Phrasal Verbs with Away

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Phrasal verbs involving “away” often indicate actions involving removal, distance, or disappearance. Understanding them will enhance your ability to communicate effectively in English. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs using “away,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Away”:

  1. Give away
  2. Throw away
  3. Put away
  4. Take away
  5. Run away
  6. Send away
  7. Get away
  8. Pass away
  9. Back away
  10. Fade away
  11. Die away
  12. Tear away
  13. Waste away
  14. Blow away
  15. Stay away
  16. Drive away
  17. Keep away
  18. Turn away
  19. Look away
  20. Slip away

Phrasal Verbs with “Away” and Their Meanings

Give Away

Meaning: To donate or hand over something for free.

Example: She gave away her old clothes to the charity.

Throw Away

Meaning: To dispose of or discard.

Example: I threw away the broken chair because it couldn’t be fixed.

Put Away

Meaning: To store or tidy up after use.

Example: Make sure to put away your toys when you’re done playing.

Take Away

Meaning: To remove something or carry it off.

Example: The waiter took away the empty plates from the table.

Run Away

Meaning: To flee or escape from a place or situation.

Example: The young girl ran away from home due to family issues.

Send Away

Meaning: To order someone to leave or dispatch something to a distant place.

Example: They sent away their children to a boarding school.

Get Away

Meaning: To escape or leave a place.

Example: The thief managed to get away before the police arrived.

Pass Away

Meaning: To die, often used as a polite euphemism.

Example: His grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Back Away

Meaning: To move backward, usually due to fear or caution.

Example: The dog backed away when it saw the snake.

Fade Away

Meaning: To gradually disappear or diminish.

Example: The music slowly faded away as the night came to an end.

Die Away

Meaning: To diminish gradually in intensity or strength.

Example: The sound of the wind died away as dawn approached.

Tear Away

Meaning: To forcefully remove or separate someone from a situation.

Example: It’s hard to tear him away from his video games.

Waste Away

Meaning: To gradually weaken and become thin, often due to illness.

Example: The patient wasted away due to a prolonged illness.

Blow Away

Meaning: To impress greatly or to remove something by the force of wind.

Example: Her incredible performance blew me away!

Stay Away

Meaning: To avoid coming near or being involved with something.

Example: Stay away from that abandoned building; it’s dangerous.

Drive Away

Meaning: To repel or force someone to leave.

Example: The aggressive dog drove away the intruders.

Keep Away

Meaning: To maintain distance or avoid.

Example: Keep away from the fire for your safety.

Turn Away

Meaning: To reject or refuse to allow someone to enter.

Example: The guard turned away those who didn’t have tickets.

Look Away

Meaning: To avert one’s gaze or attention.

Example: I couldn’t help but look away when the scene became too violent.

Slip Away

Meaning: To leave quietly or escape.

Example: He slipped away before anyone noticed he was gone.

Phrasal Verbs with Away

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