

WAML   >>  With All My Love

YKWIS   >>  You Know What I’m Saying?

AINEC   >>  And It’s Not Even Close

WN   >>  Why Not? What’s New?

AFAIC   >>  As Far As I’m Concerned

EOG   >>  End Of Grade

GIYF   >>  Google Is Your Friend

GLTA   >>  Good Luck to All

HRC   >>  Human Rights Campaign

HTHFYS   >>  Hope To Hear From You Soon

IMAO   >>  In My Arrogant Opinion

IOH   >>  I’m Outta Here

KMP   >>  Keep Me Posted

LG   >>  Little Girl

LJBF   >>  Let’s Just Be Friends

LNIB   >>  Like New In Box

MOTB   >>  Mother Of The Bride

MOU   >>  Memorandum Of Understanding

NGH   >>  Not Gonna Happen

NGUNS   >>  Never Give Up, Never Surrender

NUS   >>  National Union of Students

NW   >>  No Way

PCB   >>  Printed Circuit Board  Please Come Back

PCMCIA   >>  Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PSP   >>  PlayStation Portable

SOH   >>  Sense Of Humor

URL   >>  Uniform Resource Locator, internet address

UTR   >>  Under The Radar

WDUM   >>  What Do You Mean?

WOC   >>  Women of Color

WST   >>  We’re Still Friends

WNWY   >>  What’s New With You?

TINAR   >>  This Is Not A Recommendation

IWBB   >>  I Will Be Back

KS   >>  Kill Steal

WOB   >>  Waste Of Bandwith

LMHO   >>  Laughing My Head Off

PTI   >>  Pardon The Interruption

LLH   >>  Laughing Like Hell

MYSM   >>  Miss You So Much

VVN   >>  Very Very Nice

LDA   >>  Long Distance Affair

LD   >>  Link Dead (Disconnection From Internet)

BC   >>  Before Christ

KOS   >>  Kill On Sight

HSP   >>  Highly Sensitive Person

BFP   >>  Bad For Pics Big Fat Positive ie pregnant

PTZ   >>  Pan-Tilt-Zoom

SEO   >>  Search Engine Optimization

ANFSCD   >>  And Now For Something Completely Different

ARPA   >>  Advanced Research Projects Agency (made early internet)

BBBW   >>  Big Beautiful Black Woman

ELOL   >>  Evil Laugh Out Loud

GAFM   >>  Get Away From Me

GPA   >>  Grade-Point Average

IDWK   >>  I Don’t Wanna Know

IGMC   >>  I’ll Get My Coat

IGNB   >>  I’m Going Now, Bye

LDR   >>  Long Distance Relationship

LOLL   >>  Laugh Out Loud Literally

LQL   >>  Laughing Quite Loudly

MIGA   >>  Make It Go Away

MMOFPS   >>  Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter

NALGO   >>  Not A Lot Going On

NVN   >>  Not Very Nice

OEM   >>  Original Equipment Manufacturer

PPU   >>  Please Pick Up

PSU   >>  Power Supply Unit

QANTAS   >>  Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service

SSD   >>  Solid State Drive

TPS   >>  Totally pointless stuff

TTYS   >>  Talk To You Soon

TTYTT   >>  To Tell You The Truth

USCG   >>  United States Coast Guard

WHYD   >>  What Have You Done?

EOR   >>  End Of Rant

ITYF   >>  I Think You’ll Find

RLTW   >>  Rangers Lead The Way

BMI   >>  Body Mass Index

PKIT   >>  Please Keep In Touch

IKWYDLS   >>  I Know What You Did Last Summer

MHR   >>  Many Happy Returns

JTOL   >>  Just Thinking Out Loud

HMU   >>  Hit Me Up

BCE   >>  Before Common Era (like  )

NDI   >>  Neither Do I

RW   >>  Read-Write

BBK   >>  Boy Better Know

IJ   >>  I’m Joking

ACU   >>  Army Combat Uniform

BMB   >>  Bebo Me Back

FYT   >>  For Your Time

GIWIST   >>  Gee, I Wish I’d Said That.

GWAS   >>  Game Was A Success

HMB   >>  Hit Me Back (reply)

IBB   >>  I’ll Be Back

IBM   >>  International Business Machines

IDU   >>  I Don’t Understand

IDWT   >>  I Don’t Want To

ISHK   >>  I Should Have Known

ITAI   >>  I’ll Think About It

MMAO   >>  Make Me An Offer

MTF   >>  Male To Female

NBD   >>  No Big Deal

NLI   >>  Not Logged In

OAUS   >>  On An Unrelated Subject

OMGA   >>  Oh My Giddy Aunt

PFP   >>  Picture For Proof

PPPW   >>  Per Person, Per Week

TBM   >>  Tactical Boyfriend Mention

TBNT   >>  Thanks, But No Thanks

TBS   >>  Tablespoon To Be Specified

TNOP   >>  Totally Not Our Problem

TTY   >>  Talk To You

TYG   >>  There You Go

WDUD   >>  What Do You Do?

YLYL   >>  You Laugh You Lose

ATST   >>  At The Same Time

NTY   >>  No Thank You

SSC   >>  Safe, Sane, Consensual

MTBMW   >>  May The Best Man Win

OCO   >>  Oh, Come On

MTW   >>  Mum’s the Word

MYT   >>  Meet You There

AFC   >>  Away From Computer

JLY   >>  Jesus Loves You

OPPS   >>  Misspelling of ‘oops’

NBA   >>  National Basketball Association

ETID   >>  EveryTime I Die (band)

WAYOA   >>  What Are You On About?

GGOH   >>  Gotta Get Outta Here

OFAY   >>  Offensive term for a white person

APB   >>  All Points Bulletin

BFTP   >>  Blast From The Past

DNF   >>  Did Not Finish

DTR   >>  Define The Relationship

IBL   >>  In Before Lock

ICBM   >>  Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

IDE   >>  Integrated Development Environment Integrated Device Electronics

IGM   >>  I Got Mine

IITYWTMWYKM   >>  If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me?

IOIC   >>  If Only I Could

JPEG   >>  Joint Photographic Experts Group Image file format

LLC   >>  Limited Liability Company Laughing Like Crazy

MFL   >>  Marked For Later

MRE   >>  Meal, Ready to Eat

NEGU   >>  Never Ever Give Up

OED   >>  Oxford English Dictionary

OTS   >>  On The Side

OWNM   >>  Oh Well, Never Mind

RFT   >>  Right First Time

TOTD   >>  Tip Of The Day Tweet Of The Day

YOLO   >>  You Only Live Once

YRU   >>  Why Are You…?

NARP   >>  Non-Athletic Regular Person

BNWT   >>  Brand New With Tags

BFAM   >>  Brother From Another Mother

JP   >>  Just Playin’

GLWT   >>  Good Luck With That

LF1M   >>  Looking For One More

MGO   >>  Metal Gear Online (game)

BBG   >>  Best Be Going

BFWB   >>  Best Friend With Benefits

PSB   >>  Please See Below

WUWT   >>  What’s Up With That

NTD   >>  Nothing To Do

LTS   >>  Laugh To Self

ODG   >>  Oh Dear God

WDYWT   >>  What Did You Wear Today?

TOTM   >>  Time Of The Month

OTT   >>  Over The Top

OCT   >>  On Company Time

IA   >>  I Agree

KWIS   >>  Know What I’m Saying?

OU   >>  Open University

MBM   >>  Married Black Male

LFTSU   >>  Look Forward To Seeing You

OHAC   >>  Own House And Car

IDKY   >>  I Don’t Know Why

MTO   >>  Media Take Out (gossip website)

PR   >>  Public Relations

OMFUG   >>  Other Music Found UnderGround

NYF   >>  Not Your Fault

TCFC   >>  Too Close For Comfort

NITW   >>  Not In That Way

TNO   >>  Trust No One

OLED   >>  Organic Light-Emitting Diode

GGNORE   >>  Good Game No Rematch

BOED   >>  Book of Exalted Deeds ( )

AITYD   >>  And I Think You Do

WLYK   >>  Will Let You Know

MR   >>  Mentally Retarded

ILT   >>  I Like That

PIR   >>  Parent In Room

HCDAJFU   >>  He Could Do A Job For Us

BHS   >>  Be Home Soon

TDS   >>  Technical Dificulties

BNWOT   >>  Brand New Without Tags

DNP   >>  Do Not Post

HMIHY   >>  How May I Help You?

IAS   >>  In A Second

IINM   >>  If I’m Not Mistaken

ILS   >>  Inflated Lat Syndrome

IOM   >>  Isle Of Man

JICYDK   >>  Just In Case You Didn’t Know

LTL   >>  Living The Life

MSF   >>  Male Seeking Female

NITM   >>  Not In The Mood

NPI   >>  No Pun Intended

OMT   >>  One More Thing

OVNO   >>  Or Very Near Offer

PIC   >>  Picture Partner In Crime

PX   >>  Post Exchange Part Exchange

QQ4U   >>  Quick Question For You

TEOTWAWKI   >>  The End Of The World As We Know It

THWU   >>  To Hell With You

TYVM   >>  Thank You Very Much

VBL   >>  Visible Bra Line

WUD   >>  What You Doing?

YGPM   >>  You’ve Got Private Message

DNR   >>  Do Not Resuscitate

WYS   >>  What You Said

GSR   >>  Gun Shot Residue

QA   >>  Quality Assurance Question and Answer

BOGO   >>  Buy One Get One

IH8U   >>  I Hate You

BHO   >>  Barak Hussein Obama

USD   >>  United States Dollar

NRFB   >>  Never Removed From Box

NISM   >>  Need I Say More?

TTUTT   >>  To Tell You the Truth

BFB   >>  Better From Behind

ESB   >>  Empire Stikes Back (Star Wars)

ESRB   >>  Entertainment Software Rating Board

GLU   >>  Guys/Girsl Like Us

HRH   >>  His/Her Royal Highness

HYP   >>  Harvard, Yale, Princeton

IOYK   >>  If Only You Knew

IRAH   >>  Insert Relevant Acronym Here

NPNT   >>  No Picture, No Talk

OTTOMH   >>  Off The Top Of My Head

OYO   >>  On Your Own

PBJ   >>  Peanut Butter and Jelly

PSR   >>  Pretty Standard, Really

PYT   >>  Pretty Young Thing

VC   >>  Voice Chat

VNDS   >>  Very Near Dead Stock

WBS   >>  Write Back Soon

WIWWY   >>  What Is Wrong With You?

WUWTA   >>  What You Wanna Talk About?

WYSIWYG   >>  What You See Is What You Get

BNP   >>  British National Party

INB   >>  I’m Not Bothered

ILYT   >>  I Love You Too

WAL   >>  What A Loser

LIU   >>  Look It Up

YKHII   >>  You Know How It Is

WWF   >>  World Wildlife Fund World Wrestling Federation (now WWE)

DMY   >>  Don’t Mess Yourself

JTC   >>  Join The Club

BBB   >>  Bugging Beyond Belief

VFM   >>  Value For Money

WTG   >>  Way To Go

ILYLT   >>  I Love You Long Time

PPV   >>  Pay Per View

POF   >>  Plenty of Fish  (dating site)

TPO   >>  Time, Place, Occasion

YHBW   >>  You Have Been Warned

ROY   >>  Relative of yours?

HOV   >>  High Occupancy Vehicle

EOTD   >>  End Of The Day

AEAE   >>  And Ever And Ever

WULA   >>  What’re you Looking At?

IMYSM   >>  I Miss You So Much

CDMA   >>  Code Division Multiple Access (voice/data transmission)

TNSTAAFL   >>  There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

RYO   >>  Roll Your Own

IED   >>  Improvised Explosive Device

IE   >>  Id Est (that is) Internet Explorer

OTK   >>  Over The Knee

NSD   >>  Never Say Die

PA   >>  Personal Assistant

TCL   >>  Tool Command Language

GLTY   >>  Good Luck To You

YJLTG   >>  You Just Lost The Game

DMV   >>  Department of Motor Vehicles

TBSS   >>  Too Bad, So Sad

OBX   >>  Outer Banks North Carolina

DLTM   >>  Don’t Lie To Me

ABDC   >>  America’s Best Dance Crew (TV show)

ALOTBSOL   >>  Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

DS   >>  Darling Son

GAFIA   >>  Get Away From It All

HWU   >>  Hey, What’s Up?

IMSMR   >>  If Memory Serves Me Right

IRS   >>  Internal Revenue Service

ITTET   >>  In These Tough Economic Times

JKD   >>  Jeet Kune Do (Martial Art)

KF   >>  Kinda Funny

LTNC   >>  Long Time No Chat

MTG   >>  Magic: The Gathering (game)

NBT   >>  Nothing But Trouble

NMJC   >>  Not Much Just Chat

TLGO   >>  The List Goes On

WNL   >>  Within Normal Limits

WOTAM   >>  Waste of Time and Money

WUWH   >>  Wish You Were Here

YSS   >>  You Suck Severely

USBM   >>  United States Black Metal

AGT   >>  America’s Got Talent (TV show)

GBFN   >>  Goodbye for Now

ITALY   >>  I Trust And Love You

VM   >>  Voice Mail

KIT   >>  Keep In Touch

TBFU   >>  Too Bad For You

NTL   >>  NeverTheLess

MMC   >>  MultiMedia Card

DTM   >>  Doing Too Much Dead To Me

AOW   >>  All Out War

LEV   >>  Low Emission Vehicle

ITYM   >>  I Think You Mean

BBIAW   >>  Be Back In A While

DSD   >>  Do Some Damage

DSLR   >>  Digital Single Lens Reflex (camera)

GDI   >>  God Damn It

GLOTR   >>  Good Luck On The Rebuild

GPRS   >>  General Packet Radio Services

HYB   >>  How You Been?

IIR   >>  Idiot In Room

LDI   >>  Let’s Do It

LLTTF   >>  Living Life To The Fullest

LYTD   >>  Love You To Death

MBD   >>  My Bad Dudes

NWIM   >>  Not What I Mean

WAFWOT   >>  What A F***ing Waste Of Time

NNITO   >>  Not Necessarily In That Order

KPG   >>  Keep the Party Going

BING   >>  But It’s Not Google

TMNT   >>  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

OTTH   >>  On The Third Hand

WOS   >>  Waste Of Space Wife Over Shoulder

KIO   >>  Knock it off

LFP   >>  Looking For Party (in  )

EOTW   >>  End Of The World

IALTO   >>  I Always Love That One

OML   >>  Oh My Lord

KTBSPA   >>  Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive

POI   >>  Point(s) Of Interest

OH   >>  Other Half

TTYVS   >>  Talk To You Very Soon

OFH   >>  Old Folks’ Home

PCMR   >>  PC Master Race

HNG   >>  Horny Net Geek

NMH   >>  Nodding My Head

LWWY   >>  Live While We’re Young

BICBW   >>  But I Could Be Wrong

RSPCA   >>  Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

WRYD   >>  What Are You Doing?

DLS   >>  Dirty Little Secret

JMHO   >>  Just My Humble Opinion

AIYC   >>  As If You Care

WCW   >>  World Championship Wrestling

TBU   >>  To Be Updated

IMBO   >>  In My Biased Opinion

IYGM   >>  If You Get Me

NDA   >>  Non-Disclosure Agreement

ROFC   >>  Rolling On Floor Crying

HDMI   >>  High Definition Multimedia Interface

ONYD   >>  Oh No You Didn’t

WDYWTTA   >>  What Do You Want To Talk About?

BBIAS   >>  Be Back In A Sec

OPM   >>  Other People’s Money

GCF   >>  Good Clean Fun

APYR   >>  As Per Your Request

ATB   >>  All The Best

BBR   >>  Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

BMS   >>  Bitchy Men Syndrome

CMI   >>  Count Me In

EOF   >>  End Of File

FYEO   >>  For Your Eyes Only

GBP   >>  Great British Pounds (Sterling)

GTM   >>  Giggling To Myself

HDYK   >>  How Do/Did You Know?

HVAC   >>  Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning

IGY   >>  I Get You

IMHO   >>  In My Humble Opinion

IRL   >>  In Real Life

JBU   >>  Just Between Us

JLUK   >>  Just Letting You Know

KKK   >>  Ku Klux Klan

KPI   >>  Key Performance Indicator

LIMM   >>  Laughing In My Mind

MLTR   >>  Multiple Long Term Relationships

NNTP   >>  Network News Transfer Protocol

NT   >>  No Thanks

OAP   >>  Old Age Pensioner

OSS   >>  Open Source Software

PIBE   >>  Play It By Ear

POTUS   >>  President of the United States

PQ   >>  Party Quest (game)

RDC   >>  Really Don’t Care

SOTA   >>  State Of The Art

TCCIC   >>  Take Care ‘Cause I Care

TDI   >>  Turbo Direct Injection Turbo Diesel Injection

WYBMV   >>  Will You Be My Valentine?

WYWH   >>  Wish You Were Here

TMN   >>  Touch Me Not

JMA   >>  Just Messing Around

TTTH   >>  Talk To The Hand

AIO   >>  All In One

IYWW   >>  If You Were Wondering

OOML   >>  Out Of My League

IBYP   >>  I Beg Your Pardon

WDYG   >>  Where Did You Go?

NASL   >>  Name, Age, Sex, Location

WYLT   >>  What You Listening To?

BCF   >>  Best Cousin Forever

ADR   >>  All Due Respect

BBS   >>  Be Back Soon Bulletin Board System

DLTBBB   >>  Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

DMZ   >>  De-militarized zone

GCSE   >>  General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK)

GFC   >>  Global Financial Crisis

GHD   >>  Good Hair Day

HAGT   >>  Have A Great Time

HWGA   >>  Here We Go Again

HYG   >>  Here You Go

ITM   >>  In the Mouth

IWM   >>  It Wasn’t Me

KGB   >>  Russian secret police

LDH   >>  Long Distance Hug

NBC   >>  National Broadcasting Company

NBK   >>  Natural Born Killers Never Been Kissed

NDE   >>  Near Death Experience

NTT   >>  Name That Tune Not Touching That!

OA   >>  Over Acting Over Achiever

OBBY   >>  Oh, Baby

RQ   >>  Random Questions (Livejournal community)

SFR   >>  Smiling For Real

SMH   >>  Shaking My Head

SOMD   >>  Sh*t On My Dick

TMTH   >>  Too Much To Handle

WCYD   >>  What Can You Do?

WYN   >>  What’s Your Name?

OM   >>  Old Man

PG   >>  Parental Guidance

IKWYL   >>  I Know Where You Live

MWPP   >>  Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs (Harry Potter)

Download PDF

You can DOWNLOAD PDF of chat abbreviations for online texting.

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