Abbreviations for words in texting |Commonly used abbreviations

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Commonly used abbreviations for words in texting. Here is the list of 1000+ commonly used abbreviations. These abbreviations are very useful in our texting rather they are used to save or time while texting to our dear ones. If we use these abbreviations for words we can save a lot of time that we waste in typing long messages. Moreover sometimes you have to send secret messages these abbreviations also helps to type secret messages.

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Abbreviations for words in texting

A list of 1000+ abbreviations

2 letter abbreviations for words

TO  —> Time Out

PS  —> PhotoShop Play Station Post Script

SH  —> Same Here

PV  —> Promotional Video

TW  —> Trigger Warning

YG  —> Young Gangster

TB  —> Text Back

VC  —> Voice Chat

TY  —> Thank You

VJ  —> Video Jockey

RO  —> Ragnarok Online

UT  —> Unreal Tournament

RD  —> Real Deal

RV  —> Recreational Vehicle

TD  —> Touchdown

UE  —> User Experience

WR  —> Warm Regards

UY  —> Up Yours

QI  —> Quite Interesting

TM  —> Text Message

QS  —> Quick Scope

SS  —> Screen Shot

SF  —> Science Fiction

SA  —> Sibling Alert

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Short abbreviations for words

abbreviations for words in texting

PIQ  —> Person In Question

TTY  —> Talk To You

WTTC  —> Welcome To The club

UTE  —> Utility vehicle, pickup truck

WBM  —> Wanna-Be Moderator

RWP  —> Random Wall Post

ROTFLOL  —> Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

SNYK  —> So Now You Know

POIDH  —> Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

TBH  —> To Be Honest

SMIB  —> Southern Maryland Inbred

YGI  —> You Got It

SDRAM  —> Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

SDMF  —> Strength, Determination, Merciless, Forever Society Dwelling Mother F***er

VOIP  —> Voice Over   – internet telephony

RQ  —> Random Questions (Livejournal community)

WYL  —> Whatever You Like

PBS  —> Public Broadcasting Service

TFC  —> Team Fortress Classic (game)

TMTOWTDI  —> There’s More Than One Way To Do It

TIIC  —> The Idiots In Charge

TBYS  —> Think Before You Speak

VA  —> Various Artists

TGIT  —> Thank God It’s Thursday

WKYP  —> Will Keep You Posted

TWLOHA  —> To Write Love On Her Arms

WDY  —> Why Don’t You?

YHTBT  —> You Had To Be There

RTD  —> Ready To Drink

TWYL  —> Talk With You Later

WLM  —> Windows Live Messenger

WWTBAM  —> Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

STW  —> Search The Web

WCG  —> World Cyber Games

TYB  —> Try Your Best

YAGB  —> You Ain’t Grizz Baby ( )

SOH  —> Sense Of Humor

WYR  —> Would You Rather

TTYIAB  —> Talk To You In A Bit

WWJD  —> What Would Jesus Do?

SMOG  —> Sweet Mother Of God

WAMH  —> With All My Heart

RATM  —> Rage Against the Machine (band)

SNC  —> Social Network Check

QOS  —> Quantam Of Solace

SSTS  —> Snickering Softly To Self

PCMCIA  —> Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

TBPH  —> To Be Perfectly Honest

VHF  —> Very High Frequency

RTFAQ  —> Read The FAQ

WTW  —> Walk Through Walls (gaming) Walk this Way

TMM  —> Tell Me More

WYD  —> What You Doing?

YBWM  —> You Belong With Me

WK  —> White Knight

QNO  —> Quiet Night Out

PFP  —> Picture For Proof

PIU  —> Pump It Up

TGOD  —> Taylor Gang Or Die

TTFW  —> Too Tacky For Words

QA  —> Quality Assurance Question and Answer

WD  —> Well Done

RDM  —> Random Death Match

YDMS  —> You Don’t Make Sense

TMAI  —> Tell Me About It

VNS  —> Very Nice Shot

TFL  —> Tip For Life Transport For London

WYM  —> Watch Your Mouth What You Mean?

USD  —> United States Dollar

WTMW  —> Welcome To My World

WAS  —> Wait And See

UTR  —> Under The Radar

WTHIT  —> What The Hell Is That?

WRUTA  —> What Are You Talking About?

RSN  —> Real Soon Now

WDYD  —> What Did You Do?

abbreviations for words in texting

PK  —> Player Kill ( )

TBU  —> To Be Updated

TR  —> Triple Rainbow

WML  —> Wish Me Luck

TWYMS  —> That’s What Your Mom Said

SAM  —> Stop Annoying Me

SBF  —> Single Black Female

TTIUWP  —> This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures

TTYITM  —> Talk To You In The Morning

PBUH  —> Peace Be Upon Him

PVC  —> Polyvinyl Chloride, vinyl

SMHID  —> Shaking My Head In Despair

PSA  —> Publice Service Announcement

SEO  —> Search Engine Optimization

Commonly used abbreviations for words

WWF  —> World Wildlife Fund World Wrestling Federation (now WWE)

SOA  —> State Of Alert (band)

VT  —> Video Tape

YGTBK  —> You’ve Got To Be Kidding

YTD  —> Year To Date

WUWT  —> What’s Up With That

TFLMK  —> Thanks For Letting Me Know

UTS  —> Under The Skin

WDOML  —> Worst Day Of My Life

VGG  —> Very Good Game

TDI  —> Turbo Direct Injection Turbo Diesel Injection

YSI  —> You Stupid Idiot

PIC  —> Picture Partner In Crime

TBTP  —> That’s Beside The Point

TNG  —> The Next Generation (Star Trek)

TBA  —> To Be Announced

PLH  —> Peace, Love and Happiness

VPL  —> Visible Panty Line

ROTK  —> Return of the King (Tolkien)

PBWY  —> Peace Be With You

PABX  —> Private Automatic Branch Exchange

TTUS  —> Talk To You Soon.

WIYP  —> What Is Your Problem?

WDIM  —> What Does It Mean?

TCL  —> Tool Command Language

QANTAS  —> Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service

WTYO  —> Whatever Turns You On

WCB  —> Will Call Back

TP  —> Toilet Paper Town Portal (diablo 2)

SAHW  —> Stay At Home Wife

PLA  —> People’s Liberation Army

PEBKAC  —> Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair

TNOP  —> Totally Not Our Problem

TWTMC  —> To Whom This May Concern

UTT  —> Under The Table

WWIC  —> Why Would I Care?

ROV  —> Remotely Operated Vehicle

PTSD  —> Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

WDMB  —> Will Do My Best

TTYS  —> Talk To You Soon

PLP  —> People Lazily Procrastinating

TTTTY  —> Time To Talk To You

USB  —> Universal Serial Bus

WMA  —> Windows Media Audio

RNA  —> Ribonucleic Acid

YR  —> Yea, Right.

VS  —> Versus, against

TLD  —> Top Level Domain

TYLJ  —> Thank You Lord Jesus

VFM  —> Value For Money

VOA  —> Voice Of America

TMTC  —> Too Many To Count

WTTM  —> Without Thinking Too Much

USS  —> United States Ship

TDS  —> Technical Dificulties

WAYDRN  —> What Are You Doing Right Now?

WMD  —> Weapons of Mass Destruction

Most commonly used abbreviations for words in texting

WSM  —> Woman Seeking Man

YP  —> Your Problem Yes, Please

YDEK  —> You Don’t Even Know

WITW  —> What In The World

YMMV  —> Your Mileage May Vary

YHBW  —> You Have Been Warned

WPM  —> Words Per Minute

WTLW  —> Welcome To Last Week

WCYD  —> What Can You Do?

SMAO  —> Study My Ass Off

TTYF  —> Talk To You Forever

UTP  —> Up-Town Projects

TLC  —> Tender Loving Care

RTFD  —> Read The F***ing Description

SAP  —> Sad And Pathetic Fool

SMTP  —> Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

PMIGBOM  —> Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth!

WYUT  —> What You Up To

RAC  —> Rock Against Communism

WMP  —> Windows Media Player With Much Pleasure

TOTB  —> Think Outside the Box

abbreviations for words in texting

WTG  —> Way To Go

PGP  —> Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)

TBS  —> Tablespoon To Be Specified

WMMOWS  —> Wash My Mouth Out With Soap!

VLSI  —> Very Large-Scale Integration

TLGO  —> The List Goes On

PBP  —> Please Be Patient

WIR  —> When It’s Ready

WTMI  —> Way Too Much Information

YIK  —> Yes, I Know

WNTT  —> We Need To Talk

WOF  —> While On Fire

WDYG  —> Where Did You Go?

PMD  —> Put Me Down

WIUWY  —> What Is Up With You?

WYLION  —> Whether You Like It Or Not

WWWY  —> What’s Wrong With You?

TNF  —> That’s Not Funny

PDEA  —> Public Display of Elderly Affection

PFB  —> Please Find Below

PD  —> Public Domain

WUWTA  —> What You Wanna Talk About?

ROAR  —> Right Of Admission Reserved

TDY  —> Temporarily Deployed for a Year

PR  —> Public Relations

WAFWOT  —> What A F***ing Waste Of Time

PAN  —> Personal Area Network

TBT  —> Truth Be Told

WMG  —> Warner Music Group

RA  —> Resident Advisor Resident Assistant

TYMBI  —> Thought You Might Be Interested

RDJ  —> Robert Downey Jr.

PIN  —> Personal Identification Number

PIBE  —> Play It By Ear

YMBJ  —> You Must Be Joking

TOEFL  —> Test Of English as a Foreign Language

TINSTAFL  —> There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch

YM  —> Yahoo Messenger Your Mom

WDYWFM  —> What Do You Want From Me?

PONR  —> Point Of No Return

YHL  —> You Have Lost

SOP  —> Standard Operating Procedure

RVR  —> Realm Versus Realm ( )

WEF  —> With Effect From

PT  —> Phantasy Tour Physical Training

YOMB  —> You Owe Me Big

PPD  —> Post Potter Depression

TINAR  —> This Is Not A Recommendation

WAMHAS  —> With All My Heart And Soul

SMHL  —> Shaking My Head Laughing

TMY  —> Tell Me Why

PDQ  —> Pretty Damn Quick

YTM  —> You’re The Man

RWYS  —> Reap What You Sow

YRMV  —> Your Results May Vary

RSPB  —> Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

TCBY  —> The Country’s Best Yogurt

UW  —> You’re Welcome

SNAFU  —> Situation Normal, All Fouled Up

RTF  —> Return The Favour

POA  —> Plan Of Action

RME  —> Rolling My Eyes

TBNT  —> Thanks, But No Thanks

TFA  —> Thanks For Asking

VCR  —> Video Cassette Recorder

SOML  —> Story Of My Life

RSPCA  —> Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

WITH  —> Where In The Hell

VGL  —> Very Good Looking

WM  —> Woman Marine

QED  —> Quod Erat Demonstrandum (it has been proved)

TYG  —> There You Go

YJLTG  —> You Just Lost The Game

VMA  —> Video Music Awards

WSIC  —> Why Should I Care?

YMMS  —> You Make Me Smile

TNTM  —> That’s News To Me

PUG  —> Pick Up Group

WUM  —> Woman Wind-Up Merchant

YLYL  —> You Laugh You Lose

USC  —> University of Southern California

USCG  —> United States Coast Guard

TML  —> Thank Me Later Text Me Later

ROTFL  —> Rolling On The Floor Laughing

WAP  —> Wireless Access Point

SMIDSY  —> Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You

WUG  —> What You Got? Where You Going?

YL  —> Young Lady

SRO  —> Standing Room Only

YSC  —> Your So Cute

TMR  —> Tomorrow

US  —> United States

YQW  —> You’re Quite Welcome

RFC  —> Request For Comment

WBU  —> What About You?

SLR  —> Single Lens Reflex (camera)

RFYL  —> Run For Your Life

WYCM  —> Will You Call Me?

VCD  —> Video Compact Disc

SERP  —> Search Engine Results Page

TBTH  —> To Be Totally Honest

VDU  —> Visual Display Unit

WYGOWM  —> Will You Go Out With Me?

WTC  —> World Trade Center What The Crap

STYL  —> Speak To You Later

WTHRU  —> Who The Hell Are You?

TMZ  —> Thirty Mile Zone (celebrity news site)

POW  —> Prisioner of War

YSS  —> You Suck Severely

RN  —> Right Now Registered Nurse

YOLF  —> You Only Live Forever

YRU  —> Why Are You…?

TWU  —> That’s What’s Up

YOLO  —> You Only Live Once

PSB  —> Please See Below

PM  —> Private Message Post Meridiem (afternoon)

SOOC  —> Straight Out Of Camera (not Photoshopped)

VR  —> Virtual Reality

SAHM  —> Stay At Home Mom

QL  —> Quite Laughing

WWU  —> Where Were You?

PCB  —> Printed Circuit Board  Please Come Back

RBV  —> Red Bull and Vodka

TUL  —> Tell You Later Text You Later

WUWTB  —> What You Wanna Talk ‘Bout?

WTHIGO  —> What The Hell Is Going On?

YFW  —> Your Face When …

SOMD  —> Sh*t On My Dick

YBS  —> You’ll Be Sorry

TTUT  —> Talk To You Tomorrow

PPS  —> Post-Post Script

RPG  —> Rocket Propelled Grenade Role Playing Game

Abbreviations for words in texting

WBY  —> What (A)bout You?

SBT  —> Sorry ‘Bout That

SGTM  —> Sounds Good To Me

QP  —> Quarter Pound (of weed)

RTR  —> Roll Tide Roll

QFP  —> Quoted For Posterity

TTYTT  —> To Tell You The Truth

RTM  —> Read The Manual

TMP  —> Tactical Machine Pistol

R5  —> Region 5 (DVD region)

SRM  —> Stark Raving Mad

SBM  —> Single Black Male

TOFT  —> Take One For the Team

SAHD  —> Stay At Home Dad

THWU  —> To Hell With You

RTFT  —> Read The F***ing Thread Read The F***ing Topic

SUL  —> See You Later

PVE  —> Player versus Environment ( )

VID  —> Video

WBR  —> With Best Regards

USMC  —> United States Marine Corps

TBR  —> To Be Real

WYS  —> What You Said

WYATB  —> Wish You All The Best

TGFT  —> Thank God For That

WYG  —> What You Get

PX  —> Post Exchange Part Exchange

ROFLMFAO  —> Rolling On Floor Laughing My F***ing A** Off

TBM  —> Tactical Boyfriend Mention

TPAM  —> The Person Above Me

RSI  —> Repetitive Strain Injury

TDH  —> Tall, Dark, and Handsome

RTA  —> Road Traffic Accident

SRT  —> Street and Racing Technology

YHA  —> Youth Hostel Association

WSP  —> What’s up?

WMF  —> Wagging My Finger

RTFI  —> Read The Flipping Instructions

TLI  —> Too Little Information

TOD  —> Time Of Death Time Of Day

PTC  —> Popping The Collar

TNB  —> There’s Nothing Better

TOTD  —> Tip Of The Day Tweet Of The Day

YMML  —> You Make Me Laugh

WWA  —> Wiggers with attitude

WOTS  —> Word On The Street

TYSM  —> Thank You So Much

TFS  —> Thanks For Sharing

YSVW  —> You’re So Very Welcome

YWIMC  —> Your Wish Is My Command

TCP  —> Transmission Control Protocol

TDDWP  —> Til Death Do We Part

SMGDH  —> Shaking My God Damn Head

SUAD  —> Shut Up And Drive

PEWS  —> Post Election Withdrawal Syndrome

TMTS  —> Too Much Too Soon

TMI  —> Too Much Information

WUF  —> Where are you from?

USSR  —> Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

WDH  —> What Da Hell

PLMK  —> Please Let Me Know

PS3  —> Play Station 3

TTYN  —> Talk To You Never

SEP  —> Somebody Else’s Problem

YMW  —> You’re Most Welcome

PYP  —> Play Your Position

YGLT  —> You’re Gonna Love This

WNDITWB  —> We Never Did It This Way Before

WCS  —> Worst Case Scenario

SOTA  —> State Of The Art

SCSI  —> Small Computer System Interface

PE  —> Physical Education

RGB  —> Red, Green, Blue

TMLT  —> To My Last Tweet

WWIT  —> What Was I Thinking?

RLAB  —> Roll Like A Buffalo

WST  —> We’re Still Friends

UTFL  —> Use The Force, Luke

TMNT  —> Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TCP/IP  —> Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

SDA  —> Seventh-Day Adventist

WBW  —> White Boy Wasted

WDUT  —> What Do You Think?

WUL  —> Watched User List

YNWA  —> You’ll Never Walk Alone

PFA  —> Please Find Attached

WBT  —> Will Be There

ROTF  —> Rolling On The Floor (laughing is implied)

TCCIC  —> Take Care ‘Cause I Care

VMI  —> Virginia Military Institute

PS2  —> Play Station 2

QB  —> Quarter Back

YTMND  —> You’re The Man Now, Dog (website)

WDYE  —> What Did You Expect?

SNES  —> Super Nintendo Entertainment System

TFT  —> The Frozen Throne (Warcraft III) Thin Film Transistor

TBD  —> To Be Decided

TYT  —> Take Your Time

RDH  —> Rate Date Hate

PSR  —> Pretty Standard, Really

TTJASI  —> Take This Job And Shove It

KIP  —> Sleep Bed

TTG  —> Time To Go

UV  —> Unpleasant Visual

RINO  —> Republican In Name Only

SFLR  —> Sorry For Late Reply

PVR  —> Personal Video Recorder

YSK  —> You Should Know

WTHIWWY  —> What The Hell Is Wrong With You?

RHI  —> Rumour Has It

TFLMS  —> Thanks For Letting Me Share

SSID  —> Service Set Identifier

RVB  —> Red Versus Blue (popular web-series)

PDA  —> Personal Digital Assistant

SCNR  —> Sorry, Could Not Resist

WTP  —> What’s The Point?

TYM  —> Thank You Much

WPWW  —> White Pride World Wide

RNB  —> Rhythm And Blues

PKI  —> Public Key Infrastructure

YID  —> Yes I Do

SBJ  —> Sweet Baby Jesus

SMOP  —> Simple Matter Of Programming

PSU  —> Power Supply Unit

TOEIC  —> Test Of English for International Communication

TGIA  —> Thank God I’m Alive

SULA  —> Sweaty Upper Lip Alert

TMRW  —> Tomorrow

TBC  —> To Be Continued

SSD  —> Solid State Drive

SDK  —> Software Development Kit

TGAL  —> Think Globally, Act Locally

YHGASP  —> You Have Got A Serious Problem

VBL  —> Visible Bra Line

POMO  —> Permanent Open Market Operations Post Modern A Group Of Native American People In California

TCTC  —> To Close To Call

TOM  —> Time Of Month

WTDT  —> What To Do Today

WDYM  —> What Do You Mean?

TDG  —> Too Damn Good Three Days Grace (band)

SSC  —> Safe, Sane, Consensual

VVN  —> Very Very Nice

TWOC  —> Taken Without Owner’s Consent

TOH  —> The Other Half

WYBD  —> What’ve You Been Doing?

VTPR  —> View To Permanent Relationship

RFQ  —> Request For Quotation

USPS  —> United States Postal Service

PLRN  —> Please Leave Right Now

VGM  —> Video Game Music

PB  —> Personal Best

RSS  —> Rich Site Summary Really Simple Syndication

TBBT  —> The Big Bang Theory (TV Show)

PBQ  —> Please Be Quiet

SFW  —> Safe For Work

TBSS  —> Too Bad, So Sad

TFTA  —> Thanks For The Add

UTH  —> Up The Hoods

VNH  —> Very Nice Hand (in online card games, especialy poker)

YTML  —> You’ll Thank Me Later

TYBG  —> Thank You Based God

TFCD  —> Time For Compact Disc

UTO  —> Unable To Obtain

TYL  —> Text You Later

TFIOS  —> The Fault In Our Stars

SSL  —> Secure Socket Layer See Subject Line

SASE  —> Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope

PDG  —> Pretty Damn Good

TNT  —> Til Next Time

YNW  —> You’re Not Welcome

YTO  —> You’re The One

RPC  —> Role Playing Chat

PCI  —> Peripheral Component Interconnect

PBJ  —> Peanut Butter and Jelly

TYFAYS  —> Thank You For All Your Support

WRYTA  —> What Are You Talking About?

YSYL  —> You Snooze, You Loose

SFR  —> Smiling For Real

MGMT  —> The Management (band)

RWD  —> Rear Wheel Drive

TMN  —> Touch Me Not

TTYT  —> Talk To You Tomorrow

YKW  —> You Know Who

VNC  —> Virtual Network Computing

SOG  —> Sea Of Green (cannabis growing)

WWCND  —> What Would Chuck Norris Do?

YBTJ  —> You Be The Judge

WAK  —> Weird, awful

RAWL  —> Roll Around While Laughing

ROTC  —> Reserve Officer Training Corps

TCGB  —> Take Care, God Bless

VN  —> Very Nice

ROTFFNAR  —> Rolling On The Floor For No Apparent Reason

WOTCHER  —> What are you up to?  ?

WIP  —> Work In Progress

WOTD  —> Word Of The Day

RWL  —> Roaring With Laughter

RL  —> Real Life

WDYDT  —> Why Did You Do That? What Did You Do Today?

SNR  —> Signal To Noise Ratio

SFAM  —> Sister From Another Mister

TGFG  —> Thank God For Google

WAJ  —> What A Joke

STY  —> Same To You

SSWA  —> So Say We All

PLC  —> Public Limited Company

WTFT  —> What The French Toast (polite  )

USAF  —> United States Air Force

WYMM  —> Will You Marry Me?

TCB  —> Taking Care of  Business

YF  —> Your Friend

PITME  —> Peace In the Middle East

SOAG  —> Son Of A Gun

SATS  —> Standard Attainment Tests

TLA  —> Three Letter Acronym

SNAG  —> Sensitive New Age Guy Sausage

TC  —> Take Care

WTHC  —> Who The Hell Cares?

YCMU  —> You Crack Me Up

TFTD  —> Thought For The Day

TDM  —> Team DeathMatch

TMF  —> Too Much Forehead

RAOK  —> Random Act Of Kindness

WRU  —> Where Are You?

SRH  —> Supporting Radical Habits (Clothing)

PWOR  —> Proceeding With Orders Recieved

USW  —> Und So Weiter (German for etc)

WUWU  —> What’s Up With You?

RAM  —> Random Access Memory

VTL  —> Visible Thong Line

SCOTUS  —> Supreme Court Of The United States

WWBD  —> What Would Batman Do?

TLDR  —> Too Long; Didn’t Read

VBD  —> Very Big Deal

PCM  —> Please Call Me

TRAW  —> Thick, Rich And White

USA  —> United States of America

WYB  —> Watch Your Back

WP  —> Wrong Person Well Played

TNSTAAFL  —> There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

WRUD  —> What Are You Doing?

YCMIU  —> You Couldn’t Make It Up

SMT  —> Sucking My Teeth

YTP:|–>YouTube Poop

TTOTM  —> That Time Of The Month

SALTS  —> Smiled A Little Then Stopped

VHS  —> Video Home System

RTV  —> Rock The Vote

TGI  —> Thank God It’s …

TTTH  —> Talk To The Hand

TBF  —> To Be Fair

TTTE  —> Thomas The Tank Engine

TCG  —> Trading Card Game

TOTM  —> Time Of The Month

PVP  —> Player v Player

PYT  —> Pretty Young Thing

TMS  —> Too Much Swag(ger)

TTGG  —> Time To Go Girl

TYSVM  —> Thank You So Very Much

SBSP  —> SpongeBob SquarePants

YDMT  —> You Don’t Mean That

SATC  —> Sex And The City (TV show)

TBQFH  —> To Be Quite F***ing Honest

TOTGA  —> The One That Got Away

QFT  —> Quoted For Truth

TPE  —> Total Power Exchange

WUGOWM  —> Will You Go Out With Me?

VG  —> Video Game Very Good

SLOL  —> Seriously Laughing Out Loud

WDE  —> Worst Day Ever

YHBT  —> You Have Been Trolled

POI  —> Point(s) Of Interest

PMA  —> Positive Mental Attitude

WDYWTTA  —> What Do You Want To Talk About?

ROI  —> Return on Investment

POTO  —> Phantom Of The Opera

TGP  —> Thumbnail Gallery Post

TGFL  —> Thank God For Life

RMA  —> Return Merchandise Authorization

WDTM  —> What Does That Mean?

PDOA  —> Public Display Of Affection

WMV  —> Windows Media Video

PMC  —> Post Meal Cigarette

YGTR  —> You Got That Right

VGC  —> Very Good Condition

WLYB  —> Who Loves You Baby

TLND  —> True Love Never Dies

RC  —> Random Chat Radio Controlled

ROTGL  —> Rolling On The Ground Laughing

POTD  —> Post Of The Day

WSS  —> Why So Serious?

TFLN  —> Texts From Last Night

RFID  —> Radio Frequency Identification

TPT  —> Trailer Park Trash

RFP  —> Request for Proposal

YKYLM  —> You Know You Love Me

TRDMC  —> Tears Running Down My Cheeks

RT  —> Retweet Real Time

TNA  —> Total Nonstop Action

SAF  —> Single Asian Female

TMTH  —> Too Much To Handle

TG  —> Thank God Transgender Too Good

TTH  —> Trying Too Hard

ROG  —> Really Old Git

QAP  —> Quick As Possible Quickly As Possible

YHNI  —> You Have No Idea

WTM  —> What’s The Matter?

VPN  —> Virtual Private Network

QOTSA  —> Queens Of The Stone Age (Band)

TO  —> Time Out

ROFLOL  —> Rolling On Floor, Laughing Out Loud

PS  —> PhotoShop Play Station Post Script

SH  —> Same Here

PLU  —> People Like Us

PSP  —> PlayStation Portable

WUWH  —> Wish You Were Here

VIP  —> Very Important Person

TOY  —> Thinking Of You

SMS  —> Short Message Service

RMV  —> Results May Vary

WTTIR  —> When The Time Is Right

WRYD  —> What Are You Doing?

WAML  —> With All My Love

ROLF  —> Rolling On Laughing Floor

WRT  —> With Regard To

WDW  —> Who Dares Wins

PV  —> Promotional Video

PSM  —> Personal Short Message

WDYT  —> What Do You Think?

WTT  —> Want To Trade

QFMT  —> Quoted For More Truth

ROH  —> Ring of Honor (wrestling)

TYFE  —> Thank You For Everything

RIYL  —> Recommended If You Like

TNOT  —> Take Note Of That

TW  —> Trigger Warning

YBW  —> You’ve Been Warned

SSBHM  —> Super Sized

UTF  —> Unicode Transformation Format

TMTT  —> Too Much To Text

RMT  —> Real-Money Trading

TTML  —> Talk To Me Later

SMDHE  —> Some Mothers Do Have Em

PLUR  —> Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect

SIWOTI  —> Someone Is Wrong On The Internet

YG  —> Young Gangster

PKB  —> Pot, Kettle, Black

TGIM  —> Thank God It’s Monday

TPK  —> Total Party Kill

VV  —> Very Very

TTR  —> Time To Relax

PTB  —> Powers That Be Pass The Buck Please Text Back

RTG  —> Ready To Go

WIWWU  —> Wish I Was With You

RAS  —> Remote Access Server

WTL  —> Will Talk Later

SCUBA  —> Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

PMB  —> Private Message Box

TTYRS  —> Talk To You Real Soon

TOC  —> Table Of Contents

YRO  —> Your Rights Online

WAM  —> Wait A Minute What A Mess

WWYDT  —> Why Would You Do That?

YDU  —> You Don’t Understand

WTTJ  —> Welcome To The Jungle

WTK  —> Want To Know

WUCIWUG  —> What You See Is What You Get

RHIP  —> Rank Has Its Privileges

KICKS  —> Shoes Thrills

UWS  —> Upper West Side (of Manhattan)

WYA  —> Where You At?

PIMPL  —> Pee In My Pants Laughing

TTYM  —> Talk to You Ma

RDR  —> Red Dead Redemption (Game)

RLTW  —> Rangers Lead The Way

WOMBAT  —> Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time

SOHF  —> Sense Of Humor Failure

WAY  —> Where Are You?

WIWT  —> What I Wore Today Wish I Was There

TGTBT  —> Too Good To Be True

WUWCB  —> What do You Want to Chat about?

TDF  —> To Die For

QVC  —> Quality Value Convenience (shopping channel)

ROFC  —> Rolling On Floor Crying

VTR  —> Video Tape Recorder

TPS  —> Totally pointless stuff

SBS  —> Step By Step

WYWTA  —> What You Wanna Talk About

TWAIN  —> Technology Without An Interesting Name

PSN  —> Playstation Network

TTUTT  —> To Tell You the Truth

YVW  —> You’re Very Welcome

TMK  —> To My Knowledge

YITB  —> Yours In The Bond

WYDN  —> What You Doing Now?

SBD  —> Silent But Deadly

RPM  —> Revolutions Per Minute

PPPW  —> Per Person, Per Week

TFRM  —> Thanks For Reminding Me

TNBM  —> True Norwegian Black Metal

PLD  —> Poor Life Decision

RCT  —> Roller Coster Tycoon

YSMTU  —> You So Made That Up

TLYK  —> To Let You Know

WYBMV  —> Will You Be My Valentine?

PLR  —> Private Label Rights

WWJBD  —> What Would Jason Bourne Do?

RPS  —> Rock Paper Scissors (game)

List of abbreviations

TMBI  —> Tell Me ‘Bout It

TBBH  —> To Be Brutally Honest

VIN  —> Vehicle Identification Number

ROTM  —> Run Of The Mill

WTDTA  —> Where They Do That At?

PHB  —> Pointy-Haired Boss (from Dilbert)

TFTI  —> Thanks For The Info

YDS  —> You Don’t Say

YOYO  —> You’re On Your Own

WOM  —> Women Over Mates

RFTS  —> Reach For The Stars

WBN  —> Would Be Nice

PICNIC  —> Problem In Chair Not In Computer

TFMTK  —> That’s For Me To Know

UTI  —> Urinary Tract Infection

TB  —> Text Back

WTB  —> Want To Buy

YAW  —> You Are Welcome

VC  —> Voice Chat

TFI  —> Thanks For the Information

VBG  —> Very Big Grin

WDUM  —> What Do You Mean?

TLDW  —> Too Long; Didn’t Watch

SOAD  —> System Of A Down (Band)

TY  —> Thank You

TBFU  —> Too Bad For You

WN  —> Why Not? What’s New?

TLOL  —> Truly Laughing Out Loud

VJ  —> Video Jockey (like   with lights and video)

TBTF  —> Too Big To Fail

TTTT  —> These Things Take Time

WW  —> White Widow (strong marijuana) White Woman

WBB  —> Will Be Back

WWOTW  —> Wicked Witch Of The West

SME  —> Small/Medium Enterprises

TMT  —> Too Much Tuna

WHYB  —> Where Have You Been?

RO  —> Ragnarok Online ( )

TMB  —> Text Me Back

ROY  —> Relative of yours?

TTYL  —> Talk To You Later

RAK  —> Random Act of Kindness

YATLOML  —> You Are The Love Of My Life

RYN  —> Read Your Note Regarding Your Note

TCOB  —> Taking Care of Buisness

TEOTWAWKI  —> The End Of The World As We Know It

SAFM  —> Stay Away From Me

RYC  —> Regarding Your Comment

KGB  —> Russian secret police

SHU  —> Secure Housing Unit

WTA  —> Winner Takes All

RBTL  —> Read Between The Lines

YRG  —> You Are Good!

YGM  —> You Get Me? You’ve Got Mail

TMA  —> Take My Advice

SNM  —> Say No More

WPA  —> Wi-Fi Protected Access

PTT  —> Push-To-Talk

YWSYLS  —> You Win Some, You Lose Some

WDYS  —> What Did You Say?

QFE  —> Quoted For Emphasis

UT  —> Unreal Tournament

PLMA  —> Please Leave Me Alone

YMMD  —> You Made My Day

TME  —> Too Much Effort

SAE  —> Stamped/Self Addressed Envelope

WWE  —> World Wrestling Entertainment

WKS  —> Well Kept Secret

VWP  —> Very Well Played Very Well Put

QOTD  —> Quote Of The Day

PLI  —> Potential Love Interest

WTO  —> World Trade Organization

WOTAM  —> Waste of Time and Money

TOTUS  —> Teleprompter Of The United States

PWT  —> Poor White Trash

WOC  —> Women of Color

SAB  —> Smoking A Blunt

PDBAZ  —> Please Don’t Be A Zombie

PS & QS  —> Pints and Quarts Please and Thank Yous

WTHN  —> Why The Heck Not?

YGTI  —> You Get The Idea

SND  —> Search And Destroy

TPO  —> Time, Place, Occasion

WTBS  —> With That Being Said

PS4  —> PlayStation 4

TBMS  —> To Be More Specific

SMN  —> Shoot Me Now

TYS  —> Thank You Sir

SNF  —> So Not Funny

WTH  —> What/Where/Who The Hell

TLTR  —> Too Long To Read

WYW  —> Whatever You Want

YK  —> You’re Kidding

SORN  —> Statutory Off Road Notification

POF  —> Plenty of Fish  (dating site)

TGFI  —> Thank God For the Internet

SSBB  —> Super Smash Brothers Brawl (game)

RD  —> Real Deal

SMDH  —> Shaking My Damn Head

TBE  —> To be Edited

SOS  —> Save Our Souls (Help!)

PNC  —> Point and Click Partner in Crime

TTUL  —> Talk To You Later

WWJP  —> What Would Jesus Post?

WTML  —> Welcome To My Life

RV  —> Recreational Vehicle

RNR  —> Rock ‘N Roll

PKIT  —> Please Keep In Touch

RHCP  —> Red Hot Chili Peppers (Band)

YNK  —> You Never Know

WDYMBT  —> What Do You Mean By That?

WNWY  —> What’s New With You?

SOMSW  —> Someone Over My Shoulder Watching

PEBCAC  —> Problem Exists Between Chair And Computer

PVM  —> Player Versus Monster

PFC  —> Private First Class

PTM  —> Please Tell Me

TD  —> Touchdown

WYLSCWTW  —> Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

POTY  —> Post Of The Year

SOPA  —> Stop Online Piracy Act

WAYTA  —> What Are You Talking About

WSWTA  —> What Shall We Talk About?

YHM  —> You Have Mail

SML  —> Screw My Life Story of My Life

WYLT  —> What You Listening To?

PEBCAK  —> Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

UE  —> User Experience

WYSIWYG  —> What You See Is What You Get

QQ4U  —> Quick Question For You

PMT  —> Pre-Menstrual Tension

RFT  —> Right First Time

TVM  —> Thanks Very Much

WAPCE  —> Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil

WR  —> Warm Regards

WAYOA  —> What Are You On About?

TFTL  —> Thanks for the Link

YUM  —> Said when something tastes good or is attractive

TNSL  —> Took Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching)

TINALO  —> This Is Not A Legal Opinion

RTO  —> Radio Telephone Operator

VCARD  —> Virtual (online) business card

WCIS  —> What Can I Say

WAYLT  —> What Are You Listening To?

RTW  —> Ready To Wear Round The World

PUA  —> Pick Up Artist

YDL  —> Yellow Dog Linux

RW  —> Read-Write

TNO  —> Trust No One

VH1  —> Video Hits One (TV channel)

YGTBKM  —> You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

TNLN  —> Took Nothing Left Nothing

SSDD  —> Same Stuff Different Day

PST  —> Please Send Tell Pacific Standard Time

URI  —> Uniform Resource Indicator, URL

WIWWY  —> What Is Wrong With You?

TINAG  —> This Is Not A Game

WYK  —> Would You Kindly

TTYVS  —> Talk To You Very Soon

TYVM  —> Thank You Very Much

TOFTT  —> Take One For The Team

WWYD  —> What Would You Do?

WNL  —> Within Normal Limits

YANA  —> You Are Not Alone

PLL  —> Pretty Little Liar

YMCA  —> Young Mens Christian Association

WOB  —> Waste Of Bandwith

TMSIDK  —> Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

WTY  —> Why, Thank You

WDIB  —> Why Do I Bother?

VM  —> Voice Mail

VP  —> Vice President

WSUL  —> Will See You Later

PHAT  —> Pretty Hot And Tempting

WLTM  —> Would Like To Meet

TGIO  —> Thank God It’s Over

URL  —> Uniform Resource Locator, internet address

TFM  —> Total Frat Move

PSI  —> Pounds per Square Inch (pressure) Greek letter

YAVW  —> You Are Very Welcome

TYJ  —> Thank You Jesus

SOIDH  —> Screenshot Or It Didn’t Happen

WTII  —> What time Is It?

UY  —> Up Yours

TOL  —> Thinking Out Loud Thinking Of Laughing

RTB  —> Return To Base

TCK  —> Third Culture Kid

QOL  —> Quality Of Life

SATA  —> Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

TLDNR  —> Too Long; Did Not Read

RDC  —> Really Don’t Care

PDP  —> Pretty Darn Precious

WAYD  —> What Are You Doing

QI  —> Quite Interesting

SOOTB  —> Straight Out Of The Box

SO  —> Significant Other Shout Out

TCOY  —> Take Care Of Yourself

PTW  —> Play To Win Professional Time Waster

YALA  —> You Always Live Again

YT?  —> You Think ?

WOS  —> Waste Of Space Wife Over Shoulder

WYF  —> What’s Your Favorite …?

SFSG  —> So Far So Good

ROW  —> Rest Of the World

TPTB  —> The Powers That Be

RWNJ  —> Right Wing Nut Job

PUV  —> Public Utility Vehicle

TCFN  —> Take Care For Now

YLOD  —> Yellow Light Of Death

TM  —> Text Message Text Me Trademark

RNG  —> Random Number Generator

PCMIA  —> Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adaptor

SBI  —> Surrounded By Incompetence

WCW  —> World Championship Wrestling

WEP  —> Wireless Encryption Protocol

RDO  —> Regular Day Off

POTUS  —> President of the United States

WOAT  —> Worst Of All Time

RHD  —> Right Hand Drive

RYO  —> Roll Your Own

WLYK  —> Will Let You Know

YTTM  —> You Talk Too Much You Talking To Me?

WAL  —> What A Loser

WJD  —> What Jesus Did

QS  —> Quick Scope

PRC  —> People’s Republic of China

TFFW  —> Too Funny For Words

SU  —> Shut Up

PBB  —> Pirate Bulletin Board

YW  —> You’re Welcome

RTS  —> Real Time Strategy

VLAN  —> Virtual Local Area Network

TYFYT  —> Thank You For Your Time

WMYB  —> What Makes You Beautiful

RPF  —> Real Person Fiction

SOI  —> Statement of Intent

POV  —> Point Of View


YDI  —> You Deserve It

WDITOT  —> Why Didn’t I Think Of That

VNDS  —> Very Near Dead Stock

YLI  —> You Love It

RSVP  —> Repondez s’il vous plait (Please reply)

WBS  —> Write Back Soon

TDWP  —> The Devil Wears Prada (Band)

SFO  —> San Francisco International Airport

SS  —> Screen Shot

YGPM  —> You’ve Got Private Message

TTT  —> Third Tier Toilet (bad school)

UTD  —> Up To Date

TMH  —> Touch My Hand

TPB  —> The Pirate Bay

TMMS  —> That Made Me Smile

RHS  —> Right Hand Side

TTO  —> Time To Own

PPU  —> Please Pick Up

WYP  —> What’s Your Problem? What’s Your Point?

QC  —> Quality Control

USBM  —> United States Black Metal

RAWR  —> Right Answer, Wrong Reason

RFI  —> Request For Information

ROR  —> Raughing out Roud

TDDUP  —> Til Death Do Us Part

SSH  —> Secure Shell (Unix program)

SAT  —> Scholastic Assessment Test

TCFS  —> Too Cool For School

YWU?  —> Yo Waz Up?

TDTF  —> Too Drunk to Function

TNL  —> To Next Level

WYTA  —> What You Talking About?

WDYWT  —> What Did You Wear Today?

SF  —> Science Fiction San Francisco

TRG  —> Tiny Rascal Gang

SSA  —> Subject Says All

TFP  —> Thanks For Playing

YTB  —> You’re The Best

WDYW  —> What Do You Want?

WUW  —> What You Want?

WWW  —> World Wide Web

VOD  —> Video-On-Demand

TBQF  —> To Be Quite Frank

TGIF  —> Thank God It’s Friday

WDFD  —> Whoop Dee F***ing Doo

VGA  —> Video Graphics Array/Adaptor

TCFC  —> Too Close For Comfort

SA  —> Sibling Alert

TTP  —> To The Point

WYN  —> What’s Your Name?

POTC  —> Pirates Of The Carribean

PGDA  —> Pretty Goddamn Awesome

USP  —> Unique Selling Point

WHYD  —> What Have You Done?

TBTG  —> Thanks Be To God

WYWH  —> Wish You Were Here

WWY  —> Where Were You?

VBR  —> Variable Bit Rate

SFP  —> Sorry for Partying

TTL  —> Thank The Lord Time To Live (network cache)

RBAY  —> Right Back At You

YATB  —> You Are The Best

ROFL  —> Rolling On Floor Laughing

WAYWO  —> What Are You Working On?

WNOHGB  —> Where No One Has Gone Before

WTGP  —> Way To Go, Partner

RML  —> Read My Lips

RTFM  —> Read The Flipping Manual

WIA  —> Wounded In Action

PDF  —> Portable Document Format

WTD  —> What The Deuce?

RLF  —> Real Life Friend

WOE  —> What On Earth

SMH  —> Shaking My Head

WULA  —> What’re you Looking At?

WTHAY  —> Who The Hell Are You?

WTGP?  —> Want To Go Private?

WDUD  —> What Do You Do?

TDL  —> To Do List

WFYB  —> Whatever Floats Your Boat

ROS  —> Right On Schedule

PTL  —> Praise The Lord

YDK  —> You Don’t Know

YLM  —> You Love Me?

SFTBC  —> Sorry For The Broadcast

WT?  —> What The …? or Who the …?

TBQH  —> To Be Quite Honest

PSTN  —> Public Switched Telephone Network

TMBG  —> They Might Be Giants (band)

WDIC  —> What Do I Care?

TBCH  —> To Be Completely Honest

YGG  —> You Go Girl

VBS  —> Very Big Smile

RBG  —> Revolutionary But Gangsta

YWCA  —> Young Women’s Christian Association

WULLNP  —> Wishing You Long Life And Prosperity

PC  —> Politically Correct Personal Computer

PIPA  —> Protect IP Act

WUD  —> What You Doing?

PA  —> Personal Assistant

TGIAF  —> Thank God It’s Almost Friday

SD  —> Sweet Dreams Secure Digital (memory card) So Drunk

TRDMF  —> Tears Running Down My Face

TFTC  —> Thanks For The (Geo)Cache

THABTO  —> Two Heads Are Better Than One

commonly used abbreviations commonly used abbreviations commonly used abbreviations abbreviations abbreviations abbreviations

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