Phrasal Verbs Related To Food And Cooking

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Cooking involves many specific actions that are best described using phrasal verbs. Knowing these combinations of verbs and prepositions or adverbs will help you understand and discuss recipes more effectively. Here’s a list of 20 phrasal verbs related to food and cooking to make your kitchen conversations easier.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs related to Food and Cooking:

  1. Boil over
  2. Chop up
  3. Cut down on
  4. Cut up
  5. Dice up
  6. Fry up
  7. Eat out
  8. Eat up
  9. Slice up
  10. Warm up
  11. Whip up
  12. Cook up
  13. Dish out
  14. Dig in
  15. Throw away
  16. Thaw out
  17. Mix in
  18. Pour out
  19. Stir up
  20. Put on

Food And Cooking Phrasal Verbs With Their Meanings & Examples

Boil over

Meaning: When a liquid spills out of a container due to boiling.

Example: The soup boiled over, creating a mess on the stove.

Chop up

Meaning: To cut food into small pieces.

Example: He chopped up some vegetables for the salad.

Cut down on

Meaning: To reduce the amount of something.

Example: She’s trying to cut down on sugar for health reasons.

Cut up

Meaning: To divide food into smaller parts with a knife.

Example: Please cut up the steak into smaller pieces for the kids.

Dice up

Meaning: To cut food into small cubes.

Example: Dice up the onions before adding them to the pot.

Fry up

Meaning: To cook something by frying.

Example: He fried up some bacon for breakfast.

Eat out

Meaning: To dine at a restaurant instead of at home.

Example: They decided to eat out at their favorite Italian restaurant.

Eat up

Meaning: To eat all the food on your plate.

Example: Make sure you eat up your vegetables!

Slice up

Meaning: To cut food into thin slices.

Example: She sliced up some tomatoes for the sandwich.

Warm up

Meaning: To heat something to a desired temperature.

Example: Can you warm up the leftovers for dinner?

Whip up

Meaning: To quickly prepare a meal or snack.

Example: She whipped up a delicious pasta dish in no time.

Cook up

Meaning: To prepare a meal, often using various ingredients.

Example: He cooked up a feast for his family.

Dish out

Meaning: To serve food onto plates.

Example: She dished out the spaghetti for everyone.

Dig in

Meaning: To start eating enthusiastically.

Example: The kids couldn’t wait to dig in to the birthday cake.

Throw away

Meaning: To discard something that is no longer needed.

Example: Don’t throw away the leftovers; we can eat them tomorrow.

Thaw out

Meaning: To defrost frozen food.

Example: Make sure you thaw out the chicken before cooking it.

Mix in

Meaning: To combine an ingredient into a mixture.

Example: Mix in the eggs after adding the flour.

Pour out

Meaning: To transfer liquid from one container to another.

Example: He poured out some wine for his guests.

Stir up

Meaning: To mix ingredients by stirring.

Example: Stir up the batter until it’s smooth.

Put on

Meaning: To start cooking something by placing it on heat.

Example: I put on a pot of coffee for breakfast.

Phrasal Verbs Related To Food And Cooking

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