20 English Collocations about Speaking

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Navigating through the English language involves mastering various collocations, especially those about speaking. These combinations, crucial for fluency, enhance clarity and enrich communication. Here’s a guide to 30 essential English collocations specifically about speaking, each with concise definitions and illustrative examples.

  1. Speak up
    Meaning: Talk louder or express an opinion freely
    Example: Feel free to speak up during the discussion.
  2. Talk over
    Meaning: Discuss in detail
    Example: Let’s talk over the issue tomorrow.
  3. Spell out
    Meaning: Explain something very clearly
    Example: He spelled out the details to everyone.
  4. Get a word in
    Meaning: Say something in a discussion
    Example: It was hard to get a word in edgewise.
  5. Put across
    Meaning: Communicate ideas or feelings clearly
    Example: She puts her arguments across very well.
  6. Air your views
    Meaning: Express opinions openly
    Example: He aired his views on the matter.
  7. Talk down to
    Meaning: Speak in a patronizing way
    Example: She doesn’t like being talked down to.
  8. Weigh in
    Meaning: Give an opinion in a discussion
    Example: He weighed in with his expert opinion.
  9. Shoot the breeze
    Meaning: Chat informally
    Example: They shot the breeze all afternoon.
  10. Clam up
    Meaning: Become silent suddenly
    Example: She clammed up when asked about her plans.
  11. Talk up
    Meaning: Discuss positively to persuade
    Example: He talked up the benefits of the agreement.
  12. Pipe up
    Meaning: Suddenly start to speak or make noise
    Example: The child piped up with a question.
  13. Talk out of
    Meaning: Persuade not to do something
    Example: She talked him out of quitting his job.
  14. Chew the fat
    Meaning: Chat leisurely
    Example: They chewed the fat for hours.
  15. Hold forth
    Meaning: Speak at length in a pompous or tedious way
    Example: He held forth on the topic for too long.
  16. Clear the air
    Meaning: Remove misunderstanding
    Example: Let’s clear the air about yesterday’s issue.
  17. Beat around the bush
    Meaning: Avoid talking about something directly
    Example: Stop beating around the bush and get to the point.
  18. Touch base
    Meaning: Briefly make or renew contact with someone
    Example: Let’s touch base next week.
  19. Voice concerns
    Meaning: Express worries or doubts
    Example: Employees voiced their concerns about the policy.
  20. Give the floor to
    Meaning: Allow someone else to speak
    Example: The chairperson gave the floor to the new member.

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Collocations about Speaking

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