Abbreviations list for texting |1000+ Acronyms list for texting

Abbreviations list for texting 1000+ acronyms list for texting. Here all the most common and conversational acronyms and abbreviations are listed. You can use these short form of words in your chats while texting to your friends. These abbreviations are very useful to save your time while texting to your friends.

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Why we use abbreviations?

Abbreviations are used to save your time while texting to your friends. Abbreviations and Acronyms are normally informal vocabulary words that are used in the place of formal vocabulary words or phrases. Here is the list of most important abbreviations and acronyms.

Abbreviations & Acronyms list for texting

Abbreviations list 1 for texting

This is the first list of abbreviations and acronyms that are used in our texting and online chats.

HAISTK <==>How Am I Supposed To Know?

TMH <==>Touch My Hand

YGTBK <==>You’ve Got To Be Kidding

YGLT <==>You’re Gonna Love This

HNR <==>Hit ‘N’ Run

YITB <==>Yours In The Bond

GBU <==>God Bless You

ROTC <==>Reserve Officer Training Corps

ABU <==>Anyone but (Manchester) United

ONNA <==>Oh No, Not Again

PDP <==>Pretty Darn Precious

OSO <==>Other Significant Other

SSL <==>Secure Socket Layer See Subject Line

JWU <==>Just Woke Up

MISB <==>Mint (condition) In Sealed Box

GWI <==>Get With It

IBUWU <==>I’m Breaking Up With You

IVF <==>In Vitro Fertilization

IKMTY <==>I Know More Than You

BMG <==>Be My Guest

IAL <==>I Ain’t Laughing I Actually Laughed

MMI <==>Me Myself and I

OOMF <==>One Of My Friends/Followers

JWD <==>Job Well Done

ASPCA <==>American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

FYM <==>Free Your Mind

OLOY <==>Only Losers Obey Yolo

IOKIYAR <==>It’s Okay If You’re A Republican

AFAP <==>As Far As Possible

KCACO <==>Keep Calm And Carry On

WTO <==>World Trade Organization

VLSI <==>Very Large-Scale Integration

MM <==>Married Man

ATN <==>Any Time Now

YWIMC <==>Your Wish Is My Command

PLMK <==>Please Let Me Know

TTR <==>Time To Relax

AFAIR <==>As Far As I Remember

MTFBWY <==>May The Force Be With You

MTLBWY <==>May The Lord Be With You

LV <==>Louis Vuitton Las Vegas Level

BB <==>Big Brother Be Back

OOTW <==>Out Of This World

BFFAE <==>Best Friends Forever And Ever Best Friends For All Eternity

TWU <==>That’s What’s Up

CMOS <==>Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

IMYT <==>I Miss You Too

IJL <==>I Just Laughed

PSM <==>Personal Short Message

BFUT <==>Best Friends Until Tomorrow

VBS <==>Very Big Smile

BD <==>Big Deal

GTHBA <==>Good Times Had By All

ATH <==>All Time High

IMDB <==>Internet Movie Database

PLC <==>Public Limited Company

NTSC <==>National Television System Committee video standard

DTE <==>Down To Earth

GGG <==>Good, Giving, and Game (in bed)

VIG <==>Interest paid on a loan

HAGE <==>Have A Good Evening

YLOD <==>Yellow Light Of Death

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abbreviations list for texting

abbreviations list for texting

Abbreviations list 2 for texting

ROAR <==>Right Of Admission Reserved

IGWT <==>In God We Trust

MDR <==>Mort De Rire (  in French)

OP <==>Original Poster

MLIM <==>My Life Is Magic

YDMS <==>You Don’t Make Sense

AR <==>Assault Rifle

TGOD <==>Taylor Gang Or Die

WNDITWB <==>We Never Did It This Way Before

MMH <==>Meet Me Halfway

TD <==>Touchdown

RWD <==>Rear Wheel Drive

AIDS <==>Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

SMDH <==>Shaking My Damn Head

MA <==>Mom alert Master of Arts

PLL <==>Pretty Little Liar

PNC <==>Point and Click Partner in Crime

KIR <==>Keepin’ It Real

LH <==>Living Hell

NB <==>Not Bad Nota Bene (Latin for please note)

JML <==>Just My Luck

NAP <==>Not A Problem

TYFAYS <==>Thank You For All Your Support

HOAS <==>Hold On A Second

MVA <==>Motor Vehicle Accident

WTHIGO <==>What The Hell Is Going On?

IYO <==>In Your Opinion

BIEH <==>Best I Ever Had

ILYWAMH <==>I Love You With All My Heart

GYALDEM <==>Group of girls

SOPA <==>Stop Online Piracy Act

RTFI <==>Read The Flipping Instructions

OOS <==>Out Of Style

OLTL <==>One Life To Live

ILH <==>I Love Him/Her

IJAF <==>It’s Just A Fact

CD-RW <==>Compact Disk Rewritable

NHOI <==>Never Heard Of It

LSH <==>Laughing So Hard

ADS <==>Aim(ing) Down Sights

BAH <==>Bored As Hell

TGIA <==>Thank God I’m Alive

ASCII <==>American Standard Code for Information Interchange

LIHOP <==>Let It Happen On Purpose

MWI <==>Mad With It (drunk)

GYC <==>Get Your Coat

TLYK <==>To Let You Know

OCR <==>Optical Character Recognition

DTT <==>Don’t Touch That

VJ <==>Video Jockey (like   with lights and video)

KOTH <==>King of the Hill (game)

IIH <==>If I’m Honest

GFN <==>Gone For Now

NHL <==>National Hockey League

HBTY <==>Happy Birthday To You

LY <==>Love You

NH <==>Nice hand (poker slang)

ISTATOY <==>I Saw This And Thought Of You

MFC <==>Mildly Fat Chick Microsoft Foundation Classes

BBW <==>Big Beautiful Woman

WAYLT <==>What Are You Listening To?

MRW <==>My Reaction When…

BMOC <==>Big Man On Campus

PEBCAK <==>Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

VOIP <==>Voice Over   – internet telephony

HBK <==>Heart Break Kid

NRA <==>National Rifle Association

CYL <==>Catch You Later

TMT <==>Too Much Tuna

IDHAC <==>I Don’t Have A Clue

GPU <==>Graphics Processing Unit

OOTO <==>Out Of The Office

MST <==>Mystery Science Theater

IDGI <==>I Don’t Get It

SMHL <==>Shaking My Head Laughing

SAT <==>Scholastic Assessment Test

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abbreviations list for texting

abbreviations list for texting

Abbreviations list 3 for texting

BFFLE <==>Best Friends For Like Ever

HUA <==>Heard Understood Acknowledged

TMMS <==>That Made Me Smile

JPA <==>Just Playing Around

MOAM <==>Man On A Mission

OLLG <==>One Less Lonely Girl

YMML <==>You Make Me Laugh

NMR <==>Not My Responsibility

QOTD <==>Quote Of The Day

WWYDT <==>Why Would You Do That?

USC <==>University of Southern California

OOMM <==>Out Of My Mind

GWTF <==>Go With The Flow

ICR <==>I Can’t Remember

ITA <==>I Totally Agree

ADSL <==>Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

TIIC <==>The Idiots In Charge

MGBY <==>May God Bless You

KH <==>Kingdom Hearts ( )

NYD <==>New Year’s Day

YATK <==>You Are Too Kind

POTD <==>Post Of The Day

MRI <==>Magnetic Resonance Imaging

SBJ <==>Sweet Baby Jesus

ITG <==>In The Groove

ETD <==>Estimated Time of Departure

AOYP <==>Angel on Your Pillow

SOOTB <==>Straight Out Of The Box

WUW <==>What You Want?

IITUWUTMAS <==>If I Tell You Will You Tell Me A Secret?

BCG <==>Birth Control Glasses

TCBY <==>The Country’s Best Yogurt

JB <==>Jail Bait Jonas Brothers

JFK <==>John Fitzgerald Kennedy New York airport Just For Kicks

BMT <==>Before My Time Basic Military Training

PATD <==>Panic At The Disco (band)

ICAY <==>I Care About You

ILML <==>I Love My Life

HMV <==>His Master’s Voice

SATS <==>Standard Attainment Tests

CCG <==>Collectible Card Game

BH <==>Be Happy Bloody Hell Big Head

LBH <==>Let’s Be Honest Loser Back Home

RTF <==>Return The Favour

GN <==>Good Night

TMBI <==>Tell Me ‘Bout It

ASBO <==>Anti Social Behaviour Order

G O A T <==>Greatest Of All Time

PB <==>Personal Best

USPS <==>United States Postal Service

SBM <==>Single Black Male

SNAG <==>Sensitive New Age Guy Sausage

HTH <==>Hope That Helps How The Hell

GOML <==>Get On My Level

IMK <==>In My Knowledge

HMS <==>Her Majesty’s Ship (UK)

TFTC <==>Thanks For The (Geo)Cache

WAS <==>Wait And See

AML <==>All My Love

USB <==>Universal Serial Bus

HG <==>Holy Grail

DLN <==>Don’t Look Now

EBT <==>Electronic Benefits Transfer

PFA <==>Please Find Attached

LTMS <==>Laughing To Myself

PKB <==>Pot, Kettle, Black

ILI <==>I Love It

MIDI <==>Musical Instrument Digital Interface

LHK <==>Love, Hugs and Kisses

LYLAB <==>Love You Like A Brother

PBQ <==>Please Be Quiet

TDDWP <==>Til Death Do We Part

TMBG <==>They Might Be Giants (band)

PWOS <==>Parents Watching Over Shoulder

QB <==>Quarter Back

ISTM <==>It Seems To Me

EOS <==>End Of Show

AFRL <==>Away From Real Life

IAU <==>I Adore You

CWTSY <==>Can’t Wait To See You

SSDD <==>Same Stuff Different Day

TBTH <==>To Be Totally Honest

NYOB <==>Not Your Own Business

NWNC <==>No Woman, No Cry

WYD <==>What You Doing?

YLI <==>You Love It

KMT <==>Kiss My Teeth

NAMBLA <==>North American Man/Boy Love Association

PMA <==>Positive Mental Attitude

WSIC <==>Why Should I Care?

MNF <==>Monday Night Football

GTK <==>Good To Know

PUV <==>Public Utility Vehicle

CYE <==>Check Your Email

AI <==>Artificial Intelligence As If

DTYT <==>Don’t Take Your Time

SAE <==>Stamped/Self Addressed Envelope

OAN <==>On Another Note

TFLMK <==>Thanks For Letting Me Know

OBHWF <==>One Big Happy Weasely Family

GTTS <==>Got The T-Shirt

LSS <==>Last Song Syndrome

GFP <==>Good For Pics

BBAM <==>Be Back After Meal

HDY <==>How Dare You

MOO <==>Matter of Opinion My Own Opinion

FYA <==>For Your Amusement

TNG <==>The Next Generation (Star Trek)

GBWY <==>God Be With You

NJPW <==>New Japan Pro Wrestling

Abbreviations list 4 for texting

GOMER <==>Get Out of My Emergency Room, unwelcome patient

DNDC <==>Don’t Know, Don’t Care

ARPU <==>Average Revenue Per User

WDYMBT <==>What Do You Mean By That?

TFTA <==>Thanks For The Add

TRAW <==>Thick, Rich And White

BML <==>Bless My Life

DSL <==>Digital Subscriber Line

GMA <==>Good Morning, America

IOI <==>Indication of Interest I’m Over It

TOFT <==>Take One For the Team

LAM <==>Leave A Message Run

MGM <==>Male Genital Mutilation

LGO <==>Life Goes On

HDYD <==>How Do You Do?

SATC <==>Sex And The City (TV show)

INBD <==>It’s No Big Deal

JTOY <==>Just Thinking Of You

NEGL <==>Not Even Gonna Lie

YOLF <==>You Only Live Forever

ASAT <==>As Simple As That

LBW <==>Leg Before Wicket (cricket)

IBTD <==>In Before The Delete I Beg To Differ

OATUS <==>On A Totally Unrelated Subject

WYF <==>What’s Your Favorite …?

HO <==>Hold On Head Office

WBB <==>Will Be Back

NALGAS <==>Buttocks

WAREZ <==>Cracked/pirate software

GG <==>Good Game

NMT <==>Not My Type

TCP <==>Transmission Control Protocol

DTTM <==>Don’t Talk To Me

NQAT <==>No Question About That

OGN <==>Online Gaming Network

WTBS <==>With That Being Said

WCS <==>Worst Case Scenario

LYL <==>Love You Lots

WMG <==>Warner Music Group

NCAA <==>National Collegiate Athletic Association

TCFN <==>Take Care For Now

IEEE <==>Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

TGFL <==>Thank God For Life

FYI <==>For Your Information

APN <==>As Per Normal

MEGO <==>My Eyes Glazed Over

NEET <==>Not in Education, Employment or Training

ET <==>Extra Terrestrial

JFTR <==>Just For The Record

JM <==>Just Messing

TMSIDK <==>Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

HF <==>Have Fun

NTS <==>Nothing To Say Note To Self

VV <==>Very Very

WYTA <==>What You Talking About?

AKTF <==>Always Keep the Faith

USA <==>United States of America

Text Abbreviations (H) <==>

NED <==>Non-Educated Delinquent

JAPAN <==>Just Always Pray At Night

TFCD <==>Time For Compact Disc

BFITW <==>Best Friend In The World

WDUT <==>What Do You Think?

TY <==>Thank You

SRM <==>Stark Raving Mad

ICYDK <==>In Case You Didn’t Know

PONR <==>Point Of No Return

GWR <==>Guinness World Records

SHU <==>Secure Housing Unit

ADED <==>All Day Every Day

NFA <==>No Further Action

NQR <==>Not Quite Right

ASAIK <==>As Soon As I Know

NOMB <==>None Of My Business

TNA <==>Total Nonstop Action

MCL <==>Much Clown Love

SAP <==>Sad And Pathetic Fool

DN <==>Doing Nothing

WUL <==>Watched User List

YHBT <==>You Have Been Trolled

NMJ <==>Not My Job

RTFM <==>Read The Flipping Manual

TTJASI <==>Take This Job And Shove It

NDS <==>Nintendo DS

IB <==>I’m Back

ALF <==>Animal Liberation Front

CCR <==>Creedence Clearwater Revival (band)

IDTS <==>I Don’t Think So

NLYG <==>Never Let You Go

SCNR <==>Sorry, Could Not Resist

BFN <==>Bye For Now

MLIG <==>My Life Is Great/Good

IBS <==>Irritable Bowel Syndrome

PPM <==>Parts Per Million

KKKK <==>Korean LOL

NTM <==>Not Too Much Nothing Much

YDI <==>You Deserve It

SU <==>Shut Up

TFRM <==>Thanks For Reminding Me

RAWR <==>Right Answer, Wrong Reason

DND <==>Do Not Disturb

LDL <==>Long Distance Lover

TTML <==>Talk To Me Later

JGH <==>Just Got Home

SBSP <==>SpongeBob SquarePants

PTO <==>Paid Time Off

YKTR <==>You Know the Rest

ILYA <==>I Love You All

SOG <==>Sea Of Green (cannabis growing)

YDL <==>Yellow Dog Linux

SDK <==>Software Development Kit

DTD <==>Drunk Till Dawn Drunk Till Death

RBG <==>Revolutionary But Gangsta

VS <==>Versus, against

ARK <==>Act of Random Kindness

LQTM <==>Laughing Quietly To Myself

GTHO <==>Get The Hell Out

LTR <==>Long term relationship

LSHIDMT <==>Laughing So Hard I Drop My Taco

WTMI <==>Way Too Much Information

LTD <==>Live/Living The Dream

RTW <==>Ready To Wear Round The World

BMTTVE <==>Best Mates ‘Til The Very End

WMV <==>Windows Media Video

RHD <==>Right Hand Drive

Abbreviations list 5 for texting

ISSN <==>International Standard Serial Number

IIWII <==>It Is What It Is

PLH <==>Peace, Love and Happiness

TNSL <==>Took Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching)

KYFC <==>Keep Your Fingers Crossed

SUL <==>See You Later

DOA <==>Dead On Arrival Deteriorate On Approach

NARU <==>Not A Registered User

LMC <==>Let Me Check

OOF <==>Out Of Office

PITME <==>Peace In the Middle East

WPA <==>Wi-Fi Protected Access

ITO <==>In Terms Of

MO <==>Modus Operandi (method of operation)

MMV <==>Mileage May Vary

MBN <==>Must Be Nice

NWS <==>Not Work Safe – for messages/sites containing adult content

IMP <==>It’s My Pleasure

JAF <==>Just A Friend

PTP <==>Pay To Play Peer To Peer

CMN <==>Call Me Now

VTR <==>Video Tape Recorder

SFTBC <==>Sorry For The Broadcast

ITV <==>Independent TV (UK)

PS2 <==>Play Station 2

BFFLTDDUP <==>Best Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part

SD <==>Sweet Dreams Secure Digital (memory card) So Drunk

NIK <==>Now I Know

OOP <==>Out Of Place

VDU <==>Visual Display Unit

ANZAC <==>Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

CDC <==>Cult of the Dead Cow Crudely Drawn Cock

WYWTA <==>What You Wanna Talk About

TYL <==>Text You Later

GPOY <==>Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself

EOT <==>End Of Thread (i.e. end of discussion)

NMY <==>Nice Meeting You

IJS <==>I’m Just Saying

HDTV <==>High Definition Television

HOF <==>Hall Of Fame Heavy on Flag

ESL <==>English as Second Language

VGC <==>Very Good Condition

WCB <==>Will Call Back

OJD <==>Obsessive Jonas (Brothers) Disorder

AGM <==>Annual General Meeting

TVM <==>Thanks Very Much

ILYTB <==>I Love You To Bits

AMT <==>Alpha-Methyltryptamine

NMF <==>Not My Fault

SMHID <==>Shaking My Head In Despair

YF <==>Your Friend

YG <==>Young Gangster

QVC <==>Quality Value Convenience (shopping channel)

USS <==>United States Ship

KISS <==>Keep It Simple, Stupid

PK <==>Player Kill ( )

RNG <==>Random Number Generator

TBTF <==>Too Big To Fail

NIN <==>Nine Inch Nails

DNK <==>Do Not Know

MYODB <==>Mind Your Own Damn Business

TO <==>Time Out

MHOTY <==>My Hat’s Off To You

SUAD <==>Shut Up And Drive

RSPB <==>Royal Society for the Protection of Birds


SCSI <==>Small Computer System Interface

AN <==>Author’s Note

WYDN <==>What You Doing Now?

RPS <==>Rock Paper Scissors (game)

GMY <==>Good Man Yourself

AIKRN <==>All I know right now

IITYWTMWYBMAD <==>If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me a Drink?

JMO <==>Just My Opinion

ODAAT <==>One Day At  A Time

RHS <==>Right Hand Side

OOAK <==>One Of A Kind

TOFTT <==>Take One For The Team

CMYK <==>Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/blacK

BBFN <==>Bye Bye For Now

HDD <==>Hard Disk Drive

PIU <==>Pump It Up

WYCM <==>Will You Call Me?

TBTG <==>Thanks Be To God

LAL <==>Laughing A Lot/Little

HIIK <==>Hell If I Know

HGH <==>Haters Gonna Hate

JIC <==>Just In Case

OOM <==>Out Of Mana ( )

IWTD <==>I Want To Die

WTGP <==>Way To Go, Partner

HP <==>Harry Potter

BHL8 <==>Be Home Late

YTM <==>You’re The Man

ISLY <==>I Still Love You

SOIDH <==>Screenshot Or It Didn’t Happen

BNF <==>Big Name Fan

JGL <==>Just Get Lost

ABFAB <==>Absolutely Fabulous

WBN <==>Would Be Nice

YMMD <==>You Made My Day

YT? <==>You Think ?

CYDM <==>Check Your Direct Messages

LMR <==>Last Minute Resistance

WPM <==>Words Per Minute

RT <==>Retweet Real Time

AMOG <==>Alpha Male Of Group

BOGOF <==>Buy One Get One Free

WTHAY <==>Who The Hell Are You?

PV <==>Promotional Video

NTMY <==>Nice To Meet You

ADTR <==>A Day To Remember (band)

BAGL <==>Bust A Gut Laughing

IMML <==>It Made Me Laugh

LGBTQ <==>Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning

JHP <==>Jacketed Hollow Point (bullet)

LBRS <==>Lower Blackrock Spire ( )

TNT <==>Til Next Time

GLAG <==>Giggling Like A Girl

CCIE <==>Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

WBW <==>White Boy Wasted

COA <==>Certificate Of Authenticity

POV <==>Point Of View

SSBB <==>Super Smash Brothers Brawl (game)

YWU? <==>Yo Waz Up?

WOM <==>Women Over Mates

DTRT <==>Do The Right Thing

HHOJ <==>Ha-Ha, Only Joking

ILYK <==>I’ll Let You Know

TCGB <==>Take Care, God Bless

BMW <==>Bavarian Motor Works (car manufacturer)

MJ <==>Michael Jackson Michael Jordan Marijuana

RML <==>Read My Lips

WAP <==>Wireless Access Point

LYMY <==>Love You, Miss You

ITSO <==>In The Style Of

SCUBA <==>Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

YATLOML <==>You Are The Love Of My Life

abbreviations list for texting

Acronyms list 1 for texting

YW <==>You’re Welcome

LART <==>Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool

MSRP <==>Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

RTM <==>Read The Manual

NYT <==>Not Your Type New York Times

UWS <==>Upper West Side (of Manhattan)

WTB <==>Want To Buy

DT <==>Down Town

NOI <==>No Offense Intended

TGE <==>Misspelling of ‘the’

PPD <==>Post Potter Depression

ISDN <==>Integrated Services Digital Network

QNO <==>Quiet Night Out

AOB <==>Any Other Business

TBE <==>To be Edited

MY <==>Miss You

ILYSDM <==>I Love You So Damn Much

ILYAM <==>I Love You As a Mate

AFAIAA <==>As Far As I Am Aware

IYL <==>If You’re Lucky It’s Your Life

DST <==>Daylight Saving Time

TCTC <==>To Close To Call

ATM <==>At The Moment Automated Teller Machine (cash machine)

RWYS <==>Reap What You Sow

TLA <==>Three Letter Acronym

SMTP <==>Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

WTDTA <==>Where They Do That At?

NYI <==>Not Yet Implemented

OOC <==>Out Of Control/Character/Context

SOML <==>Story Of My Life

MIP <==>Minor In Possession

JMT <==>Just My Thoughts

HSPDA <==>High Speed Packet Data Access

TLD <==>Top Level Domain

TNB <==>There’s Nothing Better

YTB <==>You’re The Best

BMAK <==>Blow Me A Kiss

WTT <==>Want To Trade

ISTR <==>I Seem To Recall

PCMIA <==>Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adaptor

PFB <==>Please Find Below

QL <==>Quite Laughing

SEP <==>Somebody Else’s Problem

LTIC <==>Laugh Til I Cry

TBR <==>To Be Real

ITWYM <==>Is That What You Mean?

RN <==>Right Now Registered Nurse

NRI <==>Non-Resident Indian Non-Repairable Item

AT&T <==>American Telephone & Telegraph

HJNTIY <==>He’s Just Not That Into You

GGA <==>Good Game All

IBMTS <==>I’ve Been Meaning To Say

DMX <==>Dark Man X (rapper)

WDH <==>What Da Hell

LBM <==>Little Big Man

GTSY <==>Good To See You

OTOOH <==>On The Other Other Hand

WDIB <==>Why Do I Bother?

ISO <==>In Search Of

GOOML <==>Get Out Of My Life

IDM <==>It Doesn’t Matter Intelligent Dance Music

IFM <==>In Fond Memory

NFM <==>No Further Message

VPL <==>Visible Panty Line

Acronyms list for texting

WDIC <==>What Do I Care?

HBTU <==>Happy Birthday To You

LYMYWY <==>Love You, Miss You, Want You

PVM <==>Player Versus Monster

AISI <==>As I See it

WEP <==>Wireless Encryption Protocol

TFA <==>Thanks For Asking

INPO <==>In No Particular Order

VHS <==>Video Home System

QAP <==>Quick As Possible Quickly As Possible

TFIOS <==>The Fault In Our Stars

IITYWIMIWHTKY <==>If I Tell You What It Means I Will Have to Kill You

ATF <==>All Time Favorite

NKA <==>No Known Allergies

IPA <==>India Pale Ale Internet Protocol Address

IDK <==>I Don’t Know

AGW <==>All Going Well

DNS <==>Domain Name Service Did Not Start

PAN <==>Personal Area Network

ESD <==>Electro-Static Discharge

HENRY <==>High Earner, Not Rich Yet

BFF <==>Best Friends Forever Big Fat Friend/Female

MRP <==>Manufacturer’s Recommended Price

YOYO <==>You’re On Your Own

PDF <==>Portable Document Format

MLIB <==>My Life Is Bro

NRN <==>No Reply Necessary

JAS <==>Just A Second

TTYITM <==>Talk To You In The Morning

VOD <==>Video-On-Demand

TWYMS <==>That’s What Your Mom Said

MSM <==>Mainstream Media

GWS <==>Get Well Soon

BOAT <==>Bust Out Another Thousand

LM <==>Loud Mouth

TTYRS <==>Talk To You Real Soon

OAO <==>Over And Out

NHFT <==>Not Here For That

VT <==>Video Tape

MPE <==>My Point Exactly

TLTR <==>Too Long To Read

PIPA <==>Protect IP Act

LWICD <==>Look What I Can Do

SRH <==>Supporting Radical Habits (Clothing)

OOI <==>Out Of Interest

ICC <==>Ice Crown Citadel ( )

IDT <==>I Don’t Think

TMTT <==>Too Much To Text

SOP <==>Standard Operating Procedure

KDR <==>Kill/Death Ratio


WTFT <==>What The French Toast (polite  )

HAY <==>How Are You

AISB <==>As I Said Before

JGB <==>Just Got Back

LED <==>Light Emiting Diode

OMW <==>On My Way

NPO <==>Never Pull Out

ATD <==>Attention to Detail

MSDN <==>Microsoft Developer Network

TCP/IP <==>Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

SMN <==>Shoot Me Now

HDTH <==>How Did That Happen?

WTH <==>What/Where/Who The Hell

IYSS <==>If You Say So

AAR <==>At Any Rate

YBS <==>You’ll Be Sorry

IBTL <==>In Before the Lock

LMA <==>Leave Me Alone

NY <==>New York

BNB <==>Bad News Bears Bed ‘N’ Breakfast Bread ‘N’ Butter

TBF <==>To Be Fair

OTH <==>Off The Hook

LW <==>Lucky Win

LL <==>Laugh Loudly, LOL

PDBAZ <==>Please Don’t Be A Zombie

NIML <==>Never In My Life Not In My Lifetime

WYBD <==>What’ve You Been Doing?

LGT <==>Link Goes To …

HBD <==>Happy Birthday

FYR <==>For Your Review For Your Records

TTYT <==>Talk To You Tomorrow

KIP <==>Sleep Bed

NHF <==>No Hard Feelings

IOW <==>In Other Words

ITC <==>In This Channel In That Case

TTYN <==>Talk To You Never

DOE <==>Depends On Experience

KOTL <==>Kiss On The Lips

APU <==>As Per Usual

AFAICS <==>As Far As I Can See

UTF <==>Unicode Transformation Format

WDE <==>Worst Day Ever

WTMW <==>Welcome To My World

NBTD <==>Nothing Better To Do

WOF <==>While On Fire

acronyms list for texting

INTP <==>Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving (personality type indicator)

MUNG <==>Mash Until No Good

ICT <==>Information and Communication Technology

INS <==>I’m Not Sure

PAYE <==>Pay As You Earn

HOH <==>Head Over Heels  Hard Of Hearing

BMFL <==>Best Mates For Life

GTBB <==>Good To Be Back

CMEO <==>Crying My Eyes Out

WCG <==>World Cyber Games

LFTI <==>Looking Forward To It

KR <==>Kind Regards

WEF <==>With Effect From

EOC <==>End Of Conversion

HAGD <==>Have A Good Day

LMPO <==>Laughing My Pants Off

LMT <==>Let Me Think

LTG <==>Learn To Google

YBW <==>You’ve Been Warned

ANFAWFOS <==>And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor

IDLT <==>I Don’t Like That

APM <==>Actions Per Minute

NF <==>Not Funny

TCG <==>Trading Card Game

YMBJ <==>You Must Be Joking

PDQ <==>Pretty Damn Quick

YCMIU <==>You Couldn’t Make It Up

DTL <==>Does The Look

AP <==>Associated Press

AO <==>Adults Only

PBS <==>Public Broadcasting Service

PPB <==>Parts Per Billion

JMS <==>Just Making Sure

SDA <==>Seventh-Day Adventist

LYA <==>Love You Always

YGTI <==>You Get The Idea

WYP <==>What’s Your Problem? What’s Your Point?

BBIAM <==>Be Back In A Minute

TOEIC <==>Test Of English for International Communication

TOEFL <==>Test Of English as a Foreign Language

WJD <==>What Jesus Did

TBA <==>To Be Announced

DOB <==>Date Of Birth

TLI <==>Too Little Information

AQF <==>Ay Que Funny,

GR <==>Gotta Run

SCOTUS <==>Supreme Court Of The United States

TTTT <==>These Things Take Time

NLT <==>No later than…

SF <==>Science Fiction San Francisco

AGC <==>Automatic Gain Control

LYLC <==>Love You Like Crazy

OPK <==>Other People’s Kids

TGI <==>Thank God It’s …

ILM <==>I lige m

WYATB <==>Wish You All The Best

NAA <==>Not At All

CM <==>Call Me

BBIAF <==>Be Back In A Few

TUL <==>Tell You Later Text You Later

YK <==>You’re Kidding

PBR <==>Pabst Blue Ribbon (beer)

WIA <==>Wounded In Action

LDS <==>Latter Day Saint

MML <==>Made Me Laugh

TTYM <==>Talk to You Ma

NYU <==>New York University

TTYF <==>Talk To You Forever

MBR <==>Master Boot Record

HWP <==>Height Weight Proportional

IRMC <==>I Rest My Case

SERP <==>Search Engine Results Page

YSI <==>You Stupid Idiot

QED <==>Quod Erat Demonstrandum (it has been proved)

OOT <==>Out Of Town

WYMM <==>Will You Marry Me?

LFDY <==>Live Fast, Die Young

NCMO <==>Non-Committal Make Out

MNC <==>Mobile Network Code

HBP <==>Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter)

GFA <==>Grenade Free America

SA <==>Sibling Alert

MLP <==>My Little Pony

RC <==>Random Chat Radio Controlled

VID <==>Video

ATVB <==>All The Very Best

IBAN <==>International Bank Account Number

PUG <==>Pick Up Group

IYW <==>If You Want/Will

IKH <==>I Know, Huh?

AC <==>Air Conditioning Alternating Current

PSI <==>Pounds per Square Inch (pressure) Greek letter

ATC <==>Air Traffic Control

AMW <==>America’s Most Wanted (TV show)

YKW <==>You Know Who

OUO <==>Official Use Only

LQI <==>Laughing Quietly Inside

TTYIAB <==>Talk To You In A Bit

HHWW <==>Holding Hands While Walking

IAK <==>I Already Know

TGFT <==>Thank God For That

TBMS <==>To Be More Specific

HAYD <==>How Are You Doing?

USSR <==>Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

DMTA <==>Dirty Minds Think Alike

HE <==>Happy Ending High Explosives

NOTB <==>None Of Their Business

LOTRO <==>Lord Of The Rings Online ( )

TWAIN <==>Technology Without An Interesting Name

TWTMC <==>To Whom This May Concern

IAW <==>In Accordance With I Agree With

AOTA <==>All Of The Above

NKZ <==>No Kill Zone

GSTQ <==>God Save The Queen

ATWA <==>Air, Trees, Water, Animals  All The Way Alive

IDFG <==>I Don’t Feel Good

SBD <==>Silent But Deadly

WLYB <==>Who Loves You Baby

YFW <==>Your Face When …

NC-17 <==>No Children under 17 (movie rating)

WITW <==>What In The World

MAAB <==>Male-Assigned At Birth

SSH <==>Secure Shell (Unix program)

WWE <==>World Wrestling Entertainment

OFWGKTA <==>Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (rappers)

NAGL <==>Not A Good Look

PTC <==>Popping The Collar

PFC <==>Private First Class

WAPCE <==>Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil

SFLR <==>Sorry For Late Reply

LIITA <==>Love Is In The Air

DTTC <==>Don’t Text The Cell

MOQ <==>Minimum Order Quantity

ATT <==>At This Time All The Time

QS <==>Quick Scope

LULAB <==>Love You Like A Brother

ATV <==>All Terrain Vehicle

JTB <==>Just Too Bad

acronyms list for texting

Acronyms list 2 for texting

JLYK <==>Just Letting You Know

QFE <==>Quoted For Emphasis

RAM <==>Random Access Memory

NIC <==>Network Interface Card

OBQ <==>Oh, Be Quiet

ABF <==>All But Face

SS <==>Screen Shot

USAF <==>United States Air Force

NME <==>New Musical Express (magazine)

DOF <==>Depth of Field

VHF <==>Very High Frequency

OWTTE <==>Or Words To That Effect

RNA <==>Ribonucleic Acid

NOYB <==>None Of Your Business

IMCO <==>In My Considered Opinion

RPF <==>Real Person Fiction

MYL <==>Miss You Loads

SFAM <==>Sister From Another Mister

TDY <==>Temporarily Deployed for a Year

PHB <==>Pointy-Haired Boss (from Dilbert)

TTUL <==>Talk To You Later

GNSD <==>Good Night, Sweet Dreams

IGTG <==>I Got To Go

VOA <==>Voice Of America

IKYP <==>I’ll Keep You Posted

MM2 <==>Message Mode 2 ( )

YAVW <==>You Are Very Welcome

TDTF <==>Too Drunk to Function

TTP <==>To The Point

LTNT <==>Long Time No Talk

STY <==>Same To You

LWT <==>Look Who’s Talking

JFYI <==>Just For Your Information

ICBSST <==>I Can’t Believe She Said That

LULAS <==>Love You Like A Sister

TMR <==>Tomorrow

MMORPG <==>Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

SALTS <==>Smiled A Little Then Stopped

WLTM <==>Would Like To Meet

CD <==>Compact Disc Cross Dresser

WTL <==>Will Talk Later

NMO <==>Not My Opinion

HL <==>Half Life (game)

WRT <==>With Regard To

HOWDY <==>How Do You Do?

RFQ <==>Request For Quotation

AGP <==>Accelerated Graphics Port

NPC <==>Non Player Character ( )

MCP <==>Male Chauvanist Pig

LIG <==>Let It Go

ILNY <==>I Love New York

TRDMC <==>Tears Running Down My Cheeks

DMCA <==>Digital Millennium Copyright Act

TYFE <==>Thank You For Everything

IGYB <==>I’ve Got Your Back

SBS <==>Step By Step

ETW <==>Enjoy The Weekend

OPB <==>Other People’s Business

SASE <==>Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope

WDMB <==>Will Do My Best

PDA <==>Personal Digital Assistant

RDO <==>Regular Day Off

GCMG <==>God Calls Me God

YANA <==>You Are Not Alone

TPTB <==>The Powers That Be

DM <==>Don’t Mind Doesn’t Matter Direct Message

LPT <==>Life Pro Tip

RWL <==>Roaring With Laughter

SFP <==>Sorry for Partying

CRBT <==>Crying Real Big Tears

WP <==>Wrong Person Well Played

BMBO <==>Blow My Brains Out

RAWL <==>Roll Around While Laughing

GFU <==>Good For You

MPA <==>Music Publishers’ Association

TMTS <==>Too Much Too Soon

PNW <==>Pacific North West

YMW <==>You’re Most Welcome

AAK <==>Alive And Kicking

GBY <==>God Bless You

JSYK <==>Just So You Know

MOTD <==>Message Of The Day Match Of The Day

WT? <==>What The …? or Who the …?

TFS <==>Thanks For Sharing

NYE <==>New Years Eve

WAYDRN <==>What Are You Doing Right Now?

LBVS <==>Laughing But Very Serious

NOC <==>No One Cares

NFS <==>Not For Sale

MAC <==>Media Access Control Macintosh

TLOL <==>Truly Laughing Out Loud

ICBB <==>I Can’t Be Bothered

TRG <==>Tiny Rascal Gang

MPH <==>Miles Per Hour

NOKD <==>Not Our Kind, Dear

MIB <==>Men In Black Mint In Box

VTL <==>Visible Thong Line

ACP <==>Automatic Colt Pistol

PCI <==>Peripheral Component Interconnect

NBF <==>New Best Friend

RLAB <==>Roll Like A Buffalo

TMS <==>Too Much Swag(ger)

RDR <==>Red Dead Redemption (Game)

AFP <==>Away From Phone

YSC <==>Your So Cute

IDEKY <==>I Don’t Even Know You

WR <==>Warm Regards

ILY <==>I Love You

BBN <==>Be Back Never

Acronyms list 3 for texting

OMGNA <==>Oh My Gosh, Not Again

WRUD <==>What Are You Doing?

MTC <==>More To Come

EV <==>Expected Value

ADHD <==>Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ATTT <==>Ain’t That The Truth

AIB <==>Am I Boverd?

NBTW <==>Now Back To Work

USMC <==>United States Marine Corps

TMRW <==>Tomorrow

BNIB <==>Brand New In Box

RIYL <==>Recommended If You Like

WTHIWWY <==>What The Hell Is Wrong With You?

NFSW <==>Not For Showing Wife

GBH <==>Grievous Bodily Harm

YSVW <==>You’re So Very Welcome

CME <==>Close My Eyes

ISWYM <==>I See What You Mean

GBTM <==>Get Back To Me

NBB <==>Never Been Better

IHNI <==>I Have No Idea

HFGL <==>Have Fun, Good Luck

OMA <==>Oh My Allah

PITR <==>Parent In The Room

LOVL <==>Laughing Out Very Loud

NOTW <==>Not Of This World

PIQ <==>Person In Question

TBC <==>To Be Continued

LTP <==>Lost The Plot

UTS <==>Under The Skin

HSIT <==>How Sad Is That

AQAP <==>As Quickly As Possible

NHB <==>No Holding Back No Holds Barred

IDKE <==>I Don’t Know Either

TNOT <==>Take Note Of That

AE <==>American Eagle (clothing)

NMHJC <==>Not Much Happening Just Chilling

ACTA <==>Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

ADL <==>All Day Long

IDUNNO <==>I Don’t Know

SOS <==>Save Our Souls (Help!)

ILD <==>Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You)

GKY <==>Go Kill Yourself

SSA <==>Subject Says All

PS & QS <==>Pints and Quarts Please and Thank Yous

SH <==>Same Here

OCD <==>Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

USW <==>Und So Weiter (German for etc)

GMTA <==>Great Minds Think Alike

WAM <==>Wait A Minute What A Mess

NBM <==>Nil By Mouth Not Before Midnight

RVB <==>Red Versus Blue (popular web-series)

SNR <==>Signal To Noise Ratio

IGNTS <==>I’ve Got Nothing To Say

KWIM <==>Know What I Mean?

ADGTH <==>All Dogs Go To Heaven

TYSVM <==>Thank You So Very Much

SLR <==>Single Lens Reflex (camera)

BBT <==>Be Back Tomorrow

WTM <==>What’s The Matter?

MYMP <==>Make Your Mama Proud

TBD <==>To Be Decided

ICYMI <==>In Case You Missed It


FYP <==>Fixed Your Post

LMG <==>Light Machine Gun

OCN <==>Of Course Not

IWOOT <==>I Want One Of Those

LYAAF <==>Love You As A Friend Love You Always And Forever

YHL <==>You Have Lost

ODF <==>Own Damn Fault

IMH <==>In My Head

OMS <==>Oh My Science

LZ <==>Landing Zone

IMU <==>I Miss You

PWOR <==>Proceeding With Orders Recieved

IKT <==>I Knew That

HCIT <==>How Cool Is That?

TNBM <==>True Norwegian Black Metal

IHDK <==>I Honestly Don’t Know

PGDA <==>Pretty Goddamn Awesome

DNE <==>Do Not Erase Does Not Exist

MOH <==>My Other Half

EBM <==>Electronic Body Music

RV <==>Recreational Vehicle

IKM <==>I Know Man

PLD <==>Poor Life Decision

LIS <==>Laughing In Silence

MAS <==>Mildly Amused Smirk

GTB <==>Go To Bed

IDLI <==>I Don’t Like It

LIH <==>Laugh In Head

SSID <==>Service Set Identifier

GAC <==>Guilty As Charged Get A Clue

WUM <==>Woman Wind-Up Merchant

LMTAL <==>Let Me Take A Look

PNR <==>Passenger Name Record

MOTO <==>Master Of The Obvious

OTB <==>Off The boat

HMUL <==>Hit Me Up Later

ILMO <==>In Loving Memory Of

IDBI <==>I Don’t Believe It

LOQ <==>Laugh Out Quietly

AOD <==>All Of Day

JS <==>Just Saying

IGN <==>In Game Name

QOS <==>Quantam Of Solace

WBT <==>Will Be There

MHBFY <==>My Heart Bleeds For You

JWW <==>Just Was Wondering

BDN <==>Busy Doing Nothing

PSN <==>Playstation Network

MBF <==>My Best Friend

VIN <==>Vehicle Identification Number

TFFW <==>Too Funny For Words

WTYO <==>Whatever Turns You On

GTRM <==>Going To Read Mail

NYC <==>New York City

EST <==>Eastern Standard Time Established

HTBT <==>Had To Be There

CMAR <==>Cry Me A River

IEP <==>Individualized Education Program

YVW <==>You’re Very Welcome

HGTV <==>Home and Garden Television

GYO <==>Get Your Own

NDP <==>New Democratic Party

IL <==>In Love

IKWUM <==>I Know What You Mean

MLYP <==>Much Like Your Post

LWP <==>Laughing With Passion

RBTL <==>Read Between The Lines

ROTFL <==>Rolling On The Floor Laughing

PATT <==>Party All The Time

INVU <==>I Envy You

SMOP <==>Simple Matter Of Programming

YOMB <==>You Owe Me Big

WYW <==>Whatever You Want

WYK <==>Would You Kindly

CYF <==>Cross Your Fingers

NOM <==>No Offence Meant

POW <==>Prisioner of War

OBO <==>Or Best Offer

IMMAO <==>In My Most Arrogant Opinion

NWM <==>No Worries Mate

IQ <==>Intelligence Quotient

RGB <==>Red, Green, Blue

LOMO <==>Lights Out, Missionary Only

NCNS <==>No Call, No Show

LHM <==>Lord Have Mercy Lord Help Me

YTTM <==>You Talk Too Much You Talking To Me?

MCR <==>My Chemical Romance (band)

NEDM <==>Not Even Doom Music

DTA <==>Don’t Trust Anyone

HTC <==>Hit The Cell

ATOY <==>Always Thinking of you

BOBFOC <==>Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch

NMJCU <==>Not Much, Just Chillin’, U?

ATAP <==>Any Time, Any Place

SAHW <==>Stay At Home Wife

NYP <==>Not Your Problem

YSK <==>You Should Know

WOE <==>What On Earth

HML <==>Hate My Life

KIRF <==>Keeping It Real Fake

HEA <==>Happily Ever After

RTFT <==>Read The F***ing Thread Read The F***ing Topic

GPC <==>Generic Pack of Cigarettes Get/Post/Cookie (web pages)

SBI <==>Surrounded By Incompetence

NKOTB <==>New Kid On The Block

AMC <==>American Motors Corportation

WAJ <==>What A Joke

acronyms list for texting

acronyms list for texting

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