Phrasal Verbs with Ask

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Phrasal verbs with “ask” often relate to making requests or inquiries. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs with “ask,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Ask”:

  1. Ask about
  2. Ask after
  3. Ask for
  4. Ask over
  5. Ask around
  6. Ask along
  7. Ask in
  8. Ask out
  9. Ask back
  10. Ask over
  11. Ask round
  12. Ask up
  13. Ask down
  14. Ask away
  15. Ask into
  16. Ask off
  17. Ask apart
  18. Ask through
  19. Ask together
  20. Ask aside

Phrasal Verbs with “Ask” and Their Meanings

Ask About

Meaning: To inquire for information about someone or something.

Example: She asked about the new job openings.

Ask After

Meaning: To inquire about someone’s health or well-being.

Example: He asked after you while you were in the hospital.

Ask For

Meaning: To request or demand something.

Example: She asked for a raise after completing the project.

Ask Over

Meaning: To invite someone to visit your home.

Example: We asked our neighbors over for dinner.

Ask Around

Meaning: To ask several people for information or help.

Example: I asked around to find a good plumber.

Ask Along

Meaning: To invite someone to join an activity or trip.

Example: We asked them along for the weekend hike.

Ask In

Meaning: To invite someone into your house or office.

Example: She asked him in for a cup of coffee.

Ask Out

Meaning: To invite someone to go on a date.

Example: He finally asked her out for dinner.

Ask Back

Meaning: To invite someone to return for another visit.

Example: The interviewer asked me back for a second round.

Ask Round

Meaning: To invite someone to come over to your house.

Example: I asked my friends round to help with the garden.

Ask Up

Meaning: To invite someone to come upstairs or to a higher level.

Example: The manager asked me up to her office for a quick chat.

Ask Down

Meaning: To invite someone to come downstairs or to a lower level.

Example: The landlord asked me down to discuss the new lease agreement.

Ask Away

Meaning: To encourage someone to ask questions freely.

Example: Don’t hesitate to ask away if you have any doubts.

Ask Into

Meaning: To invite someone into a building or room.

Example: The doctor asked me into her office for the consultation.

Ask Off

Meaning: To request permission to be absent from work or duty.

Example: He asked off from work to attend a family event.

Ask Apart

Meaning: To separate by questioning or asking about.

Example: The detective asked them apart to find inconsistencies in their stories.

Ask Through

Meaning: To inquire for permission to proceed or continue.

Example: He asked through the proper channels before starting the new project.

Ask Together

Meaning: To invite people to come together for a specific purpose.

Example: The manager asked the team together for an important meeting.

Ask Aside

Meaning: To request someone to step aside for a private conversation.

Example: The supervisor asked her aside to discuss her performance.

Ask Off

Meaning: To request to be excused or dismissed from a task or responsibility.

Example: She asked off the project due to health issues.

Phrasal Verbs with Ask

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