Learn Interview Expressions in English

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These interview expressions are used to navigate job interviews successfully, leaving a lasting impression on your prospective employer.

Interview Expressions

1. Brush up on

Meaning: Review and improve skills
Example: I brushed up on my coding skills.

2. Ace the interview

Meaning: Perform exceptionally well in an interview
Example: She aced the interview and got hired.

3. Land a job

Meaning: Secure employment
Example: He landed a job with a tech firm.

4. Talk up

Meaning: Speak positively about something
Example: He talked up his teamwork skills.

5. Stand out from the crowd

Meaning: Be noticeably better than others
Example: Her creativity helped her stand out.

6. Sell oneself

Meaning: Promote one’s skills confidently
Example: You must sell yourself in interviews.

7. Hit the ground running

Meaning: Start effectively from the beginning
Example: They want someone who hits the ground running.

8. Think on one’s feet

Meaning: Respond quickly and effectively
Example: The manager wants candidates who think on their feet.

9. Tailor your resume

Meaning: Customize a resume for a job
Example: Tailor your resume to each job application.

10. Dress the part

Meaning: Dress appropriately for the occasion
Example: She dressed the part for the interview.

11. Put one’s best foot forward

Meaning: Act or appear in the best way
Example: During interviews, always put your best foot forward.

12. Follow up

Meaning: Send a message after an interview
Example: He followed up with a thank-you email.

13. Get one’s foot in the door

Meaning: Gain initial access or opportunity
Example: The internship helped him get his foot in the door.

14. Field questions

Meaning: Answer questions, usually in an interview
Example: She fielded tough questions during her interview.

15. Play to one’s strengths

Meaning: Focus on personal skills or talents
Example: She played to her strengths and highlighted her leadership.

16. Nail the interview

Meaning: Succeed impressively in an interview
Example: He nailed the interview with his confidence.

17. Size up

Meaning: Evaluate or assess a situation
Example: I sized up the company before applying.

18. Cut above

Meaning: Superior in quality
Example: His skills are a cut above.

19. Read between the lines

Meaning: Understand hidden meanings
Example: Read between the lines to understand the employer’s needs.

20. On the same page

Meaning: Understand things the same way
Example: Ensure you’re on the same page with interviewers.

interview expressions

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