25 Essential American Slang You Shouldn’t Miss

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Are you ready to sound like a real American? From coast to coast, people in the U.S. use some cool and quirky words that might seem strange at first. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand and use them like a pro. Let’s dive into the world of American slang!

American Slang with Meaning and Example Sentences

American Slang

1:- Cool Beans – Something very good or agreeable.

Example: You got the job? Cool beans!

2:- Crash – To go to sleep or a place to sleep.

Example: I’m so tired, I need to crash at your place tonight.

3:- Bail – To leave abruptly.

Example: The party was boring, so we decided to bail.

4:- Dude – A person, typically a man.

Example: Hey dude, what’s up?

5:- Epic – Very impressive or awesome.

Example: That was an epic party last night!

6:- Ghost – To suddenly cut off all communication.

Example: I thought we were friends, but she just ghosted me.

7:- Hangry – Angry because you’re hungry.

Example: I didn’t eat breakfast, and now I’m hangry.

8:- Lit – Amazing or exciting.

Example: This concert is going to be lit!

9:- Savage – Ruthless or brutally honest.

Example: His comeback was so savage, that everyone was shocked.

10:- Shook – Shocked or surprised.

Example: I was shook when I heard the news.

11:- Slay – To do something exceptionally well.

Example: She slays every time she performs.

12:- Snack – An attractive person.

Example: Have you seen the new guy? He’s a snack!

13:- Stan – An extremely dedicated fan.

Example: I stan this band so hard, I’ve been to all their concerts.

14:- Tea – Gossip or personal information.

Example: Spill the tea, what happened last night?

15:- Thirsty – Desperate for attention or approval.

Example: Posting selfies every day is a bit thirsty.

16:- Throw shade – To give someone a dirty look or verbally insult them.

Example: She always throws shade at people she doesn’t like.

17:- Turnt – Excited or intoxicated.

Example: The whole crowd was turnt during the festival.

18:- Vibe – A person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place.

Example: The vibe in this café is so cozy.

19:- Woke – Being aware of social injustices.

Example: He’s so woke, always standing up for what’s right.

20:- YOLO – You Only Live Once, encouraging taking risks.

Example: I’m going skydiving because YOLO!

21:- Flex – To show off.

Example: He’s always trying to flex with his new car.

22:- Gucci – Good or cool.

Example: Everything’s Gucci, don’t worry about it.

23:- Hype – Excessive excitement or buildup.

Example: The movie didn’t live up to the hype.

24:- Lowkey – Something done quietly or discreetly.

Example: I’m lowkey obsessed with this show.

25:- No cap – Telling the truth.

Example: No cap, that was the best performance I’ve ever seen.

26:- On fleek – Perfectly done or well-put-together.

Example: Your outfit is on fleek today!

27:- Ride or die – A very loyal friend or partner.

Example: She’s my ride or die, always there for me.

28:- Salty – Bitter or upset.

Example: He’s salty because he didn’t get invited.

29:- Simp – Someone who does too much for someone they like.

Example: He’s such a simp for her, always buying gifts.

30:- Skrrt – The sound of tires screeching, used to express a quick departure.

Example: He grabbed the money and was like, skrrt!

31:- Bet – Agreement or acknowledgment.

Example: You’re coming to the party? Bet!

32:- Boujee – Luxurious or high-class.

Example: She has such boujee tastes in clothes.

33:- Chillax – Chill and relax.

Example: Just chillax, everything will be fine.

34:- Clapback – A quick, witty comeback.

Example: Her clapback was so sharp, he had nothing to say.

35:- Dope – Cool or excellent.

Example: That new song is dope!

36:- Extra – Over the top or dramatic.

Example: She’s so extra, wearing heels to a picnic.

37:- Fam – Close friends or family.

Example: What’s up, fam?

38:- Fire – Hot, trendy, or amazing.

Example: These new shoes are fire!

39:- G.O.A.T:- – Greatest Of All Time.

Example: He’s the G.O.A.T:- of basketball, no question.

40:- Hundo P – 100 percent certain.

Example: I’m hundo p sure we passed the test.

41:- I’m dead – That’s hilarious.

Example: Your joke was so funny, I’m dead!

42:- Janky – Of poor quality or unreliable.

Example: This janky car breaks down all the time.

43:- Keep it 100 – To be honest and authentic.

Example: I always keep it 100 with my friends.

44:- Low-key – To keep something discreet.

Example: I’m low-key in love with this song.

45:- Mood – Relating to a specific feeling.

Example: This song is a mood.

46:- Nailed it – Completed something with perfection.

Example: You nailed that presentation!

47:- OG – Original Gangster, someone who’s incredibly authentic or the first of their kind.

Example: He’s the OG of street art in this town.

48:- Poppin’ – Trendy or popular.

Example: This place is poppin’ on weekends.

49:- Receipts – Proof or evidence.

Example: If you don’t believe me, I can show you the receipts.

50:- Swole – Very muscular.

Example: He’s been hitting the gym; he’s getting swole.


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