Learn 20 Interesting Agreement Expressions

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Agreement expressions are used to show consensus or alignment with another person’s thoughts or opinions.

Agreement Expressions

  1. I agree
    Meaning: Express alignment with someone’s opinion.
    Example: You have a point; I agree.
  2. Absolutely
    Meaning: Totally or completely in agreement.
    Example: We should revise our strategy. Absolutely!
  3. You’re right
    Meaning: Acknowledge the correctness of another’s view.
    Example: You’re right, we need more staff.
  4. I couldn’t agree more
    Meaning: Totally agree with someone’s opinion.
    Example: Your analysis is spot-on; I couldn’t agree more.
  5. Exactly
    Meaning: Agreeing fully with what was said.
    Example: The budget needs reallocation. Exactly!
  6. That’s true
    Meaning: Confirming the truthfulness of a statement.
    Example: We lack resources for expansion. That’s true.
  7. No doubt about it
    Meaning: Confirming without any uncertainty.
    Example: He’s the best candidate. No doubt about it.
  8. You said it
    Meaning: Agreeing completely with what someone said.
    Example: The team’s performance is great. You said it!
  9. We’re on the same page
    Meaning: Sharing the same viewpoint or understanding.
    Example: Our goals align; we’re on the same page.
  10. Couldn’t have said it better
    Meaning: Agreeing wholeheartedly with someone’s expression.
    Example: Great insight; couldn’t have said it better.
  11. For sure
    Meaning: Confirming something with certainty.
    Example: We should invest more in marketing. For sure!
  12. Exactly right
    Meaning: Confirming accuracy or correctness.
    Example: Your estimate is exactly right.
  13. Right on
    Meaning: Expressing strong agreement.
    Example: The new policy is beneficial. Right on!
  14. Couldn’t be more true
    Meaning: Fully agreeing with someone’s viewpoint.
    Example: Our sales need boosting; couldn’t be more true.
  15. Affirmative
    Meaning: Official confirmation or agreement.
    Example: Will you support the proposal? Affirmative!
  16. That’s for sure
    Meaning: Confirming a fact or statement.
    Example: This strategy needs improvement. That’s for sure.
  17. I’ll say
    Meaning: Expressing strong agreement with emphasis.
    Example: The food was excellent. I’ll say!
  18. That’s exactly what I think
    Meaning: Sharing the same thoughts or opinion.
    Example: Our approach needs updating. That’s exactly what I think.
  19. Absolutely right
    Meaning: Showing complete agreement.
    Example: He made the right decision. Absolutely right.
  20. No question about it
    Meaning: Agreeing without any doubt.
    Example: He’s the best choice. No question about it.

agreement expressions

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