Learn Saving Money Expressions in English

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Saving money expressions help us talk about being frugal or budgeting. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to saving money.

Saving Money Expressions

  1. Pinch pennies
    Meaning: Save money wherever possible
    Example: They’ve been pinching pennies for months.
  2. Cut back on
    Meaning: Reduce spending on something
    Example: They cut back on dining out.
  3. Make ends meet
    Meaning: Earn enough to cover expenses
    Example: She works two jobs to make ends meet.
  4. Live within one’s means
    Meaning: Spend only what you can afford
    Example: They always live within their means.
  5. Set aside
    Meaning: Reserve or save something for later
    Example: They set aside money for a vacation.
  6. Tighten the belt
    Meaning: Reduce spending to save money
    Example: We’ve tightened the belt since January.
  7. Nest egg
    Meaning: Savings accumulated for future use
    Example: They’ve built a solid nest egg.
  8. Put away
    Meaning: Save or store something for future use
    Example: She puts away 20% of her income.
  9. Rainy day fund
    Meaning: Savings for unexpected expenses
    Example: They rely on their rainy day fund.
  10. Break the bank
    Meaning: Spend too much money
    Example: That fancy dinner broke the bank.
  11. Save for a rainy day
    Meaning: Save money for future problems
    Example: She always saves for a rainy day.
  12. Stash away
    Meaning: Secretly save money
    Example: He stashes away cash for emergencies.
  13. Be frugal with
    Meaning: Use something carefully to avoid waste
    Example: They’re frugal with grocery shopping.
  14. Squirrel away
    Meaning: Hide or save something for later use
    Example: He squirrels away extra income.
  15. Count the pennies
    Meaning: Be very careful with money
    Example: They count the pennies when budgeting.
  16. Scrimp and save
    Meaning: Save by being thrifty
    Example: They scrimp and save for their wedding.
  17. Live on a shoestring
    Meaning: Survive on a very tight budget
    Example: They live on a shoestring budget.
  18. Put aside
    Meaning: Save money for a specific purpose
    Example: We put aside money for a house.
  19. Be thrifty
    Meaning: Be careful with money
    Example: She is thrifty and doesn’t overspend.
  20. Spend wisely
    Meaning: Use money carefully and thoughtfully
    Example: He spends wisely on necessary things.

saving money expressions

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