Learn Interesting Career Expressions in English

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These expressions describe different aspects of building, changing, and succeeding in one’s career.

Career Expressions

  1. Change of pace
    Meaning: A change from one’s usual work.
    Example: Taking up photography was a refreshing change of pace.
  2. Go up the ranks
    Meaning: Advance in one’s career or profession.
    Example: He went up the ranks to become CEO.
  3. Switch gears
    Meaning: Change the approach or focus of work.
    Example: After a decade in marketing, she switched gears to consulting.
  4. Hit a glass ceiling
    Meaning: Reach a career limit due to discrimination.
    Example: Women often hit a glass ceiling in male-dominated industries.
  5. Make one’s mark
    Meaning: Achieve recognition in one’s career.
    Example: She made her mark in the tech industry.
  6. Get ahead
    Meaning: Make progress or advance in one’s career.
    Example: To get ahead, he earned an MBA.
  7. Follow in someone’s footsteps
    Meaning: Pursue the same career as another.
    Example: He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a doctor.
  8. Climb the corporate ladder
    Meaning: Advance within a corporate hierarchy.
    Example: She climbed the corporate ladder to become a director.
  9. Strike out on one’s own
    Meaning: Start an independent career or business.
    Example: After a decade in finance, she struck out on her own.
  10. Take a sabbatical
    Meaning: Take a long break from work.
    Example: He took a sabbatical to travel and write.
  11. Branch out
    Meaning: Expand into new areas professionally.
    Example: She branched out into writing after years in teaching.
  12. Carve out a niche
    Meaning: Create a unique position or role.
    Example: The company carved out a niche in eco-friendly products.
  13. Hold down a job
    Meaning: Maintain a steady employment.
    Example: Despite the challenges, she managed to hold down a job.
  14. Hit the ground running
    Meaning: Start a new role effectively from the beginning.
    Example: He hit the ground running in his new marketing role.
  15. Go the distance
    Meaning: Complete a long or challenging task.
    Example: She was determined to go the distance in her new career.
  16. Move up in the world
    Meaning: Improve one’s social or professional position.
    Example: By starting his own company, he moved up in the world.
  17. Feather one’s nest
    Meaning: Accumulate wealth for personal benefit.
    Example: He spent years feathering his nest before retirement.
  18. Take the plunge
    Meaning: Commit to a risky career move.
    Example: She took the plunge and opened her bakery.
  19. Test the waters
    Meaning: Try something out before committing fully.
    Example: He tested the waters by freelancing before quitting his job.
  20. Get one’s foot in the door
    Meaning: Start at a basic level to gain access.
    Example: An internship helped her get her foot in the door at the agency.

career expressions

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