20 Adjectives Ending in -Less

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Adjectives are a key component of the English language, providing detail and depth to descriptions. In this blog post, we explore 20 impactful adjectives that end in -less, each offering a unique perspective on the subjects they describe. Let’s delve into their meanings and see them used in example sentences.

  1. Fearless

Meaning: Without fear.

Example: She approached the challenge fearlessly.

  1. Tireless

Meaning: Never showing fatigue.

Example: He worked tirelessly to meet the deadline.

  1. Endless

Meaning: Having no end or limit.

Example: The possibilities seemed endless.

  1. Effortless

Meaning: Requiring no effort.

Example: Her grace was completely effortless.

  1. Flawless

Meaning: Without any imperfections.

Example: His performance was absolutely flawless.

  1. Restless

Meaning: Unable to rest or relax.

Example: She felt restless throughout the night.

  1. Merciless

Meaning: Showing no mercy.

Example: The ruler was known to be merciless.

  1. Priceless

Meaning: Too valuable to be priced.

Example: Their reaction was truly priceless.

  1. Boundless

Meaning: Unlimited; vast.

Example: Her enthusiasm was boundless.

  1. Spotless

Meaning: Completely clean.

Example: The room was spotless after cleaning.

  1. Selfless

Meaning: Having no concern for oneself.

Example: He acted in a selfless manner.

  1. Ageless

Meaning: Never looking older.

Example: Her beauty seemed ageless.

  1. Reckless

Meaning: Without regard to danger.

Example: His driving was dangerously reckless.

  1. Helpless

Meaning: Unable to help oneself.

Example: The baby bird was completely helpless.

  1. Weightless

Meaning: Having no weight; light.

Example: They felt weightless in space.

  1. Timeless

Meaning: Unaffected by the passage of time.

Example: The film’s appeal is truly timeless.

  1. Cloudless

Meaning: Having no clouds.

Example: The sky was bright and cloudless.

  1. Useless

Meaning: Having no use.

Example: That broken tool is completely useless.

  1. Motionless

Meaning: Not moving; still.

Example: He stood completely motionless.

  1. Thoughtless

Meaning: Inconsiderate; rash.

Example: His comment was thoughtless and hurtful.

Adjectives Ending in Less

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