Phrasal Verbs with Around

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Phrasal verbs involving “around” often indicate movement in circles or within an area. Learning them can help expand your English vocabulary and understanding of expressions. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs with “around,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Around”:

  1. Get around
  2. Come around
  3. Look around
  4. Hang around
  5. Turn around
  6. Play around
  7. Shop around
  8. Stick around
  9. Mess around
  10. Pass around
  11. Move around
  12. Bring around
  13. Fool around
  14. Call around
  15. Fly around
  16. Kick around
  17. Wander around
  18. Spin around
  19. Show around
  20. Order around

Phrasal Verbs with “Around” and Their Meanings

Get Around

Meaning: To travel to different places or avoid something.

Example: He gets around the city by bicycle.

Come Around

Meaning: To regain consciousness or visit someone.

Example: The patient came around after the surgery.

Look Around

Meaning: To explore or inspect an area.

Example: We looked around the museum for an hour.

Hang Around

Meaning: To stay in a place for no specific reason.

Example: The kids hang around the mall after school.

Turn Around

Meaning: To change direction or improve.

Example: She turned around and smiled at him.

Play Around

Meaning: To experiment or have fun without serious intent.

Example: He likes to play around with different recipes.

Shop Around

Meaning: To compare prices or quality before buying.

Example: It’s smart to shop around before buying a car.

Stick Around

Meaning: To stay in a place longer than planned.

Example: You should stick around for the fireworks show.

Mess Around

Meaning: To waste time or behave in a silly way.

Example: Stop messing around and get back to work!

Pass Around

Meaning: To distribute something to several people.

Example: The teacher passed around the exam papers.

Move Around

Meaning: To change position or location frequently.

Example: She moved around a lot before settling in New York.

Bring Around

Meaning: To convince someone or help them regain consciousness.

Example: The negotiator managed to bring him around to their point of view.

Fool Around

Meaning: To act playfully or waste time.

Example: They spent the afternoon fooling around in the park.

Call Around

Meaning: To contact several people to get information or help.

Example: I’ll call around to find out who’s available for the meeting.

Fly Around

Meaning: To circulate or move through the air rapidly.

Example: Rumors have been flying around about the company’s future.

Kick Around

Meaning: To discuss or consider an idea casually.

Example: We kicked around a few ideas for the new project.

Wander Around

Meaning: To move aimlessly or without a fixed destination.

Example: She likes to wander around the city when she has free time.

Spin Around

Meaning: To turn quickly in one direction.

Example: He spun around to see who was calling his name.

Show Around

Meaning: To guide someone around a place.

Example: Let me show you around the office.

Order Around

Meaning: To tell someone to do tasks in an authoritative way.

Example: The manager is always ordering his team around.

Phrasal Verbs with Around

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