Learn Craft Expressions in English

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Craft expressions describe skills, creativity, and hand-made work. Below are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to crafts.

Craft Expressions

  1. Piece together
    Meaning: Assemble or create something
    Example: She loves to piece together quilts.
  2. Cut out for
    Meaning: Suited or qualified for
    Example: He’s cut out for woodworking.
  3. Knit together
    Meaning: Combine different elements cohesively
    Example: She knits together fabrics for rugs.
  4. Hammer out
    Meaning: Work out or finalize something
    Example: They hammered out a design plan.
  5. Sew up
    Meaning: Complete something successfully
    Example: We sewed up the project perfectly.
  6. Draw up
    Meaning: Plan or prepare something
    Example: He drew up a new jewelry design.
  7. Carve out
    Meaning: Create or establish something carefully
    Example: She carved out a niche in pottery.
  8. Patch up
    Meaning: Repair or fix something
    Example: He patched up the broken vase.
  9. Shape up
    Meaning: Develop or improve to an expected standard
    Example: The sculpture is shaping up nicely.
  10. Bring to life
    Meaning: Make something lively or realistic
    Example: She brought her dolls to life.
  11. Put one’s stamp on
    Meaning: Give something a personal touch
    Example: He puts his stamp on each sculpture.
  12. Whip up
    Meaning: Quickly prepare or create something
    Example: She whipped up a new quilt.
  13. Piece by piece
    Meaning: Gradually build something
    Example: He built the dollhouse piece by piece.
  14. Put together
    Meaning: Assemble something
    Example: She put together a beautiful necklace.
  15. Patch together
    Meaning: Combine various elements to create something
    Example: He patched together a mosaic.
  16. Spin out
    Meaning: Create something lengthy
    Example: She spun out a long scarf.
  17. Hammer away at
    Meaning: Work hard and persistently on something
    Example: He hammered away at his wood project.
  18. Craft by hand
    Meaning: Make something manually
    Example: All her jewelry is crafted by hand.
  19. Draw on
    Meaning: Use inspiration or resources
    Example: She draws on her cultural heritage.
  20. Measure up
    Meaning: Meet a particular standard
    Example: The painting measures up to expectations.

craft expressions

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