20 Collocations about Physical Appearance

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Understanding collocations—words that frequently go together—can enhance your ability to describe things in English. This post focuses on collocations related to physical appearance, offering ESL students and teachers simple definitions and example sentences to help them visualize and learn these common phrases.

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Collocations about Physical Appearance

1. Broad shoulders

having wide shoulders

Example: He has broad shoulders, perfect for football.

2. Full beard

thick, complete beard growth

Example: He grew a full beard during winter.

3. High forehead

a forehead with a lot of vertical space

Example: She has a high forehead that stands out.

4. Piercing eyes

very expressive, intense eyes

Example: Her piercing eyes seemed to read my thoughts.

5. Curly hair

hair with a lot of curls

Example: His curly hair bounced as he walked.

6. Slim figure

a thin, slender body shape

Example: She maintains a slim figure with yoga.

7. Sharp features

very defined facial features

Example: His sharp features gave him a serious look.

8. Straight nose

a nose without any bends or curves

Example: She has a straight nose, adding to her elegance.

9. Tanned skin

skin darkened by sun exposure

Example: He returned from vacation with tanned skin.

10. Thick eyebrows

full, well-defined eyebrows

Example: Her thick eyebrows framed her face beautifully.

11. Muscular arms

well-developed arm muscles

Example: His muscular arms are the result of daily workouts.

12. Pale complexion

very light skin tone

Example: Her pale complexion stood out in the sunny park.

13. Bald head

having no hair on the head

Example: He carries his bald head with confidence.

14. Wavy hair

hair with gentle curves or waves

Example: Her wavy hair flowed beautifully in the breeze.

15. Glowing skin

healthy, radiant skin

Example: Her glowing skin is all thanks to her skincare routine.

16. Petite frame

a small, delicate body build

Example: She has a petite frame but a strong spirit.

17. Dimpled cheeks

cheeks with small indents when smiling

Example: His dimpled cheeks appear every time he laughs.

18. Stout build

a strong, slightly bulky body type

Example: His stout build makes him a good rugby player.

19. Angular face

face with distinct, sharp angles

Example: Her angular face makes her very photogenic.

20. Chubby cheeks

round and slightly plump cheeks

Example: The baby’s chubby cheeks were so cute.

Collocations about Physical Appearance

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