Phrasal Verbs Related To Learning

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When learning a new language or subject, phrasal verbs can help you communicate effectively. Here’s a list of 20 phrasal verbs related to learning that will aid you in understanding and discussing your educational journey.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs Related to Learning:

  1. Catch up
  2. Look up
  3. Write down
  4. Go over
  5. Fill in
  6. Read up on
  7. Brush up on
  8. Drop out
  9. Keep up
  10. Turn in
  11. Hand in
  12. Work out
  13. Work through
  14. Back up
  15. Break down
  16. Fall behind
  17. Get through
  18. Point out
  19. Speak up
  20. Sign up

Learning Related Phrasal Verbs with Their Meanings & Examples

Catch up

Meaning: To reach the same standard as others after falling behind.

Example: He missed a week of school but is working hard to catch up.

Look up

Meaning: To search for information in a book or online.

Example: If you don’t know a word, look it up in the dictionary.

Write down

Meaning: To record information on paper.

Example: Make sure to write down your assignments for the week.

Go over

Meaning: To review or examine something.

Example: We need to go over the lecture notes before the exam.

Fill in

Meaning: To complete missing information on a form or document.

Example: Please fill in the blanks with appropriate words.

Read up on

Meaning: To study or research a particular subject.

Example: I’ve been reading up on European history for my class.

Brush up on

Meaning: To refresh one’s knowledge or skills.

Example: I need to brush up on my French before traveling to Paris.

Drop out

Meaning: To leave school or a course before finishing it.

Example: He dropped out of college to start his own business.

Keep up

Meaning: To stay at the same pace or level as others.

Example: It’s difficult to keep up with the coursework this semester.

Turn in

Meaning: To submit an assignment or piece of work.

Example: Don’t forget to turn in your essay by Friday.

Hand in

Meaning: To submit work to someone in authority.

Example: You must hand in your completed project by the end of the week.

Work out

Meaning: To solve a problem or understand something.

Example: It took a while, but we finally worked out the solution.

Work through

Meaning: To resolve issues or complete tasks step by step.

Example: We worked through the difficult math problems together.

Back up

Meaning: To make a copy of data or information.

Example: Make sure to back up your files before updating your computer.

Break down

Meaning: To separate information into parts for better understanding.

Example: The teacher broke down the complex concept into smaller steps.

Fall behind

Meaning: To be slower or less successful than others.

Example: He fell behind in his studies due to illness.

Get through

Meaning: To succeed in completing a difficult task or passing an exam.

Example: She managed to get through her final exams with flying colors.

Point out

Meaning: To draw attention to something important.

Example: The professor pointed out a mistake in my calculations.

Speak up

Meaning: To express an opinion or ask a question loudly and clearly.

Example: If you don’t understand, please speak up during the lecture.

Sign up

Meaning: To enroll in a course or activity.

Example: She signed up for a painting class at the community center.

Phrasal Verbs Related To Learning

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