20 Expressions About Talent in English

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Talent is often celebrated and admired. Using idioms and phrasal verbs to describe someone’s talent can add color and personality to your language. Here are 20 expressions about talent that you can use to compliment and recognize someone’s skills and abilities.

1. Born with a silver spoon

Meaning: Naturally privileged
Example: She was born with a silver spoon.

2. Have a knack for

Meaning: Good at something
Example: He has a knack for solving puzzles.

3. Gift of the gab

Meaning: Talent for speaking
Example: She has the gift of the gab.

4. Natural flair for

Meaning: Natural ability
Example: He has a natural flair for design.

5. Ace up one’s sleeve

Meaning: Hidden talent
Example: She always has an ace up her sleeve.

6. Jack of all trades

Meaning: Versatile person
Example: He’s a jack of all trades in the office.

7. Born to

Meaning: Naturally suited
Example: She was born to dance.

8. Bring to the table

Meaning: Offer skills
Example: He brings creativity to the table.

9. Come naturally

Meaning: Easy for someone
Example: Singing comes naturally to her.

10. Cut from the same cloth

Meaning: Similar talent
Example: They’re cut from the same cloth in painting.

11. Dead ringer

Meaning: Exact match
Example: He’s a dead ringer for his talented father.

12. Diamond in the rough

Meaning: Untapped potential
Example: She’s a diamond in the rough in writing.

13. Heads above the rest

Meaning: Superior talent
Example: His skills are heads above the rest.

14. Hit the nail on the head

Meaning: Do something perfectly
Example: She hit the nail on the head with her performance.

15. Have an eye for

Meaning: Keen perception
Example: She has an eye for detail in art.

16. Born entertainer

Meaning: Natural performer
Example: He’s a born entertainer on stage.

17. Play to one’s strengths

Meaning: Use natural skills
Example: She always plays to her strengths in sports.

18. Raw talent

Meaning: Untrained ability
Example: He has raw talent in music.

19. Second nature

Meaning: Easy and natural
Example: Cooking is second nature to her.

20. Stand out from the crowd

Meaning: Exceptional
Example: His talent makes him stand out from the crowd.

Expressions About Talent

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