Learn Hobby Expressions in English

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These hobby expressions are used to convey enthusiasm, interests, and pastimes in everyday conversation. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to hobbies!

Hobby Expressions

  1. Pick up (a hobby)
    Meaning: Start a new hobby or interest
    Example: I’ve picked up painting as a hobby.
  2. Get into
    Meaning: Become interested in something
    Example: She recently got into bird watching.
  3. Take up
    Meaning: Begin a new activity regularly
    Example: I’ve taken up jogging every morning.
  4. Be hooked on
    Meaning: Strongly interested or addicted to something
    Example: He’s hooked on fishing and can’t stop.
  5. Be a buff
    Meaning: Be an enthusiast of something
    Example: I’m a history buff, love museums.
  6. Indulge in
    Meaning: Allow oneself to enjoy something
    Example: He indulges in model airplane building.
  7. Have a knack for
    Meaning: Be skilled or talented at something
    Example: She has a knack for cooking.
  8. Pass the time
    Meaning: Spend time doing something
    Example: I pass the time reading novels.
  9. Be into
    Meaning: Like or be interested in something
    Example: They’re really into photography lately.
  10. Try one’s hand at
    Meaning: Attempt to do something new
    Example: I tried my hand at sculpture.
  11. Dabble in
    Meaning: Take part in an activity casually
    Example: He dabbles in pottery on weekends.
  12. Get a kick out of
    Meaning: Enjoy something a lot
    Example: I get a kick out of puzzles.
  13. Potter around
    Meaning: Do things aimlessly or leisurely
    Example: She loves to potter around the garden.
  14. Mess around with
    Meaning: Play or experiment with something
    Example: He enjoys messing around with electronics.
  15. While away
    Meaning: Pass time in a leisurely way
    Example: We whiled away the day fishing.
  16. Go in for
    Meaning: Like or have interest in something
    Example: Do you go in for water sports?
  17. Be bitten by the bug
    Meaning: Develop a sudden interest in something
    Example: He’s bitten by the surfing bug.
  18. Be a sucker for
    Meaning: Really like or be easily swayed by
    Example: She’s a sucker for romance novels.
  19. Take a shine to
    Meaning: Quickly develop a liking for
    Example: He took a shine to woodworking.
  20. Have a passion for
    Meaning: Be enthusiastic about something
    Example: She has a passion for painting.

hobby expressions

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