Learn Spending Money Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to describe how people spend their money, from splurging to saving.

Spending Money Expressions

  1. Burn a hole in one’s pocket
    Meaning: Eager to spend money quickly.
    Example: The bonus burned a hole in Sarah’s pocket.
  2. Pay through the nose
    Meaning: Pay an excessive amount of money.
    Example: We paid through the nose for that car.
  3. Break the bank
    Meaning: Spend more than one can afford.
    Example: That vacation to Paris broke the bank.
  4. Fork out
    Meaning: Spend money reluctantly.
    Example: He had to fork out for a new phone.
  5. Shell out
    Meaning: Pay a considerable amount.
    Example: They shelled out big money for the house.
  6. Splash out
    Meaning: Spend extravagantly on something special.
    Example: She splashed out on a luxury handbag.
  7. Foot the bill
    Meaning: Pay for something, often for others.
    Example: My parents footed the bill for dinner.
  8. Pick up the tab
    Meaning: Cover the cost of a meal or outing.
    Example: I’ll pick up the tab this time.
  9. Drop a bundle
    Meaning: Spend a large sum of money.
    Example: They dropped a bundle on wedding gifts.
  10. Throw money around
    Meaning: Spend money freely and carelessly.
    Example: The millionaire throws money around like water.
  11. Blow one’s money
    Meaning: Spend money recklessly or foolishly.
    Example: He blew his money on casino gambling.
  12. Save up for a rainy day
    Meaning: Set aside money for future emergencies.
    Example: She always saves up for a rainy day.
  13. Tighten one’s belt
    Meaning: Cut down on spending.
    Example: After losing his job, he had to tighten his belt.
  14. Cut back
    Meaning: Reduce expenses or consumption.
    Example: They decided to cut back on dining out.
  15. Live within one’s means
    Meaning: Spend only what one can afford.
    Example: It’s important to live within one’s means.
  16. Put aside
    Meaning: Save money regularly.
    Example: He puts aside a portion of each paycheck.
  17. Pinch pennies
    Meaning: Be very frugal with money.
    Example: They had to pinch pennies to afford the trip.
  18. Make ends meet
    Meaning: Manage financially despite difficulties.
    Example: It’s hard to make ends meet on her salary.
  19. Go on a shopping spree
    Meaning: Spend money extravagantly on shopping.
    Example: They went on a shopping spree after payday.
  20. Put money down
    Meaning: Make a partial payment or deposit.
    Example: They put money down on a new car.

spending money expressions

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