20 Phrasal Verbs Related to Work

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In today’s fast-paced workplace, understanding common phrasal verbs can greatly enhance your communication skills. Here are 20 essential phrasal verbs related to work, each explained succinctly with an example to help you master professional English.

1. Sign off

Meaning: Approve formally
Example: She signed off the project yesterday.

2. Team up

Meaning: Collaborate with others
Example: Let’s team up for this presentation.

3. Lay off

Meaning: Dismiss from employment
Example: The company laid off fifty workers.

4. Take on

Meaning: Accept responsibility
Example: He took on the challenging role.

5. Pull together

Meaning: Collaborate, unite effort
Example: We must pull together to meet the deadline.

6. Work out

Meaning: Find a solution
Example: They worked out the issue overnight.

7. Put off

Meaning: Postpone, delay
Example: We put off the meeting until tomorrow.

8. Run by

Meaning: Present for consideration
Example: I’ll run this idea by my boss.

9. Set up

Meaning: Establish, arrange
Example: She set up a new branch office.

10. Go over

Meaning: Review or check
Example: Let’s go over the contract again.

11. Call off

Meaning: Cancel something
Example: They called off the event due to rain.

12. Draw up

Meaning: Prepare in writing
Example: He drew up a comprehensive report.

13. Fill in

Meaning: Substitute or provide information
Example: Could you fill in while I’m away?

14. Bring up

Meaning: Mention or introduce a topic
Example: She brought up a good point during the meeting.

15. Look into

Meaning: Investigate
Example: We will look into this matter further.

16. Kick off

Meaning: Start, initiate
Example: The project kicks off next Monday.

17. Step down

Meaning: Resign from a position
Example: He stepped down as CEO last year.

18. Turn down

Meaning: Reject an offer
Example: She turned down the job offer.

19. Carry out

Meaning: Execute a task
Example: They carried out the plan smoothly.

20. Hand over

Meaning: Transfer responsibility
Example: He handed over the files before leaving.

Phrasal Verbs Related to Work

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