Other Words for Amazing and Example Sentences

Did you know there are so many ways to say something is “amazing”? It’s fun to learn new words because they help us share our thoughts and feelings better. Words like “incredible,” “awesome,” and “fantastic” are just a few examples.

Each word is special and can describe different kinds of amazing things. Like, “breathtaking” is perfect for a beautiful view, and “mind-blowing” is great for something really surprising.

Using different words makes our stories and conversations more interesting. So, next time you want to say “amazing,” try a new word and see how it feels!

Amazing Synonyms

Here are 50 other words you can use instead:

  1. Astonishing
  2. Incredible
  3. Marvelous
  4. Wonderful
  5. Stunning
  6. Remarkable
  7. Phenomenal
  8. Fantastic
  9. Spectacular
  10. Extraordinary
  11. Breathtaking
  12. Astounding
  13. Fabulous
  14. Magnificent
  15. Prodigious
  16. Stupendous
  17. Sensational
  18. Mind-blowing
  19. Impressive
  20. Outstanding
  21. Unbelievable
  22. Awesome
  23. Brilliant
  24. Dazzling
  25. Exquisite
  26. Exceptional
  27. Enthralling
  28. Miraculous
  29. Sublime
  30. Captivating
  31. Enchanting
  32. Radiant
  33. Splendid
  34. Transcendent
  35. Epic
  36. Grand
  37. Superb
  38. Glorious
  39. Majestic
  40. Divine
  41. Spellbinding
  42. Heavenly
  43. Resplendent
  44. Luminous
  45. Exhilarating
  46. Invigorating
  47. Electrifying
  48. Thrilling
  49. Mesmerizing
  50. Bewitching

Other Words for AMAZING

Amazing Synonyms in Sentences

  1. The magician’s performance was truly astonishing.
  2. Her ability to solve complex problems is absolutely incredible.
  3. The artwork in the gallery was simply marvelous.
  4. What a wonderful day for a picnic in the park!
  5. The landscape view from the top was absolutely stunning.
  6. His dedication to his work is quite remarkable.
  7. The athlete’s performance at the Olympics was phenomenal.
  8. The fireworks show was absolutely fantastic.
  9. The panoramic view of the city at night is spectacular.
  10. Her singing voice is truly extraordinary.
  11. The natural beauty of the waterfall was breathtaking.
  12. The scientific discovery was astounding.
  13. The fashion show was absolutely fabulous.
  14. The ancient castle looked magnificent in the moonlight.
  15. His knowledge of history is prodigious.
  16. The roller coaster ride was stupendous.
  17. The movie’s special effects were sensational.
  18. The plot twist in the novel was mind-blowing.
  19. Her presentation was impressive and well-received.
  20. The athlete’s comeback was an outstanding achievement.
  21. The survival of the tiny plant in such harsh conditions was unbelievable.
  22. The new video game is absolutely awesome.
  23. The solution to the complex equation was brilliant.
  24. The dancer’s performance was dazzling to watch.
  25. The craftsmanship of the jewelry was exquisite.
  26. The chef’s skills in the kitchen are truly exceptional.
  27. The theatrical play was enthralling from beginning to end.
  28. The recovery of the injured wildlife was miraculous.
  29. The quiet beauty of the garden was sublime.
  30. The story was so captivating that I couldn’t put the book down.
  31. The ambiance of the candlelit dinner was enchanting.
  32. Her smile was radiant and contagious.
  33. The performance by the orchestra was splendid.
  34. The depth of her philosophical thoughts was transcendent.
  35. The tale of the ancient heroes was truly epic.
  36. The architecture of the building was grand and imposing.
  37. The quality of the handmade furniture was superb.
  38. The sunrise over the mountains was glorious.
  39. The palace looked majestic against the backdrop of the setting sun.
  40. The serenity of the chapel was divine.
  41. The storytelling at the campfire was spellbinding.
  42. The peace and quiet of the countryside felt heavenly.
  43. The display of the northern lights was resplendent.
  44. The glow of the fireflies in the dark was luminous.
  45. The rollercoaster ride was exhilarating.
  46. The brisk morning walk was invigorating.
  47. The live concert was absolutely electrifying.
  48. The mystery novel was thrilling from start to finish.
  49. The art exhibition was mesmerizing, drawing you into each piece.
  50. The legend of the haunted forest was bewitching, captivating everyone’s imagination.

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