Phrasal Verbs with Apart

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Phrasal verbs involving “apart” are often used to describe separation, disassembly, or disintegration. By learning them, you can expand your vocabulary and understanding of English expressions. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs using “apart,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Apart”:

  1. Break apart
  2. Come apart
  3. Tear apart
  4. Fall apart
  5. Pull apart
  6. Drift apart
  7. Split apart
  8. Rip apart
  9. Take apart
  10. Grow apart
  11. Keep apart
  12. Set apart
  13. Knock apart
  14. Pick apart
  15. Cut apart
  16. Peel apart
  17. Blow apart
  18. Sort apart
  19. Move apart
  20. Push apart

Phrasal Verbs with “Apart” and Their Meanings

Break Apart

Meaning: To divide into smaller pieces or disintegrate.

Example: The vase broke apart after it fell from the shelf.

Come Apart

Meaning: To separate or disintegrate.

Example: The chair came apart when I tried to move it.

Tear Apart

Meaning: To destroy, separate, or criticize something severely.

Example: The critics tore apart the new film, calling it a disaster.

Fall Apart

Meaning: To disintegrate, collapse, or become emotionally unstable.

Example: After her relationship ended, she felt like her life was falling apart.

Pull Apart

Meaning: To separate things or people by pulling them.

Example: The referee had to pull apart the two players during the fight.

Drift Apart

Meaning: To gradually become less close or friendly over time.

Example: We were best friends in high school but drifted apart after graduation.

Split Apart

Meaning: To divide or break into parts.

Example: The earthquake caused the ground to split apart.

Rip Apart

Meaning: To tear something into pieces.

Example: The children ripped apart the wrapping paper excitedly to reveal their gifts.

Take Apart

Meaning: To disassemble or dismantle.

Example: I took apart the computer to clean the fan.

Grow Apart

Meaning: To gradually become less close or connected.

Example: Over the years, the two siblings grew apart due to their different interests.

Keep Apart

Meaning: To prevent people or things from coming together.

Example: The security team tried to keep apart the rival groups of fans.

Set Apart

Meaning: To distinguish or make someone or something different.

Example: Her creativity sets her apart from the rest of the team.

Knock Apart

Meaning: To separate by force or knocking.

Example: The strong winds knocked apart the garden shed.

Pick Apart

Meaning: To criticize or analyze something thoroughly.

Example: The editor picked apart my article and suggested numerous revisions.

Cut Apart

Meaning: To divide or dissect into pieces.

Example: The tailor cut apart the fabric to create the dress pattern.

Peel Apart

Meaning: To separate by peeling or pulling off a layer.

Example: She peeled apart the two sheets of paper that were stuck together.

Blow Apart

Meaning: To destroy or disintegrate through an explosion.

Example: The bomb blew apart the entire building.

Sort Apart

Meaning: To separate things into different categories.

Example: The librarian sorted apart the fiction and non-fiction books.

Move Apart

Meaning: To gradually create distance between people or things.

Example: As the crowd grew, the friends moved apart and lost sight of each other.

Push Apart

Meaning: To separate by applying physical force.

Example: The police pushed apart the protestors to clear the way.

Phrasal Verbs with Apart in english

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