Learn Interesting Job Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to talk about various aspects of jobs, from getting hired to managing responsibilities.

Job Expressions

  1. Get the sack
    Meaning: Be fired from one’s job.
    Example: He got the sack for repeated tardiness.
  2. Land a job
    Meaning: Secure employment successfully.
    Example: She finally landed a job in marketing.
  3. Work one’s fingers to the bone
    Meaning: Work very hard and diligently.
    Example: He worked his fingers to the bone all week.
  4. Pull one’s weight
    Meaning: Do one’s fair share of work.
    Example: Everyone in the team pulled their weight.
  5. Lay off
    Meaning: Dismiss workers due to lack of work.
    Example: The company laid off fifty employees.
  6. Go the extra mile
    Meaning: Make an extra effort at work.
    Example: She’s always willing to go the extra mile.
  7. Climb the ladder
    Meaning: Advance in one’s career.
    Example: He’s determined to climb the corporate ladder.
  8. Call it a day
    Meaning: Stop working for the day.
    Example: After the meeting, we called it a day.
  9. Put in overtime
    Meaning: Work additional hours beyond the usual.
    Example: She put in overtime to meet the deadline.
  10. Cut corners
    Meaning: Do something in a cheap or easy way.
    Example: Don’t cut corners with safety procedures.
  11. Up to one’s ears in work
    Meaning: Extremely busy or overloaded with work.
    Example: He’s up to his ears in work this week.
  12. Bring home the bacon
    Meaning: Earn money to support one’s family.
    Example: She’s working two jobs to bring home the bacon.
  13. Get a foot in the door
    Meaning: Start a career or job at a basic level.
    Example: An internship can help you get a foot in the door.
  14. On the back burner
    Meaning: Not a priority at the moment.
    Example: The project was put on the back burner.
  15. In the pipeline
    Meaning: Being prepared or developed.
    Example: A new marketing campaign is in the pipeline.
  16. Go on strike
    Meaning: Stop working to demand better conditions.
    Example: Workers threatened to go on strike over pay cuts.
  17. Keep one’s nose to the grindstone
    Meaning: Work very hard and persistently.
    Example: He kept his nose to the grindstone until he finished.
  18. Stick to one’s guns
    Meaning: Maintain one’s position or opinion.
    Example: She stuck to her guns during the negotiation.
  19. Get the ball rolling
    Meaning: Start a project or initiative.
    Example: Let’s get the ball rolling on this new campaign.
  20. Work hand in glove
    Meaning: Collaborate closely or work well together.
    Example: The two departments work hand in glove.

job expressions

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