Phrasal Verbs Related To Sleep

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Sleep is an essential part of our daily lives, and we often use phrasal verbs to describe different sleep-related activities. To help you express yourself more naturally, we’ve gathered 20 phrasal verbs related to sleep. Master these verbs to enhance your vocabulary and make your conversations smoother.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs related to Sleep:

  1. Nod off
  2. Drift off
  3. Doze off
  4. Turn in
  5. Wake up
  6. Get up
  7. Lie down
  8. Sleep in
  9. Stay up
  10. Sleep over
  11. Drop off
  12. Fall asleep
  13. Snooze away
  14. Sleep through
  15. Sleep on
  16. Wake up to
  17. Wake out of
  18. Wake up from
  19. Catch up on
  20. Sleep like a log

Sleep-Related Phrasal Verbs With Their Meanings

Nod off

Meaning: To fall asleep, especially for a short time.

Example: I nodded off during the boring lecture.

Drift off

Meaning: To gradually fall asleep.

Example: She drifted off while reading her book.

Doze off

Meaning: To fall asleep unintentionally, often in a seated position.

Example: He dozed off on the train after a long day.

Turn in

Meaning: To go to bed for sleep.

Example: I’m tired; I think I’ll turn in early tonight.

Wake up

Meaning: To stop sleeping and become conscious.

Example: I wake up every morning at 7 AM.

Get up

Meaning: To rise from bed after waking.

Example: He always gets up right after his alarm rings.

Lie down

Meaning: To recline and rest, usually on a bed or couch.

Example: I need to lie down for a while before dinner.

Sleep in

Meaning: To sleep longer than usual in the morning.

Example: On Sundays, I love to sleep in until 0 AM.

Stay up

Meaning: To remain awake past the usual bedtime.

Example: The kids wanted to stay up late to watch the fireworks.

Sleep over

Meaning: To stay overnight at someone else’s house.

Example: She’s going to sleep over at her friend’s place tonight.

Drop off

Meaning: To fall asleep, especially after difficulty.

Example: I finally dropped off after tossing and turning for an hour.

Fall asleep

Meaning: To begin sleeping.

Example: He fell asleep while watching TV.

Snooze away

Meaning: To sleep soundly and peacefully.

Example: The baby snoozed away in his crib.

Sleep through

Meaning: To continue sleeping even with noise or disturbance.

Example: She slept through the thunderstorm last night.

Sleep on

Meaning: To delay making a decision until the next day.

Example: I’ll sleep on your offer and give you an answer tomorrow.

Wake up to

Meaning: To become aware of or realize something after waking up.

Example: I woke up to the reality that I had an important meeting.

Wake out of

Meaning: To emerge from a state of sleep.

Example: He woke out of a deep sleep to answer the phone.

Wake up from

Meaning: To end a specific dream state and become conscious.

Example: She woke up from a nightmare, shaking with fear.

Catch up on

Meaning: To do something missed, often related to sleep or rest.

Example: I need to catch up on sleep this weekend.

Sleep like a log

Meaning: To sleep very soundly.

Example: I slept like a log after the exhausting hike.


Phrasal Verbs Related To Sleep

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